Eating watermelon does not diminish long meat?

Eating watermelon does not diminish long meat?

Modern nutrition requires that the human body should consume a small amount of food every day in a variety of categories.

Cucumber, bitter gourd, etc. are low in feces, protein, impurities, and high in fiber content, which is indeed conducive to weight loss, but as cold foods, those with spleen deficiency and cold stomach are not suitable to eat raw.

  Nowadays, many young women use “full melons and fruits” as their last supper for beauty and weight loss, and some even eat half a watermelon.

Some people transfer the fruit to breakfast, a peach + a bag of milk.

In their opinion, melon and phospholipid fiber, with almost no exceptions and protein, can be eaten with confidence.

  Based on this, Li Xin, the country ‘s first five-star personal trainer and personal nutritionist at Jade Bird Fitness Club, believes that half a watermelon (melons weighing about four or five pounds) produces about 680 calories, which is equivalent to three bowls of rice.

The trace amounts of fruits are not all very low, such as muskmelon, watermelon, pineapple, papaya and other fruits, which have high sugar content and are easily converted to fecal accumulation when eaten too much.

  According to Ximu, deputy director of the China Healthcare Expert Committee and Peking University’s China Center for Medical Economics, fruits have three series: red light, yellow light, and green light. During the diet, you must strictly avoid eating bananas and pineapples.Fruits with high sugar content such as watermelon.

  Li Xin said that people generally lose weight instead of losing fat. What they take away is water, which leads to dull skin and loss of body.

And because of a single intake, malnutrition causes harm to the body.