Indifferent and fearless

Indifferent and fearless

We are always eager to be free and expand our bondage?

So often envy and imitate freedom or seemingly free people.

  Zhang Ailing’s prose describes the cycling boy who does not support the handlebars on the street, and has an unreasonable envy of the life.

  A friend once said that he feels that cynicism is a very high level of life. People who are cynical are at least not afraid of death, he can’t do this.

This yearning for cynicism and praise, let me have different understandings and interpretations of the same word, my impression of cynical, nothing more than contempt or provocation of some conventional etiquette, how can it be difficult to associate with fear of death.

Moreover, cynical-type challenge routines, there are few things that are not even more deliberate, and there are some extraordinary and unconventional novels. After a little setbacks, they think they are cynical and cynical, and they are somewhat random and do not care about the rules.Did not happen too much.

Just as you are not afraid of death, it does not mean that you are a daring person. Maybe you just don’t know the meaning and preciousness of life, or you don’t see a better way to solve the problem.

  Large and small obstacles in life, barriers, dangerous roads, rapids, people want to be lightly loaded, put down the necessary burdens and constraints.

It is an ideal to do what you want, but it is an ideal. It is a choice that we often make when we are temporarily relieved in daily life, and we often want to admire those who have gained freedom.

It’s just the noise around you, you sing the stage that I’m on the stage, the surging and changing trend makes me feel vigilant – where is the right direction for us, we can make it under the current situationOptimal interest rate choice?

  People who have learned from the West have strayed into the Xiaoyin Temple and have mistaken the word-free scriptures. In reality, we often mistakenly regard the illusion as the true meaning and wrongly make the road a path.

However, looking at similar things may actually be a world of difference, just as numbness is not the peace of mind. Even if you look at it, the feelings are not swaying; the detachment is not equal to the true detachment, and even the former may look more extraordinary.Popular and shocking.

I can hear the alarm clock in my sleep, dreaming that I am already on my body, and continue to sleep peacefully, but sooner or later I still have to wake up.

Pretending not to care about not being able to dispel the longing hidden in the heart, craving or even pain; thinking that seeing through or obsessing the world, does not matter to anything, in fact, more is a retreat of self-protection, far from real consciousness and heart is not at allfear.

  Then, how can we go from being insensitive to numbness, to being clear and free, and not being afraid of it?

Distinguishing between authenticity and counterfeiting is an important subject in life. If you want to distinguish and judge, you may need to understand what is easy to cause us to get lost – eager to seek success?

Fear and reject the difficult moments in life?

Self-anesthesia / self-indulgence and self-deception?

It is not easy to be honest with people. It is even harder to be honest with yourself.

And many breakthroughs or muddy, in fact, began with the choice of those things that were difficult to avoid.