Three delicious medicinal diets for protecting the stomach and stomach in autumn

Three delicious medicinal diets for protecting the stomach and stomach in autumn

The highest overall fall in the fall is too much. People in cool weather are always wary of food spoilage and deterioration, so the inflammation caused by food often appears even in the fall.

Chronic inflammation is a very common disease in our lives, often caused by irregular life and poor diet. At this point, men and women in the workplace will be significantly more prominent, so Xiaobian wants to helpThese busy people who are busy with work and entertainment, recommend a few good parenting diets.

  1, pepper pork belly soup ingredients: a fresh pork belly, 15 grams of white pepper.

  Method: Break the pepper, put it into the cleaned pork belly, fasten the pork belly shank with a thread, put it in a casserole and cook it slowly until it is rotten, add soup to the soup, season the pork belly, remove the pork belly, and discard the bellyInside pepper and belly soup.

  Efficacy: Wenzhong Jianpi, and stomach pain.

  Adaptation: Patients with cold stomach, such as those who often have diarrhea due to eating cold food.

  2. Ingredients of Cordyceps Lily Duck Soup: 3 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 25 grams of lily, 100 grams of duck meat.

  Method: Stew the duck meat for 30 minutes, then add Cordyceps sinensis, stew the lily for another 20 minutes, season the soup and eat the cordyceps and duck meat.

  Efficacy: strengthen the spleen and stomach, and nourish the lungs and kidneys.

  Adaptation: Patients with weak spleen and stomach, insufficient lungs and kidneys, and weak vitality.

  3, Pisces soup ingredients: 100 grams of Maw, 100 grams of fresh Houttuynia cordata.

  Method: Soak the glue in water for half a day, cut it into filaments, add 1500 ml of water. After the fire is boiled, change to low heat and cook for about 50

  Effect: Qingweishengji analgesic.

  Adaptation: Patients with stomach fever, that is, patients who often feel a burning sensation in the stomach, and upper gastrointestinal bleeding caused by heat.

  In addition to the three medicated diets mentioned above, drinking a cup of cabbage juice daily also helps to nourish the stomach and suffer from stomach problems. It is also very beneficial for the recovery of enteritis caused by diarrhea.

The WHO recommends eating broccoli for cancer of the digestive tract. Broccoli has been proven to be very effective in preventing cancer.

However, most of the broccoli on the market have a lot of pesticide residues. It is best to wash them when eating.