Do you have a big hope for a raise?

Do you have a big hope for a raise?

Overwhelmed by heavy work or study?

If there was a way to make you suddenly disappear from reality for a while, where would you want to hide?

  A, the seaside B, the civilian C, the mountain D, and the analysis of space results. The person who chose A: You are a smart, fast-moving creative master. In life or work, you will naturally show you that you are fast and smart, smart and resourceful.One side, so if you want your boss to raise your salary, you have to find a chance to show the side where your response is almost half a shot, so that the boss can see, so it is not difficult to ask for a raise.

  The person who chooses B: You are a desperate Saburo. In fact, the boss must know that you are a hard-working employee, but because you are less proactive, you may accidentally miss you or the salary increase in the salary increase list.Not big.

It is recommended that you use it diligently on the blade. Occasionally, you can use a small amount of tips and talk with your boss more. The benefits will be more!

  People who choose C: You have great ambitions, and you think that each job is just one of the processes to complete your dream, so you really care about the salary, but you can’t do anything without silver.

It is suggested that you should be assured of your ideals first, and ask your boss for more advice. When you reuse them later, the benefits can exceed your imagination.

  The person who chooses D: Your job performance gap is too big, sometimes it is affected by mood or interest, so the boss will find it difficult to judge your work ability, so you better cultivate your second expertise orColleagues build closer interactions and give your boss a sense of trust so you can push the company to keep you up.

Summer must learn to clean and whiten under the arm_1

Summer must learn to clean and whiten under the arm

How cozy things are nudity and carbon dioxide in the hot summer!

But how many MMs are bothered by the slack and hairy arms?

Make a thorough whitening and maintenance under your arm!

  The hair is soft and can be replaced by a hair removal cream. The hair under the arm is easy to remove. If the time is limited, it is also possible to use the hair removal cream at home.

Just apply the depilatory cream evenly on the area to be depilated. 5?
After 10 minutes, the hair becomes soft, just scrape it with a scraper.

This method does not cause any damage to the hair follicles, so the duration is not long, and it will grow again in about 3 days.

  You can replace it diligently-electric shaving. The principle of hair-shaving razor is the same as that of men’s shaving, except that the hair on the skin surface is removed.

There is no pain at all, but the presence of a small layer of black coriander on the surface of the skin under the arm is very unsightly.

  The hair removal knife is just that its head has the effect of plucking hair. It can remove the hair that was growing at the time. Although it will grow again every few days, the hair will grow much softer and the hair removal cycle will be prolonged.

However, the electric hair removal process will cause pain. Brides who are afraid of pain and sensitive skin should use it carefully.

  Note: Regardless of whether hair removal is used, after home hair removal, some moisturizing, astringent and disinfection care should be performed to prevent infection.

  The dullness of the bones and underarms makes you feel more awkward when raising your hands, not only from the armpit hair, but also from the skin of the armpits.

Even if the underarm hair is removed, the underarm skin is still dark and dark, and it is very inconsistent with fair body skin-this is a headache for many MMs, what can you do?

  Preliminary: Soft horny deep cleansing.

You can use a gentle facial scrub product to gently massage the skin under your arm after hair removal. The scrub particles try to select the soft beads of the ball.

Of course, you can also take a little sea salt or coarse salt, soak it with some water, grab a little to the dark place under the arm, gently rub it for about 3 minutes and wash it off, which can also achieve exfoliating effect.

  Step 2: Simple whitening.

After the paper-based whitening mask is applied on weekdays, there are still a lot of beauty liquids. It’s a pity to throw them away, but I don’t know what other effects.

Try applying the whitening mask under your arm for 3 minutes.

Moisturizes and whitens the skin under the armpits.

Be careful not to apply it continuously, it may cause skin sensitivity under the arm.

  Step 3: Antiperspirants reduce dullness.

Prepare a bottle of antiperspirant spray or antiperspirants in the summer!

Because sweat is also the cause of the blackness of the tibia under the arm, spray some antiperspirant products every day to reduce the rate of dullness under the arm, while avoiding the embarrassment of smelling under the arm.

Large temperature difference, easy cough, orange stewed eggs, nourishing and warming the stomach

Large temperature difference, easy cough, orange stewed eggs, nourishing and warming the stomach

In December, the temperature became like a roller coaster.

The sun is bright during the day, and the wind is cold at night. How can such a large temperature difference be held down?

In this cold and windy season, the hot stewed eggs are really the first choice for warming the stomach.

The stewed egg has always been known for its tenderness and smoothness. The stewed egg with orange juice and milk has the effects of moisturizing, moisturizing and cough.

Hurry up and see how to cook.

Orange egg stew eggs: 1 orange, 1 egg, 1 milk, 50ml white sugar, 20g. Method: 1 cut the orange from the top 1/3, squeeze the orange juice for backup, and remove the fascia inside the orange.

2 Add white sugar to the orange juice and stir until it melts. Filter out the fruit residue with a small tea sieve, and take out the juice for use.

3 Beat the eggs, add about 30 grams (about two tablespoons) of orange juice and stir well, add an equal amount of milk and stir well, and then use a small tea sieve to filter out impurities.

4 Put the empty oranges in a small bowl and fix them, then pour the milk orange egg liquid until it is full, and cover the surface with plastic wrap.

After the steamer is boiling, add the oranges and steam over medium heat for about ten minutes.

Chinese medicine believes that orange is slightly cool, sweet and sour.

It has the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, appetizing and invigorating the qi, attending to loss of appetite, fullness and pain in the chest and abdomen, thunder in the abdomen, and loose stools or diarrhea.

Oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C and carotene, which can inhibit the formation of carcinogens, can also soften and protect blood vessels, promote blood circulation, reduce plasma and blood lipids; can reduce skin melanin deposition, thereby reducing dark spots and freckles, and whitening the skin.

Eating more vitamin C fruits and vegetables can help restore skin elasticity and prevent allergic reactions.

How to pick oranges?

Basically, high-quality oranges have a relatively long pore size in the epidermis, which will feel rough when you try to feel it, while inferior orange dermal holes will be relatively smooth to the touch.

If you use high-quality oranges to wipe with white paper, the color of the paper will not change, but if it is a dyed orange, you must pay attention to it, as soon as you wipe it, it will fade.

General fresh oranges, if you try to touch them, you will feel that the epidermis is relatively elastic, and stale orange peels will be soft and feel easy to break.

Why children do n’t like vegetables

Why children do n’t like vegetables

We always find that our children do not like to eat vegetables. In fact, it is not our children that do not like vegetables from the beginning. Many times we use some wrong methods. So what makes children not eatWhat about vegetables?

  Give your baby tomatoes before a meal Tomatoes should be eaten after a meal.

This can make the gastric acid and food mixed to greatly reduce the acidity, avoid the stomach expansion caused by the increased pressure in the stomach, and cause the baby to have symptoms such as abdominal pain and upset stomach.

  Carrots and radishes are mixed into a puree. Do not grind carrots and radishes into a puree.

Because carrots contain enzymes that can destroy vitamin C, vitamin C in radishes is completely destroyed.

  The shiitake mushrooms are washed too clean or immersed in water. The mushrooms contain ergozisol, which will be converted to vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

However, if you wash or soak in water before eating, you will lose a lot of nutrients.

Do not use iron pans or copper pans when cooking mushrooms to avoid loss of nutrition.

  Excessive consumption of carotene Although carotene is very nutritious to your baby, you should also pay attention to eating it in moderation.

If your baby consumes too much vegetable juice made of carrots or tomatoes, it may cause carrotemia, make the skin of the face and hands turn orange-yellow, appear loss of appetite, mental disorders, irritability, and even sleep.Accompanied by night terrors, crying, talking in dreams and other performances.

  Be wary of the traditional concept that carotene abuse can cause cancer: Carotene supplementation can completely reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and cataracts, and it can prevent cancer.

However, most of the test results found that compared with the normal subdivided values, each of the beta carotene shortened the incidence rate, but not reduced, but 28% higher.


Health black food

Health black food

Introduction: Black food has always been considered to be a very powerful kidney food, and thus has the effect of nourishing the liver.

Regular consumption of these foods can also regulate the victory function of the human body to achieve moisturizing appearance and beauty anti-aging effects.

Now, the beauty editor of introduces you to the best of the black foods that nourish the liver and kidney, let us know their efficacy together!

  There is a saying in Chinese: “Three points are supplemented by black.” Whether it is black glutinous rice, black beans, black sesame or black bone chicken, as long as a black word is added, the nourishing stool is much higher, because the five-colored “black” corresponds to the five internal organs.”Kidney”, Chinese medicine says “kidney is the innate foundation”, so the Chinese equated black food with a kidney tonic.

  Black food is considered to have a very powerful tonic effect, mainly entering the liver and kidney meridians; in general, people with “hypoxia” such as white complexion, dizziness, weakness in the limbs, etc., except for poor heart function, Mainly belong to poor kidney, will have tinnitus, deafness, dry mouth, backache, white hair, hair loss, edema, poor urination, infertility and other symptoms. Therefore, people with the above symptoms should eat more black in food color choicesfood.

In addition, preliminary scientific research has confirmed that there are more than twenty kinds of black foods with anti-cancer effects, such as black beans, black sesame and so on. “Black foods” also give people a simple, strong, satisfying taste, and have been proven by clinical experiments.Regular consumption of these foods can adjust the physiological function of the human body, and has the effects of nourishing skin, beauty, black hair and delaying aging.

  Black food health method Black food represents the water in the five elements and affects the health of the kidneys, bladder, ears and bones. Black food includes black beans, black sesame, shiitake mushrooms, hair vegetables, kelp, black dates, black fungus and blueberries, etc.Natural “food”!

  Black rice Black rice is a kind of medicine, food and rice, good quality, and is a treasure in insulin rice. Because it is precious, it is a tribute. It is called “tribute rice” in the ancient times. Its nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary white rice, per 100 grams.Contains protein 11.

3 grams, ordinary white rice contains only 6-8 grams, but also contains a variety of vitamins and zinc, iron, selenium and other essential trace elements; the color of black rice is mainly due to the outer skin contains anthocyanin pigments, this pigment itself has a veryStrong anti-oxidant effect; black rice can also nourish yin and kidney, nourish the stomach and warm the liver, brighten eyes and activate blood, and has significant fitness effects.

It is used in medicine to treat dizziness, anemia, gray hair, and eye diseases.

  In black sesame black food, the first thing everyone thinks about is black sesame, black sesame flavor Ganping, enter the liver and kidney two classics, can moisturize and smooth the intestines, has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, treatment of physical weakness, dizziness and other symptoms after illness,Ordinary people can supplement qi, nourish the five internal organs, contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, lecithin, folic acid, nicotinic acid, protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and so on.

Unsaturated fatty acids can lower cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, and because it contains a lot of small amounts of oil, it has the effect of moisturizing and smoothing the intestines. It has a good effect on blood deficiency and intestinal dryness and constipation.The effects of aging.

  Black beans and black beans are sweet and flat, and enter the kidney meridian. Black beans are a natural anti-aging and anti-aging food. Black beans have the functions of stagnant, bright eyes, and black hair. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records “Eating black beans, amazing skin, benefits”Color”, filling the bones, increasing strength, tonicity, energy, and longevity “, its fiber is also helpful to the intestine, can prevent the occurrence of constipation.

Black beans are rich in protein and aunt.

Because it contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid, trace elements copper, iron, cobalt, etc., it has the effect of mutating gray hair, and black beans also inhibit the human body’s absorption of animal plasma.

  Polygonum multiflorum Polygonum multiflorum tastes bitter, astringent and lukewarm.

When cooked, it tastes sweet and enters the liver and kidney meridian.

Polygonum multiflorum supplements liver and kidney, nourishes blood, intestines and laxative, and analyzes polygonum multiflorum by modern pharmacology. It contains starch, small amounts, lecithin, lecithin and other substances. In addition to strengthening nerves, it can also prevent cholesterol deposition and replace arteriesAtherosclerosis.

Some components of Polygonum multiflorum can be combined with cholesterol, reduce the absorption of at least a part of cholesterol, prevent plasma from depositing in the liver, and reduce the incidence of juvenile liver disease. Polygonum multiflorum can also increase T cells in lymphocytes and enhance immune function.

Winter men’s spleen deficiency tonic diet plan

Winter men’s spleen deficiency tonic diet plan

The temperature drops sharply in winter, the spleen is suffering from cold, the spleen is not transported, or the body is weak.

  Tonic principle: Men with spleen deficiency should mainly tonicate the spleen during the winter and eat more warm and spleen-rich foods, such as rice, lotus seeds, coriander, and catfish, catfish, carp, belt fish, shrimp and other aquatic products.

Yam, jujube, and lotus seeds are added with starch, which is easy to absorb, and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and invigorating qi. For the absorption of meat, you should choose fish with fine fiber.

  Diet plan: drink more yam porridge, jujube porridge, catfish soup, carp soup on the basis of ensuring daily nutritional balance.

What tips can make you more optimistic?

What tips can make you more optimistic?

Introduction: Compared to pessimistic people, optimistic people have a 20% increase in longevity.

Instead, they are always negative and pessimistic about the world, which leads to decreased immunity and increased risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

  What do you think when the water in the glass is accidentally poured in half?

Some people say “Oops, only half a glass of water left”, and others can say “It’s good, there’s still half a glass of water!”

“This may be the difference between pessimistic and optimistic people.

A 30-year follow-up study in the United States also tells us that attitudes affect perceptions.

Optimistic people even live happier lives, rarely suffer from depression and other diseases, and can prolong their lives.

Compared with pessimistic people, optimistic people have a 20% chance of longevity.

Instead, they are always negative and pessimistic about the world, which leads to decreased immunity and increased risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

  How can you be positive?

Let me tell you some simple tips that can add more “optimistic elements” to life.

  First, get up and express gratitude.

In the morning, everything around is fresh and beautiful.

After getting up, try to appreciate the good things you see.

It will bring a good start to the day, let hope and happiness last all day.

  Second, there are no “problems”, only “challenge”.

Don’t look at obstacles in your life as problems, just as a challenge.

You will find that the solution is not so difficult to find, and any difficulties will be solved.

  Third, interact more with positive people.

People will be affected by the environment. “People who are close to Zhu and those who are close to Mexico are black.” Most of them are with smiling people, and optimism will infect you.

  Fourth, think of something happy before going to bed.

There are always small surprises and happy moments throughout the day.

Trying to go to sleep while remembering these happy little things must be a very pleasant experience.

Fun skin care fashion Japanese bubble mask

Fun skin care fashion Japanese bubble mask

Recently, there is a new trend on the market, that is, bubble mask!

This is a “fun maintenance style” blowing from Japan. Let’s follow the editor today to see some of the popular one-sided bubble masks!

  Know the knowledge of bubble mask, now the market can produce foam surface products: 1, high-pressure gas cylinder filling, can generate a lot of foam like boys shaving foam, the advantage is that the foam is dense and consumes less, it must be someone who makes the foamIf these skins remain, they may be more irritating.

  2. Add foaming ingredients such as carbonic acid to generate bubbles by chemical action. The ingredients are safer earlier, but they are mostly soapy formulas. Even if multiple moisturizing and anti-allergic ingredients are added, the overall degreasing power is still strong.For a while, the skin may feel tight and basically suitable for oily skin.

  So for the above reasons, in fact, you can also understand why the instructions for using this mask product are often recommended to be laid for a short time, such as 3 minutes or even 30 seconds.

  If you want to avoid irritation or dryness, it is recommended not to apply it for more than 5 minutes, and use clean water immediately after application?
If your skin becomes drier after use, reduce the frequency of use or moisturize the skin with the moisturizer.

  Reasons for SHILLS MediSPA mineral bubble mask: transparent gel, kneading with water will produce foam similar to facial cleanser, containing olive leaves to help moisturize, arbutin can brighten white, witch hazel, allantoin and other anti-allergy, it is recommended to applyAfter 5 minutes of washing, the effect is more obvious.

  WHIP PACK Japanese Enzyme Bubble Regenerating Mask (WHIP PACK Bubble Mask) Recommended reason: Apply the gel to the skin, and the enzyme contained in it will create foam after about 1 minute. It also contains Q10, soy extract and other ingredients to help moisturize.Rattan, witch hazel and other circulation-assistant and anti-allergic agents provide a moisturizing and moisturizing effect. The ingredients are safe and can be used for 5?
10 minutes.

  Indie Butterfly EDN Deep Sea Caviar Wake Up Skin Revitalizing MousseRecommended reason: Use a cylinder to make dense foam, add caviar extract to help repair the skin, milk, chamomile, oat, sweet myrrh, etc. absorb moisturizing and anti-allergic agents, nourishing ingredientsRich, can be left for 5 minutes.

What is the effect of 枇杷?

Who are not suitable for eating ravioli?

What is the effect of 枇杷?
Who are not suitable for eating ravioli?

It is a relatively common fruit. Many people in life like to eat ravioli, and eating ravioli has many benefits, because ravioli itself is a traditional Chinese medicine, and Chinese medicine is mainly used for antitussive drugs.Some medicated meals.

So, what are the benefits of eating ravioli?

What are the nutritional benefits of ravioli?

  The nutritional value of 枇杷 is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrition.

The main ingredients are sugars, trace amounts, proteins, cellulose, pectin, fermented substances, carotene, malic acid, citric acid, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B, and C.

Among them, the carotene contained in coriander is particularly rich, ranking third among fruits.

Moreover, the carbohydrates contained in coriander are also quite abundant, mainly glucose, fructose and sucrose.

  Efficacy effect 1, promote digestion.

Adding organic acids can stimulate the secretion of the digestive glands, effectively increase appetite, quench thirst and relieve heat, and promote digestion and absorption.

  2, Runfei cough.

The bitter almonds contained in tincture can effectively moisturize the lungs, relieve cough, and expectorantly.

  3. Prevent colds.

The fruits and leaves have the effect of inhibiting the influenza virus, and regular consumption can prevent colds.

  4. Prevent vomiting.

The leaves can be air-dried and then made into tea leaves, which can effectively relieve heat and lower the air, and lower the stomach, is a good anti-vomiting product, and can treat various vomiting and hiccups.

  5, weight loss.

Rhenium is mixed with coarse fibers and mineral elements.

Every 100 grams of mandarin pulp contains 0.

4 grams of protein, 6.

6 grams of cobalt.

枇杷 also contains vitamin B1 and vitamin C, is a very effective weight loss fruit.

  What kind of person is not suitable for eating ravioli?

  Scallions do have many functions, but some people are really not suitable for eating.

Let ‘s take a look at what is not suitable for eating ravioli.

  1. Eat less sputum cough.

枇杷 has a strong effect on cough. Most people who cough in life hope to be improved by eating 枇杷, but the sugar content and water content of 枇杷 is still relatively high. For some people with cough and sputum,In other words, it is best not to eat tadpoles, or they will increase their sputum volume; 2. Fasting due to spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

It is a cold food, and it also contains a relatively high cold.

But after eating, it can obviously improve the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, thereby causing the possibility of diarrhea.

Therefore, for those with cold spleen and stomach and those who are prone to diarrhea, they should not eat pimple to avoid exacerbation of the disease; 3, wind cold cough fasting.

Cough is the main symptom of a cold, and for some people who have a cold and have a cough.

If you eat it, it will not improve the cough obviously, but it will increase the possibility of cold and cold. 4. Menstrual women should not eat more.

Women need to maintain peace during their menstrual period, and they also try to focus on light diet.

However, lotus root is a kind of cool fruit. Women can’t consume too much lotus root during menstruation, otherwise the dysmenorrhea will be caused by uterine cold complications.

Twenty ways to self-motivate

Twenty ways to self-motivate

1. Leave the comfort zone and constantly seek challenges to inspire yourself.

Beware of yourself and do not lie down in the comfort zone.

The comfort zone is just a haven, not an easy nest.

It’s just a place in your mind to deliberately relax and recover before you meet the next challenge. 2 When you have a good mood, you will have wonderful changes in your body and gain new motivation and strength.

But don’t always want to be happy outside yourself.

The thing that makes you happy is nowhere else, it’s on you.

Therefore, creating a period of rising emotions of your own becomes constantly motivating yourself.

  3. Raising the target Many people are surprised to find that the reason why they can’t reach their diligent goal is because their main goal is too small and too vague to lose their motivation.

If your main goal fails to inspire your imagination, the achievement of the goal will be far-fetched.

So what really motivates you is to reset an ambitious and specific ambitious goal.

  4. Strengthening the sense of urgency The 20th-century author Anais Nin tried to: “People who indulge in life have no fear of death.”

Thinking that a long life is not good for you to enjoy life.

However, most people turn a blind eye to this, pretending that their lives will last.

Only on the day of whim, we will plan a great cause, and pin our goals and dreams in the vast sea that Ninis Waitley (Dennis) calls “Unreal Island”.

In fact, facing death does not have to wait until the end of life.

In fact, if we can realistically imagine our dying, the meeting object will definitely produce a feeling of regeneration, which is the first step in shaping ourselves.

  5. Put aside friends For those “friends” who don’t support your goals, stay away.

The people you associate with will change your life.

With cynical people, they will drag you down.

Meet those who want you to be happy and successful, and you will take the most important step in your pursuit of happiness and success.

Passion for life is contagious.

Therefore, we can see more hopes in life with our optimistic people.

  6. Welcome the fear The most secretive secret in the world is that after the fear is overcome, there is something safe and useful.

Even if you overcome a small fear, it will increase your confidence in the ability to create your own life.

If we want to avoid fear, these will chase us like crazy dogs.

At this moment, the most terrifying thing is to pretend that they do not exist with your eyes closed.

  7. It is by no means easy to make a good adjustment plan to achieve your goals.

It always shows a wavy line, there are ups and downs.

But you can arrange your own breaks.

Take a look at your schedule in advance, and frame your time to relax, adjust, and recover.

Even if you feel good now, plan for adjustments.

This is wise.

At the peak of your career, give yourself a break.

Set aside a long period of time to retreat, unless you are leaving your favorite job.

Only then can you become more passionate when you return to work.

  8. Facing the Difficulty Every solution is directed to a problem.

Both sides are indispensable.

Difficulties are nothing but hard games for mental athletes.Real athletes always look forward to the game.

If you predict the stress curse on yourself, it will be difficult to find motivation in your life.

If you learn to grasp the opportunities brought by difficulties, you will naturally become motivated.

  9. First of all, feel good. Most people think that once you reach a certain goal, someone will feel uncomfortable.

The problem is that you may never reach your goal.

To base happiness on something you haven’t had is to deprive yourself of the power to create happiness.

Remember, happiness is a natural right.

First of all, have a good feeling, make it full of joy in the entire journey of shaping yourself, and do not wait until the last moment of success to feel your own joy.

  10, strengthen rehearsal first “rehearse” a battle more complex than you have to face.

If you have a tricky job and you are hesitant, you might as well pick something harder to do beforehand.

Life challenges you, and you can use it to challenge yourself.

In this way, you can open your own way to success.

The true meaning of success is: the more harsh you are, the more forgiving your life is; the more generous you are, the more harsh your life is.

  11, based on the exercise of their ability to act now.

Make the most of your current perception.

Don’t immerse yourself in the past or indulge in the future, but focus on today.

Of course, there must be time for dreams, planning and scheduling goals.

However, after all this is in place, we must learn to be down-to-earth and pay attention to the actions at hand.

Concentrate the whole life at this moment.

  12. Dare to compete. Competition has given us valuable experience. No matter how good you are, there are always people outside.

So you need to learn to be humble.

Efforts to surpass others can make you know yourself better. Efforts to surpass others add a competitive “game” to your life.

No matter where you are, you must participate in the competition and always be happy.

It is important to understand that ultimately surpassing others is far more than surpassing yourself.

  13. Introspection Most people look at themselves through their impressions and opinions of others.

Getting feedback from others is great, especially positive feedback.

However, relying only on one’s own words, to build your own personal image on others, you will face the danger of severely restraining yourself.

Therefore, only treat these beautiful words as embellishments in your own life.

The chess game of life should be played by yourself.

Don’t look for yourself in others, you should always introspect and shape yourself.

  14. Towards a crisis A crisis can inspire us to do our best.

Ignoring this phenomenon, we often stupidly create a life in pursuit of comfort, strive to design a variety of increasingly relaxed lifestyles, and make our lives peaceful.

Of course, we don’t have to wait for the crisis or tragedy to come. Challenge ourselves from the heart is the source of our life force.

Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, said: “The victory or defeat of all battles is first seen in my heart.

“15, Seiko creates his own, just like painting a huge picture. Don’t be afraid of Seiko.

If you think of yourself as a masterpiece in progress, you will be happy to make small changes.

Doing a little thing differently will also excite you.

In short, no matter how small changes you make, it’s important to you.

  16. Dare to make mistakes Sometimes we don’t do one thing because we don’t have the confidence to do it well.

When we feel that we are “poor” or lacking energy, we often set aside things that must be done or wait for inspiration to come.Don’t do this.

If there is something you know you need to do but you ca n’t get enough of it, do n’t be afraid to make a mistake.

Give yourself a little self-deprecating humor.

Have a fun mood to treat the things you do not do well, once you do it, you will even enjoy it.

  17. Don’t be afraid to refuse. Don’t negatively accept the rejection of others, but face it positively.

When your request fails, consider this rejection as a question: “Can you be more creative?

“Don’t retreat without hearing.

Let this rejection inspire your scale of creativity.

  18. After trying to relax and accept the challenge, try to relax.

As brain waves begin to calm your central nervous system, you can perceive that your internal motivation is increasing.

You will soon know what you have gained.

For what you can do, you do n’t have to ask God to give you courage. Relaxation can produce courage to meet challenges.

  19. The key to life in miniature is to be willing to do small things, but you must do it immediately.

Creating one’s self cannot be done overnight, but is a gradual process.

Doing something here and changing it there will make your day (that is, your life) interesting.

Today is a small atom of your entire life, a microcosm of your life.

  20. Most people want their lives to be meaningful.

  But life is not in the future.

The more we think that we have enough time to do what we want to do, the more the wonderful opportunity of life in this intoxication will pass by.

Only by knowing today can the power of self-motivation endure.