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Massage method to quickly eliminate facial edema at the tip

A reasonable massage method is far more useful than some exaggerated skin care products. Learn to edit and teach you eight stroke massage methods to give your skin a qualitative leap!

  First, after the BB cream is applied, the massage method is more suitable for the BB cream. After that, the two hands cling to the cheeks and push up firmly. Repeat until the BB cream spreads evenly and fits the face better.

This massage also has the effect of making your cheeks look thinner!

In addition, your forehead and T area also need to be massaged accordingly. You also need to do this lifting action. The direction can not be aligned upward, as long as it can be aligned with the fit effect.

  Second, the massage method when washing your face When you clean your face, you need to do a massage to soothe the skin, and at the same time give you more strength to clean the skin.

The specific method is to gently circle the face with the index finger or middle fingertips, either clockwise or counterclockwise.

It takes about 30 seconds to meet the above requirements. Of course, this is the most basic and necessary step for washing your face.

  Third, the massage method of shrinking the pores on the tip of the nose first relaxes the face, and then puts a towel with heat on the back of the neck to let the lymph flow unobstructed.

Use two small spoons to gently scrape on the side of the nose and on the tip of the nose, be sure to go back and forth several times, not only to clean the pores, but also to lift the nearby skin.

  Fourth, massage method to alleviate eye wrinkles Our eyes are the most prone to wrinkles, even if wrinkles do not grow, fine lines are easy to appear.

During the massage, place the ring finger under the two eyebrows, fix it, and then use the middle and index fingers to gently block from one end of the eye socket to the other, and continue for five times.

  Fifth, the massage method to eliminate facial edema first put the middle fingers on the sides of the nose, change the route of the bridge of the nose, and push it up again and again, you can easily eliminate the edema of facial edema.

In addition, you can also place your palms on both sides of your cheeks and gently lift up. You also need to do this many times, which can also eliminate the edema effect.

  6. When using eye cream, apply a small amount of eye cream to the ring finger, and gently touch it around the eye, and then perform a circular massage along the corners of your inner eye, upper eyelid, tail, and lower eyelid.The skin slowly absorbs the eye cream you apply.

Repeat several times until the eye cream is completely absorbed.

This method can also reduce the occurrence of eye wrinkles, which is beneficial to maintaining the youthful state of the face!

  Seven, soothing face massage method Place your ten fingers one by one in the center of the face to the front of the ear, change the route of the hair for massage, the fingers should be strong during the massage, slowly and deeply, the direction is roughlyFace toward the ear, and do it repeatedly until you feel the relaxation effect.

  Eight, massage cream massage method using both hands with the index finger and middle finger abdomen.

Spiral massage is performed in the order of the chin to the ear, the nose to the end of the eye, and the forehead to the end of the eye, in about 2-3 minutes.

The face can absorb the massage cream well, and it can lift the skin and tighten the facial beauty effect.