How is contact dermatitis diagnosed?

How should contact dermatitis be prevented?

How is contact dermatitis diagnosed?
How should contact dermatitis be prevented?

Contact dermatitis is a relatively common disease in daily life. It is a dermatitis that occurs after skin is exposed to certain sensitizing substances or stimulating substances. It is mostly acute.

So how to diagnose contact dermatitis?

How to prevent it daily?

Diagnostic methods of contact dermatitis Symptoms: According to the course of the disease, it is divided into acute, subacute and chronic, and there are some clinical types with certain characteristics such as etiology and clinical manifestations.

Diagnosis: 1. History of exposure to irritants or sensitizers.

2, the site of rash is often in contact with irritants.

3, the shape of the rash often varies according to the nature of the contact, such as sensitizers are often clear edges, mainly erythema, papules, vesicles, but also allergic to their own; if the irritant is often red, blisters or largeBlisters, erosions and even necrosis occur slightly.

4, there are itch and burning sensation, heavy pain, fever and other systemic symptoms.

5, the course of the disease is self-limiting, some sensitizers can be removed 1 to 2 weeks after the cause of the rash can be resolved.

6, allergen skin patch test is positive.

How should contact dermatitis be prevented?

1, should be looking for the cause of the disease.

2, remove contact can cause various factors of dermatitis, such as dyes, gasoline, paint, pollen, soap, detergent, etc.; to avoid a variety of external stimuli, such as hot scalding, tilting scratching, try not to wear nylon chemical fiberIntimate underwear, but should wear pure cotton white soft underwear.

3, patients should avoid mental stress, fatigue, life, work, learning rhythm can not be too fast, should be appropriate relaxation, can participate in some sports to promote good health.

The principle of modern medical treatment of this disease is to stop contact with the sensitizing source, immediately rinse the contact area with water, apply anti-inflammatory inflammatory and itching external and internal anti-allergic drugs.

Add leather steroids and replace antibiotics and oral administration if necessary.