Yogurt meal replacement diet weight loss effect

Yogurt meal replacement diet weight loss effect

Yogurt can both lose weight and gain weight. The key is to eat.

Today Xiaobian introduces you to a yogurt diet method – using yogurt to replace meals, you can quickly lose 7 pounds of fat in a week, as long as you add a small amount of yogurt and food, you dare to try?

  The slimming effect of yoghurt 1. We all know that yoghurt is fermented and fermented by milk. Compared with milk, it is better than blue in nutrition.

  After fermentation, the protein of milk remains, and the calcium content is not lost. Yogurt is better than other calcium sources.

The most surprising thing for women who lose weight is that B vitamins, an important element of burning sputum, will increase after fermentation.

  2, yogurt has a strong sense of fullness, drink a lot of food, and nutrition is also very rich, both carbohydrates, but also aberdeen, protein, and so many vitamins, not high at all, so drink before mealsA small cup can be your meal.

You can even use yogurt to feed your meal for generations.

  3, yogurt contains a large number of active lactic acid bacteria and short-chain fatty acids, can promote the body’s peristalsis, thereby treating constipation and reducing weight.

  Slimming Xiaobian Tip: Yogurt can both lose weight and gain weight.

The key to both roles is how you drink.

If you have enough to eat, come back with a box of yogurt.

This is a small meal after each meal, it can also improve digestion and absorption, it will easily gain weight.

  7 days drastically reduced 10 pounds of yogurt meal replacement method the first day: cucumber + yogurt cucumber and yogurt are well-known beauty diet foods, have a good slimming effect.

But their speed is very low, so on the first day, cucumber and yoghurt are available all day long, and they will eat when they are hungry.

Also pay attention to drink plenty of water.

  The next day: Apple + yogurt with apples and yogurt for meal replacement, if you want to drink juice, you can also use apple juice, and then add yogurt for meal replacement.

  Day 3: Brown sugar + yoghurt Add 2 grams of brown sugar to each cup of yogurt, drink it after mixing, adjust the environment in the intestines, promote bowel movements, and amateurs are more likely to burn.

  Day 4: Return to normal diet, eat a full three-day meal replacement for seven minutes, take a little rest, properly regulate the stomach and replenish the nutrients needed by the body.

However, be aware that in order to reduce the burden on the stomach, you should not eat too much. You can eat only seven points per meal. You should eat more fruits and vegetables, and do not eat fried food.

  Day 5: Green papaya + yogurt with green papaya peeled, cut into small pieces, and then juice, transferred to the yogurt allows, you can lose weight, as well as amazing breast enhancement effect.

  Day 6: Banana + Yogurt Eat bananas and yoghurt, which can also promote bowel movements while losing weight.

You can eat it directly or squeeze it with banana and mix it with yogurt to make a delicious banana yoghurt.

  Day 7: Green tea powder + yogurt a week to lose weight plan to the last day, although very hungry and a little weak, but must bite the teeth to stick to the end.

  Today, use 10 grams of green tea powder and add to 200 grams of yogurt.

Green tea powder yogurt can promote detoxification, treat constipation, and also eliminate acne and radiation.

  Slimming Xiaobian Tip: During the weekly yogurt replacement meal, if you do 15 minutes of yoga or weight loss exercise every day, the effect of slimming will be better.

  In addition, the conversion of yogurt meal replacement diet recipes is very low, depending on their physical condition to decide whether to use this weight loss method.

And it can’t be practiced for a long time. If you use yogurt for a long time to lose weight, it is easy to cause health problems such as hypoglycemia.