Strange celebrity health regimen must follow blindly

Strange celebrity “health regimen” must follow blindly

Movie star health preservation method has been imitated for fans.
However, the so-called maintenance tips announced by some celebrities recently are getting weird.
  Singer claimed to eat raw eggs to protect his throat. At the beginning of December last year, a singer claimed to cough blood and lose his voice not long ago. After recovery, he had to learn from “Dolphin Sound Prince” Vitas, and swallowed 7 raw eggs every day to protect his throat.
  Does Vitas really protect his voice by eating raw eggs?
Does a singer really use this method?
None of these we can verify, but this “keep the secret” is popular on the Internet. The reporter saw on the Internet that many netizens agree that eating raw eggs can moisturize the throat, and some netizens who love singing say they will try.
  Eating raw eggs is actually not very effective. “Eating raw eggs to protect your throat should not make any scientific sense.
“Li Bennong, chief physician of otolaryngology at Pu’ai Hospital, said that raw eggs will only enter the stomach through the esophagus after swallowing, and will not have a special nutritional effect on the vocal cords.
He said that the best way to protect his throat is to talk less and drink more water to ensure adequate sleep. In addition, do not smoke or drink, and avoid pollution.
  As a matter of fact, raw eggs can not only protect the throat, but also have many disadvantages.
According to Professor Ren Hongyu of Department of Gastroenterology, Xiehe Hospital, pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella are easily attached to the shell of raw eggs. When knocking the shell, it is likely to contaminate egg whites and egg yolks. Raw clothing may cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.
In addition, the protein of raw eggs is not easy to digest, and it is easy to cause allergies and indigestion.
  The health secrets of celebrities should not be blindly followed. The health secrets of celebrities are strange and endless.
  For example, a female singer proposed to lose weight by eating apples on the 3rd, but experts said that this method did not consider nutritional balance, so that losing weight hurts the body and rebounds quickly; another actress said that not washing the face in the morning can protect the skin, but expertsSaid that after a night of metabolism, the skin will secrete sweat, oil and other substances, and if not cleaned, it will block pores and cause blackheads and acne . Many experts believe that the so-called maintenance tips of some stars are not scientific or even unsafeFans should not follow suit blindly, at least they should consult with professionals before deciding.