Chinese medicine is not all taken after meals

Chinese medicine is not all taken after meals

Many people think that the medicine must be taken after meals. In fact, the time of taking the Chinese medicine decoction will affect the efficacy of the medicine. It is very important to choose the appropriate time to take the medicine. Some medicines need to be taken on an empty stomach.

  Medications taken on an empty stomach should be taken at least an hour before a meal, and properly taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Since there is no food in the stomach and duodenum on an empty stomach, the medication can be avoided from mixing with food and quickly enters the intestine.Digestion and absorption, this part of the drug includes the following three categories: tonic drugs: such as Siwu decoction, Sijunzi decoction, Shengmaiyin, etc., taken on an empty stomach, can fully absorb the drug, better play the role of nourishing qi and blood, conditioning Yin and Yang.
  Drugs for the treatment of cancer diseases: such as laxatives, which can be taken on an empty stomach so that the drug is not blocked by food, and the effect of the drug can be exerted quickly.

  Deworming drugs: such as Lizhong Anzhi Decoction, Wumei Wan, etc., taken on an empty stomach can maintain a high drug concentration in the intestine, which can drive the insects to kill the insects and make the insects quickly discharged.

Softness and Toughness in Yoga Practice

“Softness” and “Toughness” in Yoga Practice

After people have practiced yoga poses, the body will naturally become soft, so as long as you can practice yoga persistently, everyone will improve the softness of the body to varying degrees. Therefore, do not start after the first yoga class.Lose confidence in yourself.
  This phenomenon occurs because people only see the “softness” of yoga and ignore the “strength” of yoga.
Yoga posture exercises have the function of strengthening the body and balancing the various systems of the body.
It mainly relies on the body to pinch, pull, twist, squeeze and other methods to effectively massage the internal organs of the body and stimulate the major glands of the body to achieve the role of a healthy body.
After people have practiced yoga poses, the body will naturally become soft, so as long as you can practice yoga persistently, everyone will improve the softness of the body to varying degrees. Therefore, do not do it after the first yoga class.Lose confidence in themselves.
At the beginning, the stiffness of each part of the body is very natural. This is just a small “warning” to you-it is necessary to thoroughly repair the body.
  In fact, yoga practice is definitely not just about the softness of the human body, it also pays great attention to “toughness”, that is, strength exercise.
With the development of yoga, modern yogis are constantly exploring ways suitable for modern people to practice. On the basis of not departing from the principles of yoga practice, Power yoga has also been loved and recognized by more and more people.Yoga pays attention to the softness of the body while adding a lot of muscle ability training.
  Among the yoga systems of many yogis I have seen, the Kryoga system (rhythmic yoga) founded by Mr. Kamal is a more perfect combination of yoga flexibility and intensity.
As a result, his system courses have been greatly welcomed in India, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the United States, Singapore and other countries and regions, and he was also received by the Prime Minister of Singapore.
In Kryoga’s courses, Mr. Kamal has set dozens of different courses including breathing, posture, meditation, therapy, etc., which makes people feel new and constantly attracted yogis and enthusiasts from all over the world. In his class,So there are a large number of male practitioners.
In the Kamal Yoga Studio in Hong Kong, there are all male coaches from India. They all have very beautiful muscle lines and amazing flexibility.
  The flexibility and intensity of yoga should be achieved in conjunction with yoga breathing, the joints of the body.
Muscles use different methods to practice flexibility and strength, so that the body can develop a very coordinated strength and flexibility. At the same time, of course, the practitioner needs to continue to practice gradually to achieve good results.
Many women have very good flexibility but lack strength; men have very strong strength but do not have good flexibility.
  From a yoga perspective, this is also a manifestation of imbalanced body function.
Therefore, do not blindly do only strength exercises or only flexible movements, this will have different degrees of adverse effects on the body, such as poor strength or poor flexibility can easily lead to body joints, muscle strains or sprains.
When practicing yoga, students and coaches should choose courses and adjust the rhythm of the classroom very well, and conduct cross-practice methods of strength and flexibility so that they have a truly healthy and perfect yoga body.

Happiness in marriage is hard

Happiness in marriage is hard

Today, a distant classmate came to me to do something. I was originally an enthusiastic person. I would do my best to help as long as I could.

We haven’t seen each other for a long time, but because we are friends who have grown up together since childhood, we haven’t felt rusty for years without seeing each other, but should be regarded as friends who are open-minded.

  Things went smoothly. Friends were not in a hurry, so we chatted.

We talked about the recent situation of some familiar classmates. We talked about how quickly time passed. Later, my friends began to say that his marriage was unhappy. Although his career was successful and his fixed assets reached millions, he faced his brow.Deep lock, gloomy eyes, can polish his real unhappiness, he said that he was very tired, not only faced with the hard work of his career, but also faced the belly of his lover’s belly, although he vowed to God, he was definitely a worthy wifeA good man, but the helpless wife just doesn’t believe it, always suspicious, always making trouble, they are always angry, quarrel, sometimes really want to divorce, but think about the child and bear it again.

From his narrative, “My wife-in-law”, it can be pruned that his wife occupies a very important part in his mind, but they are hurting each other.

He said that recently, because they were having dinner with their customers, they came home late, they quarreled again, and finally they all said the words of divorce. Their ten-year-old daughter held his hand and cried and said, “Do n’t you divorce

What if I get divorced?

I have suffered so hard for you two!

He looked at his beloved daughter, tears couldn’t help but it fell, his heart hurt so much. He was a bitter child who grew up in a single parent family from a young age. He knows how important a complete family is to children.He said that he forbeared for his children.

  I persuaded him to let him calmly communicate with his wife, tell her the story of the jailer and the prisoner, tell her the truth that the jailer is more tiring than the prisoner, and let his wife trust him. He also needs to understand his wife ‘s mood and understand more.Feelings of the wife, helping the wife to cultivate some hobbies, so that the wife does not put all their thoughts on him, so that the relationship between each other will be much easier, and each other will be more harmonious.

Later, I talked like a marriage expert. I said that you should cherish the good in marriage, and be patient in bad marriage. Ask yourself what is most important in your heart and what is the life you want most, although money is important.But happiness in the family is the most important. Open the yoke of your soul, learn about life, and learn about marriage. In fact, even if you did n’t want the marriage forced by your mother, you found another person who loves you very much.Difficult to come together, but after entering the initial city of marriage, all passions will be dull, the shortcomings of the other party in the marriage will also be exposed, the water in the marriage will also be calm, and maybe the later feelings will become shallower.It will also fade.

  He said with a hand gesture, saying, “You will always be so taller than me!

“I asked him with a smile:” Where am I tall? ”

You’re a real big money now!

“In fact, I do n’t envy my friends’ wealth. I think spiritual abundance is the most important. Too much money just becomes a number. Rich people are not necessarily happy, and people who are not rich are not necessarily unhappy.So happiness has nothing to do with money, but it has to do with mentality. It is most important to maintain a normal mind. Accept what you cannot change, and change what you cannot accept.

Marriage is an inexplicable topic.

Every marriage has a story in each marriage, each story has its own fascination, and each has its own helplessness. This requires someone to care for and manage their marriage, so that their marriage boat can bypass the dangers and reefs.Make him walk more stable and smoother.

  Some people say, “Marriage is actually a war.

“I agree with this view, because too many marriages are spent in a war with only two people, arguing for a lifetime, hurting a lifetime.

Actually want to start, isn’t marriage just a couple of decades of limited partnership?

Isn’t marriage just two people going through this not too long life together?

Why bother to persecute and persecute?

  Is happiness really hard in marriage?

11 bad health habits

11 bad health habits

Everything has two sides, and even some of the accepted bad habits in the continuum are good for your health.

On September 1, the British “Daily Mail” doubled 11 such “bad habits” for everyone.


Reasonable anger is good for blood pressure.

  That’s right, angry people can raise blood pressure.

However, a study by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States found that in the case of depression, responding properly with anger, not only will blood pressure maintain normal levels, but also the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that creates stress, will decrease accordingly.

  Psychological research shows that angry people have a more positive attitude and sense of control; when they do n’t, they are afraid to hold back, and they try to restrain their inner emotions. Instead, stress hormones will rise sharply.

Over time, blood pressure will “follow you.”


Video games help you exercise.

  Who says that playing video games makes you fat?

Scientists at the University of Miami in the United States have found that when people play video games, their heart rate increases, they breathe faster, and the body consumes more energy.


Dr. Perry believes that if you can’t participate in real physical exercise, playing games can also help you lose weight, at least better than sitting on the sofa silly and eating fries while watching TV, but you can only play for too long.


Speak swear words to ease the pain.

  Swearing is a bad habit of being shameless, so it has the benefit of relieving pain.

Psychologist Richard.

Dr. Stephen believes that swearing is related to the adrenaline regulating effect, which aggravates people’s tendency to aggression.

  Research shows that the more a person wants to invade others, the less sensitive he is to pain.

When our ancestors underwent surgery without anesthesia, they would bite a wooden board in their mouths. In fact, they could yell and relieve pain.


Steal a little lazy to help you live longer.

  Public health expert Pete.

Yakost said that every morning, busy people may “drill into the grave” prematurely.

Stealing a little laziness from time to time can not only reduce work stress, but also the key to longevity.

Studies have shown that taking a break at noon is more prolonged than playing tennis.

The elderly always run and consume energy that would otherwise be used to regenerate cells or fight disease.

Psychologists say that even if you are daydreaming at home, your brain is processing important information, and your thinking is more active.


Short-term stress enhances memory.

  Long-term life pressures, such as divorce, can damage a person’s immune system and are prone to infection.

But research from the University of Buffalo found that short-term urgency events can improve the brain’s learning ability and memory.

  This is because stress hormones affect parts of the brain that are responsible for emotional and learning abilities.

The material that is increasing the pressure to gradually transmit information, glutamate, spreads faster, thereby improving memory.


Avoiding housework is hypoallergenic.

  Studies have suggested that the outbreaks of allergic and autoimmune diseases are because modern society is too clean.
But the culprit is absolutely dusty.
A survey by the University of Bristol and Brunel showed that women during pregnancy or after childbirth often use cleaning equipment, and children are 41% more likely to develop hypertension before age 7.

Because chemicals released by some indoor cleaners can severely damage children’s respiratory tract.


Loud music stimulates brainpower.

  At a rock party, turning up the volume of music can help stimulate the vitality of the brain.

A study by the University of Manchester in the UK found that the balloon in the human ear is only sensitive to sound levels exceeding 90 decibels.

The balloon is connected to the brain’s processing, happiness and neonatal areas.

If these desires are fulfilled through the stimulation of high-decibel music, our hearts will be very calm and happy.

When you are unhappy, you can use high-decibel music to stimulate your “happy hormone”.


Carbonated drinks prevent dementia.

  Despite the threat of corroded teeth and the threat of obesity, neuroscientists at the University of Glasgow’s Scottish University have found that drinking 2 cans of carbonated beverages a day can improve people’s memory by 20% and effectively prevent dementia.

Because the hippocampus area in the brain becomes very active under the stimulation of rising blood sugar, the hippocampus area of patients with Alzheimer’s disease declines, and the hippocampus shrinks.


Beating the table, trembling all over Whether you hit the table, trembling or stretching your legs, yawning, such people consume an extra 350 calories a day and lose 9-27 pounds a year.

So fat people don’t always regret that they can’t find a suitable way to lose weight.


Quilts do not overlap to kill dust mites.

  People with asthma are advised not to fold quilts.

The dust mites in the room are difficult to survive in the dry and exposed environment.

The folded quilt easily retains the temperature and sweat of the human body, creating living conditions for the dust mites.

Researcher Stephen.

“Put the quilt on the bed, the overlapping gas inside will quickly dry, and the external moisture will not be able to enter, and all kinds of insecticides will dehydrate and die,” said Dr. Preitloff.


Weekday bets drive away depression.

  A study by Yale University in the United States found that gamblers are healthier than ordinary people.

Researchers have found that people over 65 years of age participate in moderate competition games and sometimes go to the racetrack once a week, their brains will be more active and good at communicating with people.

People who are older can play online poker games or electronic gambling games, which can effectively relieve depression and prevent premature brain failure.

The most tired weight loss method in history

The most “tired” weight loss method in history

How to have a good figure has become a common problem for all women. Which method is the most effective and also causes them a lot of headaches. It is known as the most exhausting way to lose weight in history and lose weight. Are you curious?
  The following six groups of fitness methods can burn a lot of fat and shape your body.
You can choose any of the 3-4 groups of exercises that fit your characteristics from the following groups of exercises and exercise in a circular manner, with only a 30-second break in the middle.
If you feel particularly strenuous, you can also extend the rest time to 1 minute.
Practice between each group can not be interrupted, you must immediately enter the next group after the break.
If you are energetic, you can choose all six exercises.
  The first group bends their knees and leans upwards, lying on the pachinko with their upper body, their feet flat on the ground, and their hands resting behind their heads.
Keep your feet still, and slowly tilt your upper body back along the pachinko ball until the head, shoulders, and back are on the surface of the pachinko ball, appearing on the same level, and in a comfortable state.
Then, using the strength of your arm, slowly lift your shoulders upwards to keep your upper back off the surface of the bouncing ball.
At the same time, lift your left leg toward your chest and repeat the exercise with your right leg.
The pinball must remain stationary during the entire exercise.
Then return to the original state and perform 12-16 repetitive exercises. Each exercise must alternate between the left and right legs. The second group of throwing ball exercises. A: Lie flat on the ground on his back with his hands in the posture of holding the ball and put it on his chest.
Bend your knees and step on the ground with your feet.
Have your companion stand a few feet in front of your right.
Keep your feet in the same position and lift the entire upper body up. At this time, your upper body is almost perpendicular to the ground. At the same time, keep the hand shape unchanged. The arm extends from the chest to the front of the body.
  B: After doing the previous action, then ask your partner to throw the ball to the left of your body.
Twist your body to the left and grab the ball with both hands.
After your companion moves to the space in front of you, quickly touch the ball to the ground.
Then he lifted his upper body and threw the ball back to his companion.
Repeat this exercise again, this time with your companion to throw the ball to the left of your body, and twist the body to the right while holding the ball with both hands.
Perform 12-16 repetitive exercises, taking turns to practice on both sides of the body during the exercise.
  The third group of “V” exercises lie flat on the ground with the face up, hips and knees bent at a 90-degree angle, hands on both sides of the body, palms facing in.
Then slowly straighten your legs straight up and lift them up until your legs separate the ground and form a 45-degree angle with the ground.

When lifting your legs up, lift your upper arms to both sides at the same time, so that the arms are almost parallel to the ground. The arms should be placed on the outside of your legs.
At this time, the entire torso forms a 45-degree angle, also like a “V”.
Hold for a few seconds, then slowly return to the original shape, and then repeat the exercise 12-16 times.
  The fourth group of pull exercises: Place a mat on the ground, tie a rope with a handle to the pillar in front of the mat, and clamp the handle of the rope between your feet.
Lie on your back with your head and back flat on the floor, your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and your thighs and the ground vertical.
Put your hands lightly behind your head, with your elbows facing outward.
Keep your knees at a 90-degree angle, then slowly raise your head and shoulders off the ground.
Tilt the pelvis and roll your legs towards your chest.
Hold this position for 5 seconds, then return to its original shape.
Perform 12-16 repetitive exercises.
  The fifth group of suspension exercises A: Hang a bar that reaches the chin, hold the bar tightly with both hands, and shoulder width between the two hands.
Keep your feet straight, but bend forward at a 30-degree angle.
Keep your feet at this angle and lift them up until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground.
Then, the whole body was tightened, tilted the pelvis, and then slowly raised the feet up until they almost reached the head.
When viewed from the side, the body is in a “V” shape. Do not let your feet sway.Then slowly lower your feet back to the middle, at this time the thighs are parallel to the ground.

  B: Keep this position, slowly rotate your legs to the right of your body (at this time, your feet point to the clock at 1-2 o’clock), and then rotate your legs to the left (at this time, your feet seem to point to 10-11 o’clock)Clock position).

Hold for a few seconds, return your legs to the middle position, then lower your feet.

The overall exercise was repeated in 4 groups.

  The sixth group of one-knee exercises lies on the ground with the face up, hips and bends at a 90-degree angle, hands on both sides of the body, palms facing inward.

Then slowly straighten your legs straight up and lift them up until your legs are off the ground and form a 45-degree angle with the ground.
When lifting your legs up, lift your upper arms to both sides at the same time, so that the arms are almost parallel to the ground. The arms should be placed on the sides of your legs.

  Keep this position, then slowly right knee until it is close to the tibia, hold it for a few seconds, and then reset the right leg (the left leg must be stable during the entire exercise).

Exhale when you roll up and contract, inhale when you contract your legs.

Then switch to the left foot to practice from the main shaft to the gyro, and alternate the legs for 12-16 repetitive exercises.

The benefits of walking for babies

The benefits of “walking” for babies

Exercise is one of the important physiological stimuli, and it is an effective method to systematically stimulate the activity sensor.
The brain governs all kinds of complex activities of the person, and the brain generates corresponding conditioned reflexes.
Therefore, letting infants and young children take appropriate exercise early can not only exercise the body, but also promote the rapid development of intelligence.
  Beginning with the birth of a baby, in addition to eating normally, regular warm baths are the first exercise class in their lives.
  After the baby is full moon, adults can take their children to outdoor activities-“walking”, 5-10 minutes a day.
When a baby is “walking”, it can improve the body’s gas exchange conditions, increase the blood oxygen content in the body, and help its healthy development.
  When the baby is 2 to 4 months, parents should adapt the child to limb movements.
Let the baby lie flat, first cross flexion of both upper limbs; then cross flexion of lower limbs, and finally flexion of upper and lower limbs at the same time.
Repeat each exercise 2-3 times to exercise the muscles of the shoulders and legs.
  When the baby is 4-6 months, it is time for the child to start turning over.
Parents can hold the baby’s feet and turn their body left and right.
When the baby is not comfortable with turning over, he can hold his feet and his upper body to help him turn over.
  When the baby is 6-8 months, it is the period when the child starts to practice crawling.
Parents place pushable and colorful toys on the big bed (better sounds). In this way, the baby will lean forward and roll to touch those toys. This is exactly a useful exercise to promote the babyCoordination and sensitivity have been well developed.
  When the baby is 8-10 months, he should start preparing for exercise alone.
Lie baby on his back, lift his feet, and slowly lower it.
Repeat this many times to exercise your upper body and wrist strength.
  When the baby is 10-12 months, he should start preparing for walking.
Keep the baby squatting or kneeling, hold the baby’s hands and raise it up, and repeat this many times to exercise the muscles of its lower limbs.
  When the baby is ready to walk, parents can press their arms to let them beat to exercise the physiological functions of various organs and increase the cheerful psychology of children. Hanging swimming balls or colored paper strips can exercise the neck and eyes.
At the same time, the sound of the “flower bell stick” can be used to train the child’s reaction ability.
  It is worth emphasizing that baby sports should be carried out according to the characteristics of different growth periods, and the development of sports should be gradual and not advance.

Does the food have fatal damage?

Does the food have fatal damage?

Experts from the Chinese Nutrition Society recently said that they should not believe that food will cause death, and some statements have no scientific evidence. There is no theoretical explanation and it has not been confirmed in practice.

Therefore, the reporter visited the Beijing Friendship Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University and interviewed the chief physician of the Nutrition Department, Hong Zhongxin.

  Director Hong said that people often have dietary taboos on some foods in their daily lives. The so-called “phase grams of food” can never be eaten together, but in fact, the relationship between foods is not as terrible as people think.Factors such as the order of the diet, the method of cooking, and individual differences can lead to some adverse reactions after eating. It is unscientific to define one or two foods as “phase grams of food” one-sidedly.

  “Food is not said to exist” There is no nutrition society expert said that through the study of the so-called “Dike Food”, which is widely spread among the people, it is found that tofu and spinach, crab and persimmon, mung bean and dog meat, squid and licorice, pork and lily, chicken andSesame, beef and potatoes, potatoes and tomatoes, leeks and spinach, and so-called “phase grams of food” are not related to each other.

In addition, pork liver fried green pepper, kohlrabi fried tomatoes, cucumber mixed with tomatoes, kelp stewed tofu, beef stewed pumpkin, kelp squid, spinach mixed with soy beans, pork stewed soy beans, mutton stewed potatoes, sea mixed fruit, tea boiled eggs, etc. through the experimenterTry and record the relevant reactions, and think that these foods do not constitute a phase.

  According to Director Hong, the so-called “food phase” must be replaced by evidence-based medicine.

The saying that food produces grams and even death in life is likely to be accidental coincidence that causes rumors, food poisoning, or some people’s special physique to produce food allergies, rather than foods that are naturally “compatible.”

  Many factors have caused the “phase” illusion. Director Hong said that the order of people eating, individual differences, cooking methods, etc. may cause the illusion of “two grams of food”.

For example, eating persimmons on an empty stomach in winter, eating crabs and crabs after eating, plus vinegar, if it is a person with stomach problems, it will have a bad influence on the body after eating.

Once this happens, people will mistakenly think that crabs and persimmons are in common. In fact, eating persimmons or cold foods on an empty stomach can cause discomfort.

  In addition, any kind of food contains thousands of nutrients, and the interaction of nutrients between foods exists objectively. This effect can be replaced by balanced metabolism, but it cannot be simply classified as “phase grams”.

For example, it is generally believed that spinach and tofu cannot be eaten together, because the oxalic acid contained in the spinach combines with the calcium contained in the tofu to produce calcium oxalate, which can be replaced by the human body.

In fact, the coexistence of these two foods only affects the absorption of calcium, but not the two foods.

It is also very simple to solve this problem, because the oxalic acid contained in the spinach decomposes water, as long as the spinach is simmered in excess water and then stewed with tofu, there is no problem.

  If you are sick, you may want to try “food therapy.” According to Director Hong, many people are used to taking medicine once they get sick. In fact, many infectious diseases can be effectively treated through diet adjustment, and even the best anti-inflammatory drugs can be backed up without proper diet.Not very good.

There are also some chronic non-communicable diseases that are also effectively prevented and treated through a comprehensive diet regimen.

  As people’s quality of life continues to improve, lifestyle changes, nutrition issues can be found in nutrition experts to provide scientific and reasonable alternatives and nutritional supplement programs, Friendship Hospital nutrition clinic will be open every Friday afternoon.

In patients with diabetes mellitus, obesity, gout, and kidney disease, more than 90% of gestational diabetes patients can be cured.

Hyperlipidemia, hypertensive patients usually have a three-month dietary intervention in the early stages of the disease, which can significantly improve the symptoms.

If the dietary treatment is ineffective, then consider taking medication to avoid the substitution of medication.

Yogurt meal replacement diet weight loss effect

Yogurt meal replacement diet weight loss effect

Yogurt can both lose weight and gain weight. The key is to eat.

Today Xiaobian introduces you to a yogurt diet method – using yogurt to replace meals, you can quickly lose 7 pounds of fat in a week, as long as you add a small amount of yogurt and food, you dare to try?

  The slimming effect of yoghurt 1. We all know that yoghurt is fermented and fermented by milk. Compared with milk, it is better than blue in nutrition.

  After fermentation, the protein of milk remains, and the calcium content is not lost. Yogurt is better than other calcium sources.

The most surprising thing for women who lose weight is that B vitamins, an important element of burning sputum, will increase after fermentation.

  2, yogurt has a strong sense of fullness, drink a lot of food, and nutrition is also very rich, both carbohydrates, but also aberdeen, protein, and so many vitamins, not high at all, so drink before mealsA small cup can be your meal.

You can even use yogurt to feed your meal for generations.

  3, yogurt contains a large number of active lactic acid bacteria and short-chain fatty acids, can promote the body’s peristalsis, thereby treating constipation and reducing weight.

  Slimming Xiaobian Tip: Yogurt can both lose weight and gain weight.

The key to both roles is how you drink.

If you have enough to eat, come back with a box of yogurt.

This is a small meal after each meal, it can also improve digestion and absorption, it will easily gain weight.

  7 days drastically reduced 10 pounds of yogurt meal replacement method the first day: cucumber + yogurt cucumber and yogurt are well-known beauty diet foods, have a good slimming effect.

But their speed is very low, so on the first day, cucumber and yoghurt are available all day long, and they will eat when they are hungry.

Also pay attention to drink plenty of water.

  The next day: Apple + yogurt with apples and yogurt for meal replacement, if you want to drink juice, you can also use apple juice, and then add yogurt for meal replacement.

  Day 3: Brown sugar + yoghurt Add 2 grams of brown sugar to each cup of yogurt, drink it after mixing, adjust the environment in the intestines, promote bowel movements, and amateurs are more likely to burn.

  Day 4: Return to normal diet, eat a full three-day meal replacement for seven minutes, take a little rest, properly regulate the stomach and replenish the nutrients needed by the body.

However, be aware that in order to reduce the burden on the stomach, you should not eat too much. You can eat only seven points per meal. You should eat more fruits and vegetables, and do not eat fried food.

  Day 5: Green papaya + yogurt with green papaya peeled, cut into small pieces, and then juice, transferred to the yogurt allows, you can lose weight, as well as amazing breast enhancement effect.

  Day 6: Banana + Yogurt Eat bananas and yoghurt, which can also promote bowel movements while losing weight.

You can eat it directly or squeeze it with banana and mix it with yogurt to make a delicious banana yoghurt.

  Day 7: Green tea powder + yogurt a week to lose weight plan to the last day, although very hungry and a little weak, but must bite the teeth to stick to the end.

  Today, use 10 grams of green tea powder and add to 200 grams of yogurt.

Green tea powder yogurt can promote detoxification, treat constipation, and also eliminate acne and radiation.

  Slimming Xiaobian Tip: During the weekly yogurt replacement meal, if you do 15 minutes of yoga or weight loss exercise every day, the effect of slimming will be better.

  In addition, the conversion of yogurt meal replacement diet recipes is very low, depending on their physical condition to decide whether to use this weight loss method.

And it can’t be practiced for a long time. If you use yogurt for a long time to lose weight, it is easy to cause health problems such as hypoglycemia.

Cosmeceutical medicine or makeup-literacy knowledge


Is cosmeceutical or makeup?

Cosmetology Knowledge Literacy

The term “medicine makeup” is appearing more and more in life, but few really understand what “medicine makeup” is.

The following editors will introduce to you what is cosmeceutical.

  Cosmeceuticals have been favored by consumers since they entered the Chinese market, but as a foreign product, MMs will inevitably have many questions when buying cosmeceuticals: What is cosmeceutical and cosmeceutical is medicine?, How is it different from medicine and cosmetics, how to choose cosmeceuticals . don’t worry, put away your little question mark, follow Xiaobian, and come to cosmeceutical knowledge “big literacy”!

  Cosmeceutical literacy The first question: What is cosmeceutical?

  Cosmeceuticals refer to cosmetics sold only in pharmacies. The Chinese cosmeceutical market began in 1998. L’Oreal Cosmetics began to position its brand Vizi as a “sale only in pharmacies”. In fact, before that, pharmacies already hadSales of products with makeup brand names, such as skin mite spirit cream, are single varieties, which are both promoted by the concept of “cosmetic makeup”; the same is only used in pharmacies.The acne product “AcneNet” opened the market of cosmeceuticals, and subsequently launched sensitive skin series and whitening products.

  Cosmeceutical literacy Second question: Is cosmeceutical or cosmeceutical?

  中国目前并无‘药妆’的批准文号,即使在国外,也没有药妆的专门批准文号,只是分管的部门有所区别;国产品牌是“卫妆准”字,如果是国外品牌则The “Wei Zhuang Jin” brand name is needed; now that it belongs to the “Makeup” brand name, of course, it is makeup without medicine!

  Cosmeceutical literacy The third question: What is the difference between cosmeceuticals and cosmetics?

  Cosmetics are classified according to their uses: make-up cosmetics, cosmetic products, and functional cosmetics. They are classified by sales channels: professional line cosmetics, daily cosmetic products, and drug line (medicine) cosmetics. The main difference between medicated makeup and ordinary cosmetics is sales.In terms of different channels, cosmeceuticals are functional cosmetics in terms of use; cosmeceuticals are a category of cosmetics whether they can be ground from the use or the market.

  Drug makeup literacyFourth question: What is the difference between drug makeup and medicine?

  Drugs: the highest concentration of active ingredients; suitable for patients with severe skin; for the purpose of treatment, it will directly change the skin state of the patient, such as: oily muscles to neutral muscles, the effect is rapid and obvious, but sometimes there are complications; usually prescribed by a doctorAfter prescription, go to the hospital or pharmacy to buy.

  Cosmeceuticals: The active ingredients are inferior to the medicines: sensitive, damaged, mild dermatitis, can be used by the general public; between the two, it has the effect of repairing and assisting medicine; if the medicine is irritating, it will slightly change the skin surface condition, butStill mild; sold in hospitals, pharmacies, drug stores, professional doctors, pharmacists are on hand to guide the use.

  Drug makeup literacy Fifth question: What are the characteristics of drug makeup?

  1 The formula must be completely public, all active ingredients and safety must be proven in medical literature and clinical tests in dermatology, and recognized allergens are excluded.

  2 Streamlined formula without pigments, fragrances, preservatives and surfactants.

  3 The content of active ingredients is relatively high, with strong pertinence, which is more effective than ordinary skin care products.

  Cosmeceutical Literacy Q6: What are the functions of cosmeceuticals?

  1Functional activation: Contains high concentrations of vitamin C, fruit acid, antioxidants, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

  2Auxiliary medicine: it can resist sebum, inhibit ulcer, sterilization, anti-bacteria, etc.

  3 Repair and maintenance: mild repair and maintenance products suitable for patients with poorly tolerated skin or skin problems.

  4 initial care: microdermabrasion, repair after laser surgery or skin peeling, sunscreen, whitening or concealer care products.

  Cosmeceutical literacyQ.7: Does cosmeceutical make skin resistant?

  According to beauty expert Nick, cosmeceuticals are not exactly medicines, so there is no resistance.

Cosmeceutical ingredients have a higher professional ratio than ordinary counter products. There are too many latest high-tech ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective. Therefore, some cosmeceuticals are recommended to be used under guidance, and depending on the specific product, the dosage and usemethod.

In fact, in addition to the necessary normal ingredients, cosmetics are usually added with various medicines, such as vitamins, amino acids, antihistamines, ultraviolet absorbers, astringents, antiperspirants, stimulants, etc., according to special uses and purposes.

This has both the role of cosmetics and some preventive and therapeutic effects.

However, dermatological skin care products are not medicines. Their main purpose is to moisturize the skin and protect the skin. It can also lead to some adjuvant treatments for certain skin diseases.

  Cosmeceutical Literacy Q8: How to choose cosmeceuticals?

  At present, there is no clear definition of cosmeceutical products in the world, so many consumers’ concepts of cosmeceutical products are obtained through media advertisements.

Cosmeceuticals are generally considered to be medicated cosmetics. In the United States, cosmetics that are considered by the FDA to be considered medicinal ingredients rather than cosmetic ingredients are considered cosmeceuticals.

Cosmeceutical products face many objects, such as whitening, acne, anti-aging, poor skin tolerance are just one of them. Its advantage is that there is a professional medical research laboratory behind it, not a simple cosmetic research

  When buying cosmeceuticals, you must first understand that the brand is best at better problems. At the same time, it depends on whether it is likely to cause induction and do induction testing. You also need to listen to word of mouth from all walks of life, and then according to your ownChoose the actual situation.

Maintain a good optimal posture to protect the spine

Maintain a good optimal posture to protect the spine

Obvious posture will cause uneven force on the intervertebral disc. Once the position is found to be bad, it should be corrected in time. Good positioning can prevent the tapered nucleus from protruding again to a certain extent.

  Obviously poor posture, especially spinal irregularity, will cause uneven disc force, which is the hidden source of disc herniation.

The correct correct posture should be two eyes looking up, the lower jaw slightly retracted, the chest straight, the waist straight, the lower legs slightly retracted, the two legs upright, the distance between the two feet is about the same as the pelvic width, so that the entire pelvis will lean forward, soThe whole body’s gravity passes from the spine and pelvis to the lower limbs, and then from the lower limbs to the feet, to become a real “down to earth”.

At this time, the human body’s gravity line passes through the lumbar vertebral body or the back of the intervertebral disc, which can effectively prevent the nucleus pulposus from protruding again.

  Appropriate postures that should be taken during labor are: slight flexion of the knee joint, slight contraction of the gluteus maximus, and natural contraction of the abdominal muscles. This can transform the pelvis slightly backward, slightly straighten the lumbar spine, reduce the angle of the lumbosacral angle, and increase spinal supportForce to eliminate the burden on the disc.

  Longer posture correction is not possible, you can replace the “resting” posture, that is, twist your feet half a step forward, let the weight rest on the replacement lower limb, and let the other lower limb rest slightly, alternating on both sides.

The distal fracture is too long, and proper in-situ activities, especially lower back activities, should be performed to relieve lower back muscle fatigue.

Once the adverse consequences are found, the posture should be corrected in time, and a good complementary posture can prevent the nucleus pulposus from protruding again to a certain extent.