Knowing homosexuality

Knowing homosexuality

Attracting the opposite sex and repelling the same sex is a natural law, but in the vast world, there is such a group of people-homosexuals, that their love is out of place.

  The same sex as the object of sexual desire is called homosexuality, more common in unmarried adolescents, especially men.

There are more Western countries than Eastern countries.

Some people have investigated that 1% to 2% of men are homosexual. According to this calculation, the absolute number of homosexuals in about 1.2 billion people will be quite amazing.

  Men with both homosexuality and passive sex are the true sexual perverts. They have the opposite sex psychologically and physically, and even parents mistake him or her for sex.

Therefore, it is called quality homosexuals, and it is difficult to correct such patients.

While male active and female passive people have greater physical health, their participation in homosexual activities is only caused by temporary emotional connections or sexual desire.

Homosexuality is not a mental illness. Some people are intelligent and have an interest in music and art. They can achieve certain achievements in politics and law.

When faced with social pressure and homosexual relationships can not be maintained, serious anxiety or depression may occur, or even negative suicide.

  Most homosexuals have physical contact, and a few have no physical contact and are purely spiritual.

The selection of female patients is relatively fixed, and the selection of male patients is variable.

The identity of homosexuals in social life is still commensurate with their respective genders. Occasionally, gay men are engaged in female-professional occupations and amateur hobbies.

Some homosexuals have heterosexual relationships and marry.

But getting along with the opposite sex brings family fun.

  Different societies and cultures have very different views on homosexuality, ranging from being indifferent to suffering.

The existence of homosexuality in human society is quite extensive. The ancient Egyptians once regarded their preference for men as normal. The ancient Greeks especially espoused homosexuality, thinking that it was related to martial arts, and it was related to certain beauty in reason, aesthetics and moralsQuality is linked.

Homosexual allusions have long been included in Chinese history books, and there are too many descriptions of homosexuality in literary works.

  The causes of homosexuality are still unclear.

Some researchers believe that it is related to heredity. In 1996, the British “Lancet” magazine reported that scientists discovered the homosexual gene!

Some scholars believe that predicting the developmental period will affect the fetus due to the difference in estrogen and androgens secreted by the mother.

There are also experts who have dual psychological and social factors. They believe that in the early childhood of 2-3 years, it is the critical period of human sexual awareness and identification. If parents are not properly instructed at that time, young children will have a dislocation of sexual identity.

  Another researcher surveyed 63 lesbians and 138 gay men and found that the average age of re-emergence of homosexual consciousness was 14 (female) and 13 (male). The above research results show that althoughThe average sexual maturity age of women is two years earlier than that of men. However, homosexuality among gay men is about one year earlier than that of lesbians.

  Common misconceptions of homosexuals: 1.

Deep down, gay men want to be women: According to research, 80% of transsexuals (dressed as heterosexuals) are heterosexual, and only 10% to 20% of gay men will dress as females (likeThe supporting actor in the film The Rising Life).

It is rare for lesbians to look or behave like a man-in-law. Most lesbians are very feminine.


Homosexuals hate the opposite sex. This is Freudian thinking, and more and more research evidence shows that most homosexuals are satisfied with their gender and do not substitute for the opposite sex. They just maintain sex or love with cocoa and same sex.relationship.


In homosexual relationships, there are always people who play the role of husband and one as the wife. Although some homosexuals will have the role of “husband” and “wife” in the relationships they establish, most gay relationships do not.Assignment of roles.


Homosexuals are lonely when they are old, and their lives are bleak: Fear of loneliness when they are old is not the patent of homosexuals. Many heterosexuals, even grandchildren, have similar fears.

Indeed, many homosexuals themselves hold the stereotype that “the homosexual circle belongs to the world of young people.” However, a large number of homosexuals do not agree with this view. Some studies have also pointed out that older gay men have been replaced by loved ones.The proportion of people who are more adaptable than their heterosexuals.