Milk is the most suitable for the elderly

Milk is the most suitable for the elderly

When people reach old age, the functions of various organs of the body change due to the degenerative changes of their structures, such as a decrease in basal metabolic rate, a slight increase in tissue, loss of teeth, and decreased digestion.

Therefore, the elderly’s demand for nutrition also has its own characteristics.

  Milk contains six nutrients such as protein, traces, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water. It is an ideal complete food for the elderly.

Therefore, drinking more milk is good for them.

  Milk contains 3.


5% milk protein.

The digestion and absorption rate of milk protein can be as high as 96%, while the plant protein is only 78%-84%.

Milk contains nine kinds of essential amino acids, such as lysine, methionine and tryptophan, which cannot be synthesized in the body.

Protein is essential for maintaining normal metabolism in the body.

Older people are more resistant to protein digestion, and the daily protein requirement can be increased by 0 per kilogram.

7 grams, its volume is preferably 70-80 grams.

The protein content in the plasma of the elderly should be higher, and the trace content should be lower. Drinking more milk can ensure sufficient protein intake.

  Milk contains 3% to 5% strontium.

Adults in milk have higher absorption rates of feces in other animals earlier.

The elderly need about 80% of the heat energy, and if the physical activity is transmitted, it can be 10%-20% higher.

The mortality rate of the elderly should not be too high, and there must be sufficient amounts of unsaturated fatty acids.

Drinking more milk can make the elderly absorb a small amount of other foods from other foods, and can obtain essential unsaturated fatty acids such as linolenic acid and arachidonic acid from milk.

Linolenic acid has a significant effect on lowering blood cholesterol, and arachidonic acid can lower triglycerides.

This is good for preventing atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

  Milk thistle is the carrier and transmitter of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Drinking milk from the elderly can supplement all the vitamins needed by the body including the above vitamins, especially vitamins A and B2.

  Milk contains 4.


7% lactose.

Lactose can promote the growth of beneficial lactic acid bacteria inside the body and maintain normal digestive function in the body.

Lactose is beneficial to the absorption of calcium in the elderly, and can prevent complications such as osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency in the body.

After glucose is digested, it becomes glucose and can replenish energy.

  Milk contains 0.


75% of the minerals, including potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, zinc, ketone, iodine, manganese and other 12 essential minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus, iron and iodine are the most important.

With other food indexes, older people are more likely to absorb and utilize calcium and phosphorus in milk.

  In addition, the elderly suffer from liver, gallbladder disease and diabetes when drinking milk, milk protein in milk can promote cell production.

Old people with high blood fat can drink skim milk. The milk in the milk can remove the prostate attached to the blood vessel wall.

Older people with mild renal impairment drink milk, and the excretory function of the kidneys can be improved.

Older people with hyperuricemia and gout can drink milk because their milk protein does not contain strontium.

In the elderly, if heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum are poisoned, in the absence of emergency medicine, milk (or milk) can be used to detoxify.

  Today, in addition to the general fresh milk, skim milk and yogurt, the dairy products supplied in the city also have old-age milk powder for the elderly.Older milk powder is based on ordinary milk powder, which adjusts the composition of protein, increases the content of unsaturated fatty acids, and strengthens the multivitamins needed by the elderly. This nutritional mix is more reasonable.

  The “Protection of the Old Families” contains the old-aged Qi and Niu-Yi-Fang. The book points out: “The milk is the most suitable for the elderly, and it is good for the blood, and the muscles of the heart are long, which makes the body strong and healthy, moist and gaze, and pleasing.

Therefore, it is often necessary for the Son of the Son to provide it as a regular food, or as a milk cake, or as a condensed milk, etc.

“It is obvious that the ancients have long known that milk has a nourishing effect on the elderly.

Six diseases that obesity may bring

Six diseases that obesity may bring

Due to the improvement of modern living standards and the awakening of people’s health awareness, most people began to pay attention to self-care, and people are actively adjusting whether they are living habits or diet.

Of course, this is mainly a group of middle-aged and elderly people. For reasons of work or communication, young people and the disease seem to be far away, so they have not used their scientific way of health to nurse their bodies.

On the contrary, they eat the sea and drink, everything is comfortable, and over-the-counter becomes an upside down thing.

  As the saying goes: “It is difficult to buy old and thin.

However, we have a look at the people around us. The excessively long-term trend has become younger. Even many children are born too heavy.

This is related to heredity, or the mother’s absorption of too much nutrients during pregnancy.

At the same time, it also shows that people’s living standards have improved, the nutrients absorbed are more abundant, and the weight has followed.

From a global perspective, the proportion of obesity has accounted for about 10% and is still growing; as far as China is concerned, the proportion of obesity among adults has risen to 38.

5%, this figure is very large, and some experts predict that in the 21st century, China’s obese population will reach half of the total population.

Among all preventable lethal factors, death from chronic diseases caused by obesity has become the second killer after smoking, and is likely to leap to the first place in decades.

  Obesity is related to disease. We can’t say that too much directly leads to cancer, but many cancers are definitely too much and closely related.

Studies have shown that for every 10 kilograms of weight gain, the risk of cancers such as uterine cancer, kidney cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, gallbladder cancer, etc. will increase significantly.

In the United Kingdom, for example, nearly 4,000 cancer patients are added each year in the UK due to obesity.

  1, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is a chronic disease with very high morbidity and mortality. If you can usually pay attention to nursed back to health, you can still take sick and longevity; but once the disease is not well controlledIt is almost impossible to attack and want to restore the original health level.

Studies have shown that 30% of people who are overweight suffer from high blood pressure, while those with high blood lipids account for the majority.

Both of these factors are the direct cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  2, diabetes We all know that people with diabetes can not eat more sugary food, because sugar in the body will be converted into sputum.

In other words, in the final analysis, it is actually awkward for people with diabetes to control.

Data show that people with normal weight may have very low diabetes, only 0.

7%; while moderately obese, the probability of developing diabetes increases four-fold; people with severe obesity can increase the risk of diabetes by up to 30 times.

  3, people with excessive apnea syndrome will have snoring when they sleep, which is quite related to too much.

With such exceptions, the airway becomes narrower and makes breathing harder.

During the day, obese people will sweat and sweat when they are a little active. When they sleep at night, they are very likely to snoring. It is very dangerous to have a bad sleep and a apnea syndrome.

If you can’t wake up in time or be discovered by your family, you will probably die.

  4, when the adult liver is obese, the internal organs will also accumulate too many adults, such as the liver.

Severe unfortunate liver can lead to cirrhosis and is difficult to recover, leading to myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis.

Studies have shown that nearly half of patients with sputum liver will be associated with cholecystitis, which reduces the detoxification function.

The damage to the body is chronic and the consequences are serious, so be sure to prevent it early.

  5, osteoarthritis When a person is overweight, it will have a burden on bones and joints, and it is easy to cause osteoarthritis or muscle strain.

Don’t underestimate the civilization, it will greatly reduce the ability of people to move, making the situation more serious.

That is to say, a vicious circle may be formed.

  6, infertility women’s endocrine is very complex, mainly related to estrogen and progesterone in the body.

But if a woman is overweight, the amount of estrogen in the body will increase, reaching several times that of normal women, making pregnancy difficult.

Moreover, high blood pressure is about to bring psychological problems to women, causing people to have inferiority, depression and other mental illnesses, leading to more disordered endocrine, and it will be more difficult to conceive.

  Although obesity is a very common body type, some people may be family-inherited, and some people may be related to less exercise.

No matter what causes obesity, you should actively lose weight and control your weight. Otherwise, it will bring waste to your life and will bring a variety of health risks to your body.

Of course, you should pay attention to the method of losing weight, and you should not blindly diet or use drugs to prevent more damage to the body.

Scientific weight loss is to eat less and move more. It is simple to say, and it takes a lot of perseverance to do it in the long run.But for the health of the body, still make up your mind, hurry and act.

Early spring prevention needs to be adjusted in all directions

Early spring prevention needs to be adjusted in all directions

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Spring March, this is said to be Chen, the heavens and the earth are all born, everything is glory, the night is getting up early, the step is wide in the court, and the hair is slowed down to make Zhisheng.

“Because the cold weather in early spring is cold and dry, people should make corresponding health care in terms of sleep, exercise, emotional and other aspects, otherwise the disease will entangle you.

  Western medicine: early spring to prevent colds, allergies in the early spring of each year, hospital respiratory medicine outpatient bronchitis and wheezing disease patients will increase significantly, most of the patients are elderly.

However, in terms of outpatient volume, the number of patients with upper respiratory tract infections has decreased.

This is because the child has a cold in the winter, and the patient has obtained temporary immunity after the flu has recovered.

But everyone still needs to do warm protection, because the early spring is warm and cold, and if you don’t pay attention, you will catch a cold.

At the same time, spring should be hypoallergenic.

In particular, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, hypertension, etc. should avoid contact with dust, pollen, etc., so as not to aggravate breathing difficulties and asthma symptoms.

  Traditional Chinese Medicine: Adjusting the mood and preventing the liver The infectious diseases are common every spring, such as meningitis, flu, measles and so on.

In general, you should use Banlangen, honeysuckle, dandelion, etc. to drink water to enhance the resistance.

At the same time, keep indoor air circulation.

The staggering of bacterial and viral infections is common in outpatient settings.

These patients have a combination of fever, scorpion pain, and some tonsillitis.

In addition to regular anti-viral Chinese medicine, everyone can also use vinegar to disinfect the room.

  In addition, in the five elements, spring is wood, the corresponding organs are liver, spring yang is leaking, people are easy to rush, and anger is hurting the liver.

Therefore, it is necessary to nurse the emotions and feel comfortable. In the spring, women should especially avoid affecting the physiological cycle due to emotional depression.

  Living and eating to keep healthy and warm: spring comes, the weather gets warmer, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, etc. grow and multiply, and influenza, measles, epidemic meningitis, scarlet fever, pneumonia and other infectious diseases are most likely to occur.

“Spring, Autumn and Autumn” is the health care experience that conforms to the climate.

Because the climate change in spring is impermanent, it is hot and cold, and some people use winter clothes for a winter, the metabolism is weak, and the body temperature cannot be adjusted quickly.

If the dress is thin, it is easy to contract the disease and endanger the health if it is slightly negligent.

Middle-aged and elderly people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure should pay attention to cold and warmth to prevent the occurrence of stroke, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

Especially in the early spring, the spring has not gone, the patients of the “old cold stomach” often relapse due to cold diet or poor drinking.

The “old cold legs” patients do not pay attention to keep warm, improper wearing clothes lead to cold, leg pain is aggravated.

Early spring belongs to the “warm and cold weather”, so spring is still very necessary, clothing should be slowly reduced, diet, exercise should pay attention to adjustment, camera movement to prevent the occurrence of disease.

  After the spring, the yang is born, but the cold is very heavy. Therefore, it is best to wait for the sun to come out and then exercise. The bacteria in the air are replaced, and the second is relatively warm to avoid colds.

In addition, the amount of exercise should be gradual, do not suddenly increase, the slightest sweat on the body during exercise is the best.

  Sleep with the growth of yang, early morning should be early.

Because of the “spring sleepy”, lunch break is expected to be necessary, but the time should not be too long, preferably 30 minutes to 1 hour per day.

  Diet should raise the liver in summer, in addition to eating less spicy, you should also eat more acidic foods, such as cherries, strawberries, tomatoes and so on.

Eat more vegetables, add vitamins, avoid eating mutton, dog meat and other hot and easy to get angry food.

  Medicinal diet to the common disease celery porridge to take 250 grams of rice, add appropriate amount of water, cook until half-cooked, then add washed, chopped root celery 120 grams, cooked food.

In spring, because of the strong liver fire, it causes headache. Eating celery porridge can clear liver heat, lower blood pressure and stop dizziness.

  Honey, steamed radish, large white radish, wash, cut off the skin, hollow out the center, put honey, put in a bowl, steamed with water.

Spring is hot and cold, eating honey and steaming radish can cause colds, bronchitis and other symptoms.

The queen of sweet potato leaves that was taken to feed the pigs

The queen of sweet potato leaves that was taken to feed the pigs

Once upon a time, sweet potato leaves were abandoned by people, and they were all used to feed pigs.

And people only take roots (sweet potato) to eat.

  In recent years, the discovery and promotion of the health value of sweet potatoes has been carried out, and sweet potato leaves have also been studied, followed by sweet potatoes.

This is not a study, only a study found that the original sweet potato leaves are ignored for many years of quality health care “Queen of Vegetables”!

  In fact, the magical effect of sweet potato leaves is still told by the organic predecessors.

In order to understand this strange vegetable, I entered the keywords “sweet potato leaf” and “vegetable queen” on Google today. The harvest is not small. Of course, the online introduction is just ordinary sweet potato leaves. Our sweet potato leaves are organic.After that, it is necessary to highlight that the so-called therapeutic effect must ensure the quality of the ingredients.

Organic vegetables are the safest vegetables, so they can also be used for the best therapeutic effects.

  Sweet potato leaf nutrients sweet potato sprouts Ipomoeabatatas (L.


Also known as sweet potato leaves, sweet potato leaves, is a genus of the genus Convolvulaceae, is a variety of artificially selected and selected stalks of sweet potato seedlings at the top of the stems. It is still known as the “Queen of Vegetables” in Hong Kong.”Longevity vegetables” and “anti-cancer vegetables”, Asian Vegetable Research Center has listed sweet potato leaves as high-nutrient vegetable varieties.

  Sweet potato leaves are rich in nutrients, green and fresh, smooth and refreshing. Most of the nutrients are higher than spinach, celery, carrots, cucumbers, etc., especially carotenoids are three times higher than ordinary carrots, and 600 times higher than fresh corn and steamed bread.Multiple times.

  The sweet potato sprouts are rich in nutrients, 10-15 cm per 100 g of sweet potato buds and young leaves, and the petioles are collectively called stems.

Sweet potato shoot tips are rich in protein, carotene, vitamins, iron and calcium.

  According to the chemical analysis analysis, the crude protein content of the shoot tip is 21 of the dry weight.


1%, comparable to pork and beef.

The protein of stems and stems is 2.

7%, carotene is 5580 IU/100 g, and vitamin C is 41.

07 mg / mg, calcium 74 mg / mg, 4 mg / mg per gram, vitamin B1 3 mg / mg, niacin 6 to 10 mg / mg, B6 2.

1 mg / kg.

According to the test of the Chinese Preventive Medicine School, the sweet potato leaf tips and 13 kinds of vegetables such as celery, cabbage, spinach, cabbage, rape, leeks, cucumber, eggplant, carrot, tomato, etc., among the 14 kinds of nutrients, protein, trace,Trace, cellulose, calcium, iron, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin C, B1, B2, niacin and other 13 items, sweet potato leaves are the first.

  The health effect of sweet potato leaves is rich in mucus protein in sweet potato shoot tips. Sweet potato leaves have enhanced immune function, improve the body’s disease resistance, promote metabolism, delay aging, lower blood sugar, laxative urine, raise platelets, stop bleeding, prevent arteriosclerosis.It prevents cell cancer, prolactin detoxification, protects vision, and prevents good health care for night blindness.

  At present, the United States lists sweet potato stem tips as one of the most promising health and longevity dishes.

Japan, the United States and other countries even listed sweet potato stems as longevity food or aerospace food, Germany called sweet potato leaves, pointed to the vegetable queen.

  The sweet potato leafy city is hard to trace the sweet potato leaves so a good thing, how have you never seen it in the vegetable market?

So that everyone can see that this kind of dish does not know how to start., “Legal Evening News” once had a report entitled “The sweet potato leaf is difficult to see in the vegetable market”.

The report has the following description: The capital of autumn and winter is exactly the time when the potato is popular, and the amount of sweet potato is doubled.

The sweet potato leaves, which can be called the “Queen of Vegetables” by the Asian Vegetable Research Center, are hard to find in the capital.

  The Asian Vegetable Research Center lists sweet potato leaves as high-nutrient vegetable varieties.

In Europe, America, Japan, Hong Kong and other places, food made with sweet potato leaves has been placed on the restaurant, restaurant table.

  The reporter learned from the Xinfa Wholesale Market this morning that the daily market of sweet potatoes was about 300,000 kilograms, about 100,000 kilograms more than the daily market in October.

The wholesale market of Yuegezhuang today and yesterday’s sweet potato market volume is 20,000 kilograms, which is twice the average daily market volume in October.

  The reporter visited the Yuegezhuang wholesale market, Mingguang Temple agricultural and sideline products wholesale market, Beijing Jinxiu land wholesale market, Xinfadi wholesale market, Dongjiao vegetable wholesale market, did not find the traces of sweet potato leaves.

The staff of Splendid Land said that sweet potato leaves have never been sold here.

  Merchants at the Mingguang Temple Wholesale Market said: “We collect sweet potatoes in the countryside, and the remaining leaves are fed to the animals. They have never been sold out.

“Related experts told reporters that sweet potato leaves are the young leaves on the top of the stems of the sweet potato after ripening. Because many people still don’t understand the value of sweet potato leaves, so there is no sweet potato leaves sold in the supermarket.

After harvesting the sweet potato, the farmers throw the sweet potato leaves together in the ground or use it as feed for livestock.

There are other ways to eat sweet potato leaves, experts say “they have not done such detailed research.”

Indifferent and fearless

Indifferent and fearless

We are always eager to be free and expand our bondage?

So often envy and imitate freedom or seemingly free people.

  Zhang Ailing’s prose describes the cycling boy who does not support the handlebars on the street, and has an unreasonable envy of the life.

  A friend once said that he feels that cynicism is a very high level of life. People who are cynical are at least not afraid of death, he can’t do this.

This yearning for cynicism and praise, let me have different understandings and interpretations of the same word, my impression of cynical, nothing more than contempt or provocation of some conventional etiquette, how can it be difficult to associate with fear of death.

Moreover, cynical-type challenge routines, there are few things that are not even more deliberate, and there are some extraordinary and unconventional novels. After a little setbacks, they think they are cynical and cynical, and they are somewhat random and do not care about the rules.Did not happen too much.

Just as you are not afraid of death, it does not mean that you are a daring person. Maybe you just don’t know the meaning and preciousness of life, or you don’t see a better way to solve the problem.

  Large and small obstacles in life, barriers, dangerous roads, rapids, people want to be lightly loaded, put down the necessary burdens and constraints.

It is an ideal to do what you want, but it is an ideal. It is a choice that we often make when we are temporarily relieved in daily life, and we often want to admire those who have gained freedom.

It’s just the noise around you, you sing the stage that I’m on the stage, the surging and changing trend makes me feel vigilant – where is the right direction for us, we can make it under the current situationOptimal interest rate choice?

  People who have learned from the West have strayed into the Xiaoyin Temple and have mistaken the word-free scriptures. In reality, we often mistakenly regard the illusion as the true meaning and wrongly make the road a path.

However, looking at similar things may actually be a world of difference, just as numbness is not the peace of mind. Even if you look at it, the feelings are not swaying; the detachment is not equal to the true detachment, and even the former may look more extraordinary.Popular and shocking.

I can hear the alarm clock in my sleep, dreaming that I am already on my body, and continue to sleep peacefully, but sooner or later I still have to wake up.

Pretending not to care about not being able to dispel the longing hidden in the heart, craving or even pain; thinking that seeing through or obsessing the world, does not matter to anything, in fact, more is a retreat of self-protection, far from real consciousness and heart is not at allfear.

  Then, how can we go from being insensitive to numbness, to being clear and free, and not being afraid of it?

Distinguishing between authenticity and counterfeiting is an important subject in life. If you want to distinguish and judge, you may need to understand what is easy to cause us to get lost – eager to seek success?

Fear and reject the difficult moments in life?

Self-anesthesia / self-indulgence and self-deception?

It is not easy to be honest with people. It is even harder to be honest with yourself.

And many breakthroughs or muddy, in fact, began with the choice of those things that were difficult to avoid.

9 reasons why you must stick to exercise

9 reasons why you must stick to exercise

The meaning of human life lies in sports. The benefits of sports are far beyond what we imagine.

Proper exercise can alleviate the body’s natural pain, reduce the chance of catching a cold; reduce gum disease, people have a healthier mouth; can improve language skills; stretch physiology, make people work more happily; can promote good sleep.Tell you nine reasons why you must stick to exercise.

  Research by the American College of Sports Medicine has shown that correct exercise can help you maintain a healthy level of vitality and slimness up to 70% – the risk of cancer in healthier heart and disease is the two most significant drawbacks of exercise.
In fact, sports can also bring you more specific and more amazing health returns. Will you stick to exercise?

  1, relieve the body’s natural pain If you feel suffering, complications, head or neck pain, stiffness, rest is not the best way.

Experts say that the proportion of adults who have long maintained aerobic exercise with those who always like to lie on the sofa, the rate of musculoskeletal discomfort is 25% lower.

Exercise releases endorphins, an analgesic hormone, which is a soothing agent for body pain and even makes tendons less susceptible to strain.

Relieve some chronic symptoms of the body, such as arthritis.

Studies at the University of North Carolina in the United States have shown that after 6 months of low-intensity exercise (such as balance exercise), arthritis patients have a 25% reduction in pain and a 16% reduction in stiffness.

  Practice yoga or Tai Chi twice a week to increase body flexibility and reduce pain.

  2, cut the chance of catching a cold 33% appropriate exercise is not only to speed up your metabolism, it can also improve your body immunity, help your body against the invasion of cold viruses and other bacteria.

A study by the University of Washington found that five times a week, 45-minute cardio-exercise courses, the number of colds was 1/3 of those who exercised once a week.

  Keep exercising, but don’t overdo it.

If you often have dialysis exercise, such as running for more than 90 minutes, it will reduce your body’s immunity.

  3, healthier oral experts believe that floss and toothbrush are not the only magic weapon for a smile, exercise plays an important role.

In their latest study, adults have 5 times a 30-minute exercise every week, and the chance of developing periodontitis is reduced by 42%. This gum disease will grow more severely as the age increases.

Exercise can also inhibit the development of high blood pressure like stopping periodontitis – because it reduces the level of C-reactive protein in the blood that causes complications.

  In addition to maintaining proper exercise, it is best to have the teeth cleaned twice a year. If the dentist tells you that the chances of getting gum disease are high, then increase the number of teeth cleaning.

  4, improve language ability to run on the treadmill can make you smarter.

Research at the University of Munster in Germany shows that two three-minute runs (two minutes apart) can be used to learn new words 20% faster than those who do not.

Rapid heartbeat can increase blood flow and deliver more oxygen to your brain.

At the same time, it can also stimulate control transactions in the brain, and make plans and update the memory area.

  You can use the running upstairs instead of the treadmill.

  5. Work more happily at the University of Bristol in the UK. A positive lifestyle can help you better complete your daily work plan list.

They found that after the staff members had completed a set of fitness activities, they were tested, their thinking became clearer, their work was improved, and their cooperation with colleagues was smoother and more productive.

At the same time, you can avoid getting sick and working.

  Take a fitness class and take a yoga class at noon if you don’t have enough time.

  6, things with clearer vision and help the heart will help your vision.

British eye research has found that active lifestyles can reduce your chances of vision loss with age by 70%!

  If possible, walk 6 km a day, plus wear UV protection sunglasses.

  7, get “instant” energy According to statistics, 50% of people will feel tired at least one day of the week.

Researchers at the University of Georgia in the United States have analyzed 70 different studies: moving the body can increase physical energy and reduce fatigue.

Regular exercise can stimulate some of the brain’s anti-fatigue chemicals, such as norepinephrine and dopamine, which can be exciting, and serotonin in the brain can help you boost your mood.

  Take a 20-minute walk every day, or take a 40-minute specific sport.

  8, help deep sleep 4 times a week, at least one hour each walk and other aerobic exercise women, sleep quality is 50% higher than those who do not love sports.

Because of the increase in age, the increase in stress, and the changes in the environment, people’s forms of sleep will change. At night, you will be more and more disturbed by sleep, so you can’t really go deep into sleep and get your body fully.trim.

  Exercise at least half an hour no matter how many nights a day.

Studies have shown that for most people, small and moderate exercise at night does not disturb sleep.  9, any size feels sexy and effective exercise can basically guarantee a better posture.

A study by the University of Texas in the United States found that some women were randomly selected. After four months of walking or yoga practice, they felt more sexy and obese than ever before, even though their weight did not change.

Exercise can increase the blood flow of the reproductive system, allowing people to be in the mood of love.

The University of Washington study found that just a 20-minute cycling exercise can increase a woman’s sexual appeal index by 169%!

And this period can allow the test of residence time: Harvard University’s study of swimmers found that those who are older than 60 years old still get sexual satisfaction as young as they do.

  Before enjoying a romantic evening every night, take a 20-minute aerobic workout. Walking or practicing yoga every day will make you feel good at all times.

Dietitians are all eating coarse grains.

Dietitians are all eating coarse grains.

Coarse grains include corn, millet, sorghum and other cereals, dried beans and potato food.

Coarse grains are nutritious and short-lived, making it easy for people to feel full.

Appropriate to eat, can promote gastrointestinal motility, can eliminate waste, reduce the accumulation of toxins in the large intestine, can prevent colorectal cancer.

However, due to the weak physiological function of the elderly and children, eating coarse grains is likely to cause abdominal distension and cause indigestion.

Therefore, the “fine” of coarse grains not only improves the taste, but also helps digestion, and does not lose too much nutrients.

  In the process of fine grain preparation, a variety of ingredients should be mixed and cooked to enrich the nutrition.

For corn kernels, soybeans and other hard foods that are not easy to be cooked, they can be processed with water and softened, which can better replace nutrients.

  Porridge is the most convenient form of coarse grains: you can cook rice and rice together into two-meter porridge.

Also use cereals, beans, the main raw materials, add ginkgo, lily, lotus seeds, longan, etc., and then add the candied food into the eight-treasure porridge.

  Millet can eat a variety of delicious staple food: in the millet powder, soy flour with eggs or milk powder can be made into millet flour.

Millet pancakes and millet flour taro are also good choices.

  Corn is also a good material for fine preparation: flour and corn flour to make steamed cake; mix with appropriate amount of soybean powder to place the wolf head; stir the cornmeal into cold water until it is not simmered, then pour it into the boiled pot, with melonThe grains, peanuts, lean meat and other materials are boiled together and converted into nutritious and delicious corn batter.

Tea knowledge, big leaf tea and small leaf tea

Tea knowledge, big leaf tea and small leaf tea

China is the origin of tea, and the existing tea products are diverse.

Among them, big leaf tea, small leaf tea is a type that is divided according to the size of tea leaves, and is a common name that distinguishes the leaf size of tea varieties. Generally, there are large leaf species, middle leaf species, and small leaf species.

  Pu’er tea is a typical representative of big leaf tea. The main varieties are Pu’er loose tea, Pu’er tea, Pu’er brick tea, and seven son cake tea.

Commonly known green teas, mainly belonging to small and medium leaf species, such as Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and other provinces, most of the tea areas are mainly small and medium leaf species, the famous tea produced is also processed by small and medium leaf species, such as West Lake Longjing.
From the chemical composition of fresh leaves of tea tree, the content of water extract of big leaf tea is 3-7 percent higher than that of leaf leaf, and the content of tea polyphenol is 5-8 percent higher than that of leaf leaf tea.

  The flavor quality of tea has an important relationship with the tea. The polyphenolic taste of the tea is bitter, the amino acid tastes fresh and sweet, and the coffee is alkaline and bitter.

The tea polyphenols, caffeine and other effective substances contained in the big leaf tea are decomposed, and the tea taste is strong, but the taste astringent is slightly stronger; the small leaf tea carotene and the high lutein content can produce high-fragrance tea.

How is contact dermatitis diagnosed?

How should contact dermatitis be prevented?

How is contact dermatitis diagnosed?
How should contact dermatitis be prevented?

Contact dermatitis is a relatively common disease in daily life. It is a dermatitis that occurs after skin is exposed to certain sensitizing substances or stimulating substances. It is mostly acute.

So how to diagnose contact dermatitis?

How to prevent it daily?

Diagnostic methods of contact dermatitis Symptoms: According to the course of the disease, it is divided into acute, subacute and chronic, and there are some clinical types with certain characteristics such as etiology and clinical manifestations.

Diagnosis: 1. History of exposure to irritants or sensitizers.

2, the site of rash is often in contact with irritants.

3, the shape of the rash often varies according to the nature of the contact, such as sensitizers are often clear edges, mainly erythema, papules, vesicles, but also allergic to their own; if the irritant is often red, blisters or largeBlisters, erosions and even necrosis occur slightly.

4, there are itch and burning sensation, heavy pain, fever and other systemic symptoms.

5, the course of the disease is self-limiting, some sensitizers can be removed 1 to 2 weeks after the cause of the rash can be resolved.

6, allergen skin patch test is positive.

How should contact dermatitis be prevented?

1, should be looking for the cause of the disease.

2, remove contact can cause various factors of dermatitis, such as dyes, gasoline, paint, pollen, soap, detergent, etc.; to avoid a variety of external stimuli, such as hot scalding, tilting scratching, try not to wear nylon chemical fiberIntimate underwear, but should wear pure cotton white soft underwear.

3, patients should avoid mental stress, fatigue, life, work, learning rhythm can not be too fast, should be appropriate relaxation, can participate in some sports to promote good health.

The principle of modern medical treatment of this disease is to stop contact with the sensitizing source, immediately rinse the contact area with water, apply anti-inflammatory inflammatory and itching external and internal anti-allergic drugs.

Add leather steroids and replace antibiotics and oral administration if necessary.

Drinking urine: losing weight or guilty?

Drinking urine: losing weight or guilty?

I first learned that the theory of drinking urine therapy is a report I saw from the newspaper. It is said that a certain gentleman came to a friend’s house to stay, and when he woke up in the middle of the night, he felt thirsty, so he went to the refrigerator to find water to drink, and half-awake between the refrigerator and the refrigerator.There is a cup of light yellow liquid, which is thought to be tea, pick it up and drink it, and go back to bed.

In the morning, my friend opened the refrigerator and shouted loudly, “Who is drinking my urine?”

“The tea that was originally drunk by this monarch was actually the urine that my friend used to cure the disease.”

At that time, after reading this report, I was so funny that I felt incredible. I didn’t figure out how to urinate. This kind of person’s own excrement was turned into a magical disease and became a rare cure.

  There is no such thing as a big world. Recently, I have heard that the popular weight loss method is actually drinking urine.

According to a successful person who has lost weight, he has seen everything he wants to eat before, and he has taken a lot of weight-loss methods such as dieting and exercise. The effect is not obvious.

Since I heard that overseas is very popular to drink urine and lose weight, I sighed and tried it for a while. I persisted for a few months. I didn’t expect the effect to be very good. Not only did weight loss succeed, but the skin of my skin became smoother and more tender.It is.

She also said that in fact, when drinking urine, in addition to the guts, a little uncomfortable, nothing else.

But be sure to drink your own urine, because your urine is clean and rest assured.

  It is said that in addition to drinking urine, beauty and beauty can also be used to strengthen the body, cure diseases, and prevent disease.

Is it so amazing to drink urine?

Let us first look at how the urine is generated.

  The production of urine has to go through three moments: one, the filtration of the glomerulus, that is, a part of the plasma is filtered out in the glomerulus to form the original urine; second, the reabsorption of the renal tubule, the original urine flowing through the renal tubule, many substancesReabsorbed back into the blood, such as glucose is all reabsorbed, water, sodium chloride is mostly reabsorbed, a small part of urea is reabsorbed; Third, the renal urinary excretion, secretion of hydrogen, potassium, ammonia excretion of a small amount of creatinine,Finally, urine is formed.

Let’s take a look at what is inside. The main component of urine is water, which is rich in dissolved waste, such as urea nitrogen, creatinine, creatine, electrolytes, organic matter, etc., no glucose in the urine, no protein, PH value.It is acidic.

Metabolic waste in the human body, the poison is mainly excreted through the urine produced by the kidneys.

It can be seen that the urine that is strongly praised by people who drink urine can not find anything that is good for human health, but it is the main way to excrete human metabolic waste.

  Then why do so many people believe that drinking urine can lose weight and beauty?

In fact, drinking urine is mainly caused by the stimulating effect of urine, which causes psychological nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, severe anorexia, and rapid weight loss to achieve weight loss.

However, at this time, if you do not pay attention to your health, and blindly pursue the effect of slimming, there will be endocrine disorders, not to menstruation, cold, not lazy, slow thinking, decreased resistance, susceptible to infectious diseases.

Moreover, the female urethra precipitates, and the urine is easily contaminated by bacteria when it is discharged through the urethra.

Therefore, if the person who drinks urine has urinary system disease and then drinks his own urine, it is tantamount to chronic suicide.

  For example, drinking urine can make the skin better. There have been reports that many people do not like this smell when drinking urine, so add some sugar or juice to cover the urine, and pay attention to eating vegetables and fruits in the diet.Reject foods containing preservatives.

Perhaps it is because these supplementary diets make the skin radiant, and it creates the illusion of drinking urine.

  Of course, we have no intention to condemn this form of absurdity and incredibleness, nor can we make the next correct or wrong statement. It is only necessary to remind people who are keen on drinking urine therapy: For the beauty and health of life, please believe in science!