9 reasons why you must stick to exercise

9 reasons why you must stick to exercise

The meaning of human life lies in sports. The benefits of sports are far beyond what we imagine.

Proper exercise can alleviate the body’s natural pain, reduce the chance of catching a cold; reduce gum disease, people have a healthier mouth; can improve language skills; stretch physiology, make people work more happily; can promote good sleep.Tell you nine reasons why you must stick to exercise.

  Research by the American College of Sports Medicine has shown that correct exercise can help you maintain a healthy level of vitality and slimness up to 70% – the risk of cancer in healthier heart and disease is the two most significant drawbacks of exercise.
In fact, sports can also bring you more specific and more amazing health returns. Will you stick to exercise?

  1, relieve the body’s natural pain If you feel suffering, complications, head or neck pain, stiffness, rest is not the best way.

Experts say that the proportion of adults who have long maintained aerobic exercise with those who always like to lie on the sofa, the rate of musculoskeletal discomfort is 25% lower.

Exercise releases endorphins, an analgesic hormone, which is a soothing agent for body pain and even makes tendons less susceptible to strain.

Relieve some chronic symptoms of the body, such as arthritis.

Studies at the University of North Carolina in the United States have shown that after 6 months of low-intensity exercise (such as balance exercise), arthritis patients have a 25% reduction in pain and a 16% reduction in stiffness.

  Practice yoga or Tai Chi twice a week to increase body flexibility and reduce pain.

  2, cut the chance of catching a cold 33% appropriate exercise is not only to speed up your metabolism, it can also improve your body immunity, help your body against the invasion of cold viruses and other bacteria.

A study by the University of Washington found that five times a week, 45-minute cardio-exercise courses, the number of colds was 1/3 of those who exercised once a week.

  Keep exercising, but don’t overdo it.

If you often have dialysis exercise, such as running for more than 90 minutes, it will reduce your body’s immunity.

  3, healthier oral experts believe that floss and toothbrush are not the only magic weapon for a smile, exercise plays an important role.

In their latest study, adults have 5 times a 30-minute exercise every week, and the chance of developing periodontitis is reduced by 42%. This gum disease will grow more severely as the age increases.

Exercise can also inhibit the development of high blood pressure like stopping periodontitis – because it reduces the level of C-reactive protein in the blood that causes complications.

  In addition to maintaining proper exercise, it is best to have the teeth cleaned twice a year. If the dentist tells you that the chances of getting gum disease are high, then increase the number of teeth cleaning.

  4, improve language ability to run on the treadmill can make you smarter.

Research at the University of Munster in Germany shows that two three-minute runs (two minutes apart) can be used to learn new words 20% faster than those who do not.

Rapid heartbeat can increase blood flow and deliver more oxygen to your brain.

At the same time, it can also stimulate control transactions in the brain, and make plans and update the memory area.

  You can use the running upstairs instead of the treadmill.

  5. Work more happily at the University of Bristol in the UK. A positive lifestyle can help you better complete your daily work plan list.

They found that after the staff members had completed a set of fitness activities, they were tested, their thinking became clearer, their work was improved, and their cooperation with colleagues was smoother and more productive.

At the same time, you can avoid getting sick and working.

  Take a fitness class and take a yoga class at noon if you don’t have enough time.

  6, things with clearer vision and help the heart will help your vision.

British eye research has found that active lifestyles can reduce your chances of vision loss with age by 70%!

  If possible, walk 6 km a day, plus wear UV protection sunglasses.

  7, get “instant” energy According to statistics, 50% of people will feel tired at least one day of the week.

Researchers at the University of Georgia in the United States have analyzed 70 different studies: moving the body can increase physical energy and reduce fatigue.

Regular exercise can stimulate some of the brain’s anti-fatigue chemicals, such as norepinephrine and dopamine, which can be exciting, and serotonin in the brain can help you boost your mood.

  Take a 20-minute walk every day, or take a 40-minute specific sport.

  8, help deep sleep 4 times a week, at least one hour each walk and other aerobic exercise women, sleep quality is 50% higher than those who do not love sports.

Because of the increase in age, the increase in stress, and the changes in the environment, people’s forms of sleep will change. At night, you will be more and more disturbed by sleep, so you can’t really go deep into sleep and get your body fully.trim.

  Exercise at least half an hour no matter how many nights a day.

Studies have shown that for most people, small and moderate exercise at night does not disturb sleep.  9, any size feels sexy and effective exercise can basically guarantee a better posture.

A study by the University of Texas in the United States found that some women were randomly selected. After four months of walking or yoga practice, they felt more sexy and obese than ever before, even though their weight did not change.

Exercise can increase the blood flow of the reproductive system, allowing people to be in the mood of love.

The University of Washington study found that just a 20-minute cycling exercise can increase a woman’s sexual appeal index by 169%!

And this period can allow the test of residence time: Harvard University’s study of swimmers found that those who are older than 60 years old still get sexual satisfaction as young as they do.

  Before enjoying a romantic evening every night, take a 20-minute aerobic workout. Walking or practicing yoga every day will make you feel good at all times.