Six diseases that obesity may bring

Six diseases that obesity may bring

Due to the improvement of modern living standards and the awakening of people’s health awareness, most people began to pay attention to self-care, and people are actively adjusting whether they are living habits or diet.

Of course, this is mainly a group of middle-aged and elderly people. For reasons of work or communication, young people and the disease seem to be far away, so they have not used their scientific way of health to nurse their bodies.

On the contrary, they eat the sea and drink, everything is comfortable, and over-the-counter becomes an upside down thing.

  As the saying goes: “It is difficult to buy old and thin.

However, we have a look at the people around us. The excessively long-term trend has become younger. Even many children are born too heavy.

This is related to heredity, or the mother’s absorption of too much nutrients during pregnancy.

At the same time, it also shows that people’s living standards have improved, the nutrients absorbed are more abundant, and the weight has followed.

From a global perspective, the proportion of obesity has accounted for about 10% and is still growing; as far as China is concerned, the proportion of obesity among adults has risen to 38.

5%, this figure is very large, and some experts predict that in the 21st century, China’s obese population will reach half of the total population.

Among all preventable lethal factors, death from chronic diseases caused by obesity has become the second killer after smoking, and is likely to leap to the first place in decades.

  Obesity is related to disease. We can’t say that too much directly leads to cancer, but many cancers are definitely too much and closely related.

Studies have shown that for every 10 kilograms of weight gain, the risk of cancers such as uterine cancer, kidney cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, gallbladder cancer, etc. will increase significantly.

In the United Kingdom, for example, nearly 4,000 cancer patients are added each year in the UK due to obesity.

  1, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is a chronic disease with very high morbidity and mortality. If you can usually pay attention to nursed back to health, you can still take sick and longevity; but once the disease is not well controlledIt is almost impossible to attack and want to restore the original health level.

Studies have shown that 30% of people who are overweight suffer from high blood pressure, while those with high blood lipids account for the majority.

Both of these factors are the direct cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  2, diabetes We all know that people with diabetes can not eat more sugary food, because sugar in the body will be converted into sputum.

In other words, in the final analysis, it is actually awkward for people with diabetes to control.

Data show that people with normal weight may have very low diabetes, only 0.

7%; while moderately obese, the probability of developing diabetes increases four-fold; people with severe obesity can increase the risk of diabetes by up to 30 times.

  3, people with excessive apnea syndrome will have snoring when they sleep, which is quite related to too much.

With such exceptions, the airway becomes narrower and makes breathing harder.

During the day, obese people will sweat and sweat when they are a little active. When they sleep at night, they are very likely to snoring. It is very dangerous to have a bad sleep and a apnea syndrome.

If you can’t wake up in time or be discovered by your family, you will probably die.

  4, when the adult liver is obese, the internal organs will also accumulate too many adults, such as the liver.

Severe unfortunate liver can lead to cirrhosis and is difficult to recover, leading to myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis.

Studies have shown that nearly half of patients with sputum liver will be associated with cholecystitis, which reduces the detoxification function.

The damage to the body is chronic and the consequences are serious, so be sure to prevent it early.

  5, osteoarthritis When a person is overweight, it will have a burden on bones and joints, and it is easy to cause osteoarthritis or muscle strain.

Don’t underestimate the civilization, it will greatly reduce the ability of people to move, making the situation more serious.

That is to say, a vicious circle may be formed.

  6, infertility women’s endocrine is very complex, mainly related to estrogen and progesterone in the body.

But if a woman is overweight, the amount of estrogen in the body will increase, reaching several times that of normal women, making pregnancy difficult.

Moreover, high blood pressure is about to bring psychological problems to women, causing people to have inferiority, depression and other mental illnesses, leading to more disordered endocrine, and it will be more difficult to conceive.

  Although obesity is a very common body type, some people may be family-inherited, and some people may be related to less exercise.

No matter what causes obesity, you should actively lose weight and control your weight. Otherwise, it will bring waste to your life and will bring a variety of health risks to your body.

Of course, you should pay attention to the method of losing weight, and you should not blindly diet or use drugs to prevent more damage to the body.

Scientific weight loss is to eat less and move more. It is simple to say, and it takes a lot of perseverance to do it in the long run.But for the health of the body, still make up your mind, hurry and act.