Psychological reviews are the most stressful career rankings

Psychological reviews are the most stressful career rankings

According to media reports, a certain group of studies found that beyond leadership levels, the lower the level of mental health.

  The theme group statistics found that the stress scores from high to low are: 80 points for middle management; 75 points for managerial staff; 75 points for teaching staff; 72 points for general management technicians; 68 points for medical workers; community personnel68 points for laid-off workers; 60 points for miners; 59 points for general enterprise workers.

Among them, the comprehensive score believes that the Chinese civil servant pressure index is 10, ranking first.

  1Civil servant occupational stress index: 10 2 Announcer occupational stress index: 9 3 Entertainment star occupational stress index: 8 4 Writer occupational stress index: 7 5 Athlete occupational stress index: 6 6 Farmers occupational stress index: 5 7 Migrant workers occupational stress index: 4 8 Occupational Stress Index of Small Street Vendors: 3 9 Occupational Stress Index of Laid-off Workers: 2 10 Occupational Stress Index of Miners: 1 360 Lines, Ranked No. 1 by Civil Service Stress?

For two days, the “The Most Stressed Occupation List” quickly became popular on the Internet, with civil servants ranking first in the list.

Although the ranking of this post has been widely questioned, the pressure on work and life is becoming more and more felt by everyone.

  As a city dweller, from the moment I stepped out of the campus, work, house, children, promotion . The pressure layer increased, until I became a “pressure cooker”.

Yesterday, the reporter found in the interview that many of the popular industries in the eyes of everyone are now becoming high-pressure industries-civil servants have the most pressure?

Even civil servants do n’t want to say, “We have the highest working pressure?

How can it be?

When Qi Lei heard that civil servants were ranked at the top of the “The Most Stressed Occupation List”, his tone was full of substitutions.

  Qi Lei is a graduate student of Nanjing Normal University and a Huaian citizen. He was admitted to the civil service last year.

“Every day I go to work at 8:30 in the morning and get off work at 5:30 in the afternoon. I have to work overtime when things happen. I feel that the civil servants in all places are similar.

Qi Lei said that after holding the “golden rice bowl”, he did find that civil servants were not as easy as “a newspaper and a cup of tea for a day”.

“As a newcomer, I have to be more diligent, and I do many of the chores in the department.

There are major events that are particularly busy, and overtime is indispensable. Preparing materials, writing texts, and helping with conference work are trivial and sometimes tiring.

Qi Lei said that in the eyes of outsiders, civil servants are “golden rice bowls” and high-paying industries, but this is not exactly the case.

“The benefit of the civil service industry is stability.

Qi Lei said that now his monthly income is more than 4,000 yuan, and he can only slowly build up his qualifications to process capital.

“I want to buy a house in Nanjing, but how can I afford it?

Xiao Lei, who works in Yixing Audit Office, agrees with what Qi Lei said.

Xiao Cui was admitted to the civil service in 2008.

She said that the work of the Audit Office is relatively heavy, and once there is a case, it is necessary to work overnight in the unit, and there is no rest for a month.

Even with income, Xiao Cui was not very satisfied.

“When we entered the unit, we just implemented the sunshine wage, which was far worse than the previous wage level.

In addition, the interpersonal relationship in the unit is also her trouble.

  Qi Lei said that there are also colleagues who suffer from depression because of work and life stress.

“But not all civil servants are under pressure. It depends on where the department is located.

Overall, however, the ranking of civil servants will never be the biggest.

“Are you in a” pressure cooker “?

  Like civil servants, many outsiders looked at the bright profession, sharpened their heads and squeezed in, only to find that they had originally entered a “pressure cooker”!

Some people choose to endure, and rushed forward with a whip in their hearts every day; some people couldn’t bear the stress and eventually chose to change careers.

Last year, a survey published by authoritative departments showed that teachers (76%), doctors and nurses (73%) were envied by many people.

8%), editorial reporter (70.

3%) three occupations, becoming “the three most inharmonious occupations”.

  Teacher A: From “Engineer of Human Soul” to “Service Industry” Narrator: Teacher Wang (Chinese teacher of Nanjing Yuhua Elementary School) Teacher Wang graduated from Xiaozhuang Normal University in 1995 and then became a language teacher.

Teacher Wang said that she has been a teacher for 15 years and is already familiar with the work of the school.

But when it comes to stress, it’s definitely there.  Teacher Wang said that although the teacher has winter and summer vacations, he usually works longer hours than ordinary office workers.

Arrive at school at 7:30 in the morning and leave at 5 in the afternoon. Even lunch is dealt with in the school cafeteria.

In addition, as a class teacher, I have to organize class meeting activities after 12 lessons per week, and there are still many trivial things to be dealt with in the class every day.

  ”All these are okay. I feel that the biggest pressure is actually from parents.

Teacher Wang told reporters that parents now have higher and higher expectations for their children and are very concerned about their children.

“Now the school is better after small classes. In the past, when I was teaching a large class, I went home after school every day and the parents’ phones were all the way.

The child’s performance at school during the day and any problems with the child’s homework yesterday must be answered well, not at all.

“We must pay attention to the quality of teaching and care about our children. We also have to pay attention to communicating with parents. Many young teachers have privately vomited hardships: tired and collapsed.

  Industry commentary: Drought and drought are guaranteed, and there are holidays, and the profession of teachers seems glorious.

But it is undeniable that the teacher profession known as the “engineer of the human soul” is gradually stepping down the “sacred altar.”

Today, some people even classify teachers as services.

With the general increase in legal awareness, the criticism of students has to be in place, which has increased the pressure on many teachers.

  Dr. B: I am on duty 12 hours a day, and I have no time to fall in love with each other. Dr. Li (resident doctor of a tertiary hospital in Nanjing) Dr. Li graduated from a graduate student last year and was given the opportunity to stay in hospital.

After working for more than a year, Dr. Li’s main stress is working too long.

“Generally, I arrive at the hospital at six or seven in the morning and can only leave at seven or eight in the evening, often working more than 12 hours.

“This long working time doesn’t even have time to fall in love.

  Of course, it is the pressure of doctor-patient communication. “Residents are generally younger and have less work experience, so they have insufficient experience in communicating with patients.

In particular, family members of ill-tempered patients are prone to disputes.

Financially, Dr. Li is also worried.

“The salary of our young doctor must not be listed with the old doctor. I feel that with my current salary, it is difficult to bear the corresponding family responsibilities.

Dr. Li said that although the unit stipulates that there are vacations, even if they are on vacation, if there is a clinical need for the patient, it is still work-oriented.

“Common pastime is to sleep.”

  Industry comment: The tension between doctors and patients is a common problem faced by medical staff.

In addition, the working hours of doctors are very tight, and many doctors are reading blogs while working.

If the attending physician is achieved, he or she will not only manage multiple beds, but also go to outpatient and emergency departments, and some will also be engaged in scientific research and teaching tasks; obtaining a degree and promoting a professional title are all sources of stress.

  Reporter C: The “machine” call is normal in the middle of the night. It is not strange to narrate each month. Ms. Shao (a newspaper reporter) Three years ago, Ms. Shao graduated from undergraduate school and entered a provincial media job in Nanjing.

Family members and neighbours talk about their daughters as reporters, and they feel particularly respectable.

But soon, Ms. Shao realized that the reporter’s job was too “destructive”.

  ”I heard that the news industry was ‘sleeping later than cats and waking up earlier than chickens’. At that time, it was hot and didn’t care too much.

Ms. Shao said that since she became a reporter, she has been on standby at all times, even during the busiest days, even a few months a day, interviews every day, code words, back pain, neck pain against the computer screen.

My cell phone has never been turned off, and is on standby for 24 hours. “Sometimes at 12:30 in the evening, there will be editors calling to ask questions about the manuscript.

However, at least our biological clock is normal, and those editors who are busy until 2 am are also tired.

“Industry commentary: From the” Uncrowned King “to” News Workers “, like teachers, the journalist industry peeled off the” mystery “at the same time.

Internationally, journalists have even been included in high-risk industries.

In addition, the news seeks newness and quickness, and high-intensity work tests the mental and physical strength of reporters at the same time.

Especially the ubiquitous competition makes the news practitioners tense up.

  Experts say: 25 to 40 years old is the most stressful age in the workplace during the period of stress concentration?

Wang Jun, deputy chief physician of the Department of Neurology, Nanjing First Hospital, said that people with psychological problems due to stress are most concentrated between the ages of 25 and 40, and the “high pressure points” of these groups are different at different age groups.

  Deputy Chief Physician Wang Jun said that people between the ages of 25 and 30 are new to the workplace, and at this time they feel that the pressure is more on employment and the cost of living in the city.

Buying a house when you are a little older also puts a lot of pressure on your marriage.After entering the age of 30, the work has been basically stable, but there are many, many people in the life, old and young, and the pressure of “child slaves” is not small. In addition, the interpersonal relationships between the unit leaders and colleagues also annoy many people.

After the age of 40, he gradually encountered the so-called “middle-aged crisis.”

When people reach middle age, what they are most afraid of is nothing, or the feeling of weakness after reaching the limit.

Too familiar with business but serious knowledge structure, lack of challenges, easy to lose goals, young people’s drive, but also makes him feel a threat, which is an irreconcilable mood difference.

  Coping with stress should be a little bit. The deputy chief physician of AQ Spirit Wang Jun said that different personalities have different performances in dealing with stress. Some people may not be emotional, some may drink and drink, and some may indulge in fun.

Stress needs an outlet to release. Some people may also become “double-sided people.” They are a “Mr. Good” in the work unit. When they return home, they have a bad temper and get angry whenever they are unhappy.

  How do I decompress in a “pressure cooker”?

Wang Jun, deputy chief physician, said that when the source of worry is not eliminated, the pressure will not disappear.

For example, high housing prices, children’s education problems, as long as there is no change, the pressure can not disappear.

At this point, it is best to change your mind, learn the Q spirit, put your mind at peace, don’t compare too much with others, and learn to find a positive side of self-consolation.

  Going on a trip to change the environment and taking time to sweat is also a good way to reduce stress, and it is not difficult for many urban people to spare time.

In this case, Wang Jun, the deputy chief physician, suggested that you might use half an hour or one hour every day to relax yourself, take a walk, watch a favorite novel, and enjoy a short playTalking with a conscience person the next day, you will get good results, but you must pay attention, do not let yourself be too tired for entertainment, to avoid a vicious circle.

Don’t look for me if you get married

Don’t look for me if you get married

Gender: MaleAge: 30 years old Occupation: Teachers do n’t know how much love and love are relative, anyway, she has gone so far in my heart that I ca n’t make a girlfriend again.

But when she found me again after marriage, although she accepted her happily, afterwards, she still felt that she had helped her to betray her husband. For the man, I was still a bit unbearable.

  When we first met, we stuck to knowing her. I was 29 years old and taught Chinese at a middle school in Wuchang.

I have been single and I have been high and low, my girlfriend changed and I changed, and my parents were anxious for my marriage.

I know my parents have good intentions.

My two younger sisters are married and married, and it’s ridiculous that one of my bosses stays at home.

  She met at the arrangement of my parents. The first time she met was in a cafe next to Linjiang Avenue in Wuchang.

I sat at the scheduled place and waited for her half an hour in advance.

She was late for an hour, I drank three cups of coffee and ran the toilet twice before she started calling out.

It was nice to see her at first sight.

When she sat down and looked at it carefully, she felt more and more that she raised her hand to cast her feet, and that temperament was really good.

She introduces herself as 25 years old, a sales lady, and enjoys reading novels and sports.

Then I kept asking about my work status, monthly salary, current deposit, and whether I would buy a house if I got married.

Her question made me embarrassed and disappointed. I felt she was peeling off my clothes one by one, but I still patiently answered her. I knew I was deeply attracted to her.

We talked from 8:30 to 10, and I didn’t know what to say later.

When we came out of the cafe, we went to a bar again. The lively atmosphere was something I had rarely experienced before. We drank a lot of wine, and she drunk more than I expected.

It was a little early in the morning when I was out of the bar and I was walking on a deserted street. I was going to take her home by car, but she refused to say her home location.

I had to take her to the cabin I rented, and we had a relationship in the cabin.

  She didn’t contact her when she met on a few boats. I have been busy preparing the course awards and did not call her.

One day after a month, she suddenly called and asked me what I was busy with and why I never kept the phone.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive her call, and I reported to her recently all sorts of things.

Before I finished speaking, she went straight to the subject: it is not convenient to go to you.

I froze at that time, then smiled indiscriminately: Of course it is convenient.

That night she went to me to spend the night again and woke up the next morning. She told me that her parents had introduced her to a doctor and met next Friday.

After listening for a long time, she said to herself, that the doctor is said to be ready to buy a house in Hankou, and he is an expert in a hospital department.

I lighted a cigarette and remained silent.

When she got up and dressed, I suddenly reminded her not to be late when going.

I didn’t know what I was thinking at the time. I thought I liked her, but I was a little angry. What did she tell me about this?

What is our relationship?

  Later, for about half a year, she often came to the house I rented, and occasionally bought some household kitchen and bathroom supplies to help me dress up the cottage.

I also often buy seasonal fruits and vegetables to make me a delicious meal.

Her culinary skills are impeccable, which allows me who often send instant noodles to enjoy a meal that I can enjoy without going back to my parents’ home.

So when I walked into the alleyway home, I had an inexplicable excitement, hoping to see the window of the cabin open from below the street, so that I knew she was waiting for me in the room.

Those days must have been wonderful. Although I often heard her say that she was busy meeting with whom, and with whom, I knew the wind, and I always felt that such things were far away from me and almost nothing to do with me.

I greedily enjoyed every meal she cooked and every time I sang on the bed, I didn’t want to be in the future, just in front of my eyes.

  She finally married a rich man and finally on the day I celebrated my thirtieth birthday, she solemnly told me that she was going to get married.

I just swallowed the red crispy chicken steak that she made, and I didn’t respond for a long time with my throat in my throat.

She went on to herself, as if saying something had nothing to do with herself.This object met only three months ago. All generations are lawyers. Just 30 years old. Because he had only one son in the family and forced him to get married soon, he asked her to marry him yesterday.

She said that she agreed, because his parents gave him a small foreign house in the Donghu Development Zone, and they could live in as soon as they got married, and they were planning to buy a car the next year.

I finally swallowed the chicken chop, tried to squeeze a smile, and aimed to buy wine, toast to her old girl!

She was crying at the time. I felt very depressed, but still smiled slightly, and said that there was something to cry, there was a house and a car, and a good life was waiting in the future.

That day was the only time she came but it was not complete. Almost before the meal was finished, she took the bag and left, and the door was smashed into the mountains. I continued to sit and eat, and I didn’t even think of getting up and chasing.

Later, she invited me to a wedding. I went there and prepared a thousand yuan gift generously. I glanced at the bride and groom. The groom didn’t look good, but the bride was a beautiful thing!

After her marriage, my parents began to rush to help me find someone.

  After marriage, she took the initiative to find me six months after her marriage. We didn’t contact again. Although I tried to call a few times, I couldn’t help it.

Later, I simply changed my mobile phone, changed my place to live, and started to make friends again, but I still couldn’t grow up every time.

She later contacted me, and when I answered the phone, I thought I heard it wrong.

She asked me calmly why I didn’t tell her when I changed places, and even changed the phone.

I joked that you are married and I don’t want to disturb you.

She didn’t speak for a long time, and then asked me how I was doing, whether she still ate instant noodles.

I looked at a new noodle 120 that I bought at home and lied to her that she didn’t have it, and now I cook all by myself.

She asked me again if I found the subject.

I said, where does anyone see it.

She smiled and said nothing, then hung up.

  It never occurred to her that she came to my apartment that night and said it was to visit my new home. Although she had been mentally prepared, the mess in my house surprised her.

At that time she pulled me to the street and said that I could n’t do it. I had to buy something. We went back to Carrefour again. I bought a big car with a mop, tablecloths, napkins, clothes rack, etc. When I checked out, I said that I did n’t have enough money. SheHelp me add it, meanwhile pointing at my nose and ask me to pay back!

In the evening, she helped me clean up the house, cleaned the room, and was busy till twelve in the evening.

In the meantime, she answered a phone call from her husband and asked her where she was. She said that she was watching TV at home.

It turned out that her husband went to Beijing for a business trip, so she had time to come out and look for me.

That night she was sleeping with me on the pillow as before, as if nothing had happened.

  She came to me every three forks, but often hurried home because of her husband’s questioning.

Later, I met a new girlfriend, and I advised her not to come again. She became furious when she knew that she had no conscience and was ungrateful, and then fell away.

After a month or two, she came to me again as usual, and I told her that my girlfriend and I were planning to get married, and she had a quarrel with me again. I was very sad when I saw her hoarse and exhausted.I want to ask her to divorce, I would marry her!

But then I swallowed it again. What should I marry her? I don’t even have my own house!

She never came back after that trouble, and my girlfriend and I soon broke up again. I do n’t know why. I do n’t think I can always stare at her. I can hardly make a girlfriend, becauseI always became a new girlfriend and contrasted with her, and then I did n’t even have any interest in continuing to communicate.

  At the beginning of this year, I was transferred to another middle school, so I changed my apartment and phone number.

I hope she won’t come to me anymore so that I can completely forget her and start her life again.

What can I not eat after kidney gas surgery?

Dietary points of kidney gas patients

What can I not eat after kidney gas surgery?

Dietary points of kidney gas patients

What can you not eat after kidney surgery?

After four hours of kidney gas surgery, if the gastrointestinal motility is normal, you can drink boiled water first. If there is no vomiting or other discomfort, you can eat.

In addition to eating some soft and digestible foods, there are many dietary points after kidney gas surgery. Let’s take a look at the dietary points of patients with kidney gas.

What can I not eat after kidney gas surgery?

1, fermented bean curd, onion, pepper and leeks.

These foods are not conducive to the healing of the wound, but may also cause inflammation of the wound.

2, spicy food, spicy food is not conducive to the healing of the wound, and may also make the wound infected.

3, carbonated drinks.

Don’t eat cold foods and drink carbonated drinks.

Since the change of intra-abdominal pressure is one of the factors that induce kidney gas, it is necessary to pay attention not to drink carbonated beverages, because carbonated beverages may cause swelling gas and other conditions to aggravate intestinal hernia.

4, easy to cause constipation and food in the abdomen expansion gas.

It is not advisable to eat mung beans, cabbage, white radish, green radish, and yellow bean sprouts.

Eat less food that is easy to cause constipation and inflated gas in the abdomen. Greasy fried fried things such as potato chips, shrimp strips, chocolate, etc. should not be eaten.

There is also the avoidance of tobacco and alcohol.

Dietary points after surgery in patients with renal qi1, zinc deficiency and zinc microfibrosis function decreased.

Zinc is mainly found in foods such as fungus, kelp, pigskin, and pig’s trotters.

姨: Lack of lipids can lead to wound healing defects.

Fish oil is rich in fatty acids, has anti-inflammatory effects, and has certain disease on wound healing.

2, glucose sugar is the main energy supplier of the human body, the supply of excess energy is incurable for wound healing.

In the wound healing period, you can eat more sugar-rich fruits, which can increase the sugar and absorb enough vitamins.

3, protein and vitamin A kidney gas failure what to eat?

Adding protein to the diet can promote wound healing and reduce the chance of infection.

Protein-rich foods include a variety of lean meats, milk, and eggs.

Vitamin A can promote wound healing.

It is mainly found in fish oil, carrots, tomatoes and other foods.

4, vitamin C can prevent wound healing.

Exist in a variety of vegetables, fruits, jujube, pepper is a treasure trove of vitamin C.

Normally, one week after the kidney gas surgery, the patient’s normal activities and work are no problem.

If the patient wants to fully recover, it is usually about half a year.

Of course, during this period, the patient’s post-operative care work and dietary attention are in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.

Eating watermelon does not diminish long meat?

Eating watermelon does not diminish long meat?

Modern nutrition requires that the human body should consume a small amount of food every day in a variety of categories.

Cucumber, bitter gourd, etc. are low in feces, protein, impurities, and high in fiber content, which is indeed conducive to weight loss, but as cold foods, those with spleen deficiency and cold stomach are not suitable to eat raw.

  Nowadays, many young women use “full melons and fruits” as their last supper for beauty and weight loss, and some even eat half a watermelon.

Some people transfer the fruit to breakfast, a peach + a bag of milk.

In their opinion, melon and phospholipid fiber, with almost no exceptions and protein, can be eaten with confidence.

  Based on this, Li Xin, the country ‘s first five-star personal trainer and personal nutritionist at Jade Bird Fitness Club, believes that half a watermelon (melons weighing about four or five pounds) produces about 680 calories, which is equivalent to three bowls of rice.

The trace amounts of fruits are not all very low, such as muskmelon, watermelon, pineapple, papaya and other fruits, which have high sugar content and are easily converted to fecal accumulation when eaten too much.

  According to Ximu, deputy director of the China Healthcare Expert Committee and Peking University’s China Center for Medical Economics, fruits have three series: red light, yellow light, and green light. During the diet, you must strictly avoid eating bananas and pineapples.Fruits with high sugar content such as watermelon.

  Li Xin said that people generally lose weight instead of losing fat. What they take away is water, which leads to dull skin and loss of body.

And because of a single intake, malnutrition causes harm to the body.

Yinqi Mingmu Soup

Yinqi Mingmu Soup

Ingredients: 15 grams of white fungus, 15 grams of wolfberry, 100 grams of chicken liver, 100 grams of jasmine, 24 water bean powder, wine, ginger juice, and salt.

Wash the chicken liver, cut into thin slices, put it in a bowl, add water soy flour, cooking wine, ginger juice, salt and mix well until use.


Wash the Yiner, tear it into small pieces, and soak it in water for use; Jasmine chooses to remove the flower buds, wash it, and put it in a dish;


Set the pot on the fire, add the clear soup, add cooking wine, ginger juice, salt and monosodium glutamate, and then add the Yiner, chicken liver, wolfberry and boil, skim the floating foam, and wait until the chicken liver is just cooked.Jasmine is sprinkled into a bowl and served.

  Dosage: 2 times a day.

With meals.

  Efficacy: nourishing the liver and kidney, improving eyesight.

It is suitable for blurred vision caused by yin deficiency, dull eyes, complexion and so on.

Whitening Tips-5 Most Effective Homemade Whitening Masks_1

Whitening Tips: 5 Most Effective Homemade Whitening Masks

There are many small secret recipes handed down to the people, and they have many generations of experience.

There are some whitening methods. Today, let’s summarize them together!

  Folk whitening DIY hottest whitening mask 1, milk whitening prepare a small cup of fresh milk, (in the summer, you can also put fresh milk in the refrigerator, put on a cool, more comfortable).

Steam the face with steam, soak the cotton pad with fresh milk, leave it on the ends for about 15 minutes, remove it, and wash the bladder milk with water.

Long-term adherence can make skin tone white and even.

  2. Prepare aloe vera whitening three fingers wide and two fingers long and spotted aloe vera leaves and rinse them, then a piece of cucumber with a length of three centimeters, 1/4 egg white, 2-3 grams of pearl powder, an appropriate amount of flourMake the tone thin).

  Put the aloe vera and cucumber into the juicer and squeeze into a small bowl. Then add egg whites, pearl powder, and a moderate amount of flour to make a paste, which will not flow down.

  Wash your face, apply the adjusted paste on your face, wash it after drying, apply toner, skin care products, 1-2 times a week.

  3, tomato honey whitening This whitening formula can be used for face and hand whitening at the same time.

Especially for acne-prone skin, it can effectively remove oiliness, prevent infection, and make skin fair and delicate.

  Usage: You can mix tomatoes into tomato juice and add an appropriate amount of honey to stir until a paste.

Apply evenly to face or hands and leave to wash for about 15 minutes.

It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a week.

  4, beauty vegetable juice will be green pepper, big cucumber, a quarter bitter gourd, celery, green apple, etc. into a beauty vegetable juice to drink, this vegetable juice has enough vitamin C, very effective for whitening.

  5. Remove the spotted vinegar egg liquid, take one fresh egg, wash it, dry it, add 500 ml of high quality vinegar and soak it for one month.

After the eggshell is dissolved in the vinegar, take a small tablespoon of the solution and mix it with a cup of boiling water. Stir and take one cup a day.

Taking vinegar and egg liquid for a long time can make the skin smooth and delicate and remove all dark spots on the face.


One fresh egg of honey protein film and one small spoon of honey will become whipped and even. Before going to bed, use a clean soft brush to replace the film on the skin. Massage can be performed during this period to stimulate skin cells and promote blood circulation.

After being turned on and air-dried, wash with water, preferably twice a week.

This mask can also be diluted with water and rubbed hands, which can be used to supplement chapped skin in winter.

Experts say that the haze will affect the skin, apply barrier creams, and wash your face frequently for skin care

Experts say that the haze will affect the skin, apply barrier creams, and wash your face frequently for skin care

Recently, haze weather has appeared in many places in China, and air pollution is serious. Yang Qingming, chief physician of the 304 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, visited China on the 30th to explain the problems related to the incidence of haze.

Yang Qingming pointed out that if the haze weather continues and some people are engaged in the above-mentioned work for a long time, it will affect the skin.

You can apply some protective cream, isolating cream or the like, or use regular face washing for skin care.

  On behalf of Yang Qingming, if the haze continues, and some people are engaged in the above-mentioned work for a long time, it will affect the skin.

Yang Qingming believes that human skin, like other aspects of the body, also belongs to an organ, and the skin also has respiratory functions. In a clean air, the skin will be comfortable and moisturized, but if it is in a very dirty environment, the skin is also veryUncomfortable.

Therefore, the haze weather still has an impact on the skin.

  Yang Qingming suggested that if it is in the haze weather for a long time, you can apply some covering cream, protective cream, isolation cream and the like, which has a certain protective effect, and wash it off after work.

In addition, Yang Qingming pointed out that there is one of the simplest and most direct methods, which is to wash your face frequently after returning if you stay in the haze for a long time.

“Sometimes I wash it at noon, then go out to work in the afternoon, and wash it again at night. If possible, I wash more frequently to reduce the toxic substances in these harmful gases and absorb them through the skin.

“Yang Qingming said.

Why can acupuncture relieve pain?

Why can acupuncture relieve pain?

Acupuncture can alleviate pain and relieve certain hobbies.

Harvard scientists found the secret.

  The team used MRI to monitor 20 healthy subjects during and after acupuncture.

  Researchers first pierced the needles at the sites of traditional Chinese medicine to reduce pain.

  Within seconds, the researchers found that the subject’s blood flow gradually decreased in certain areas of the brain. At this time, the subjects said that they tried to seem to have a heavy object, and this feeling of heavy object was indicating that acupuncture was normal.
If some subjects report feeling pain (perhaps related to incorrect acupuncture), then their MRI scans will show increased blood flow in specific areas of the brain.

  Researchers say that when blood is reduced, the brain does not “work hard” and acupuncture can calm down specific areas of the brain.

Three Acne Tips for Women to Get Rid of Long Tease

Three Acne Tips for Women to Get Rid of Long Tease

Guide: Do you also want to have smooth and delicate skin?
But the damnable acne has not disappeared, what should I do?
Xiaobian will introduce you acne tips to help you solve your problems.
For acne, just internal conditioning is not enough. You can do more in external face.
Here, according to the advice of a professional beautician, I have summarized the two-step acne removal tips. The above section is the most basic acne treatment, and one step is indispensable.
  Cleanliness is the most important for any skin, especially the oily acne skin.
The following recommended acne tips must be in one step.
  Deep Cleansing: To cleanse the face, acne princesses should choose a deep cleansing cleanser.
Today’s recommended acne tips, this step is very simple, but it is also very important, pay attention to choose less irritating products.
If you can, you can also use a cleansing tool such as a pore cleaner to deeply clean the pores and expel toxins.
You can’t wash your face many times, but if you have just come back from a dirty place, it is still necessary to clean your little face.
  After deep repairing, after washing the face, you should use professional mask or Fashen cream for deep repair.
At present, there are many acne masks on the market, which are easy to use, can repair damaged skin and narrow pores.
When choosing, you must choose products from regular manufacturers, and don’t listen to those small advertisements.
In addition, repair products can be selected with aloe, tea tree oil and other ingredients.
These things can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, and cancer is caused to a large extent because the barrier function of the skin is impaired, which in turn causes infection.
Consistent use of such skin care products has a good effect on preventing the occurrence of acne.
>> Acne removal method for different parts: take care of the skin Here, I also especially recommend a DIY Acne Water—Loofah Water.
Don’t underestimate this loofah water, this is the recipe from the Compendium of Materia Medica.
Pick a thick loofah vine, cut off the top part with a knife, and place it in a sterilized vial.
After a period of time, the luffa vine incision will secrete a thick liquid. Applying this water to acne will have a good acne effect.
If you can’t find a loofah vine, you can also use fresh loofah.
Use a spatula to scrape off the surface of the fresh loofah. The loofah will secrete a lot of liquid, like small drops of water.
These small drops of water can also be used to remove acne.
It can also be used with vitamin C and honey for better results.
Message from the editor: Acne is really annoying, long face with acne are embarrassed to go out, but it doesn’t matter now, after reading the above acne method, I believe you are confident!

Health club think twice

Health club think twice

How can I choose the right fitness club for you?

Stop wasting your time and money, lift your head out of a bunch of advertisements, here are what you know, you do n’t know, but they are definitely practical selection guides, because there are too many before youlesson.

  Open the crisis situation file one: Name: Liu Ting Occupation: Brand director of the Internet company Participation in the fitness club: When I chose the fitness club, I just felt that this was very close to my company and my fitness purposeIt’s simple. I just want to stay in shape, so I signed up without much thought.

I am relatively lazy. In order to urge myself, I signed a one-year agreement.

But who thinks that fitness center was closed down less than a month after I signed up because they didn’t have a business license. I paid a full 1 year registration fee at the time, and now I have nowhere to chase it.

  File 2: Name: Wang Weiyan Occupation: Officials and staff members participate in fitness clubs: Actually I am not very fat, but I always feel that there is more excess meat on my legs. My colleagues recommended me a fitness club, so I paid, Reported a three-month class.

But on the first day of class, I felt very deep. The sound there was so bad that it hurt my heart, let alone follow it.

But the next day when I wanted to refund my money, I was besieged by the club staff.

  File 3: Name: Andy Occupation: Record company marketing media Participation in fitness clubs Purpose: Equipment fitness I like to do equipment training, I like the sound of equipment, so I found a fitness club.

During the first two months, I practiced well, but one day, when I practiced the barbell, because of the sweat on my hand, the barbell took off my hand and hit my feet, causing a fracture of the foot bone.

Later, I asked them if they were insured for me. The answer disappointed me. I paid a total of more than 1,000 yuan for medical expenses, and I rested at home for an entire month before barely supporting me to go to work.

  Choosing a fitness club-Reason first When we choose a fitness club, we often seek information from family, friends, colleagues and doctors, but most of this information is one-sided, not replacing strong personal feelings or othersHard to fit your own feet.

The dazzling electronic equipment is not enough to explain the quality of the gym. What’s more important is the professional quality of the gym coaches and whether their service attitude is serious and careful.

Then, during the time when you will need to visit the club, do not hinder a field trip, especially to have some time to communicate with members who are already working out.

  Do n’t choose expensive, just choose the right one through your personal experience of the fitness club, answering the following questions will help you make a clear judgment: 1.

Is the establishment of a fitness club legal?


Are the members there friendly and helpful?


Is the club’s environment clean?


Are fitness instructors all experts in the courses they teach?


Will new members get instruction on curriculum and equipment use?


Can the curriculum in the club meet your all-round needs?

(Certain aerobics, hip-hop, yoga, etc.) 7.

Is your club overcrowded during your best fitness time?


Can they help you take care of your children if you need them, or arrange activities for them?


Is the club’s transportation convenient? If you want to drive by yourself, are they enough parking spaces?

  Did you think of this before you signed the agreement?

  When you are at the club level, they will let you sign an agreement, so for this agreement, it involves your personal interests, and must not be signed rashly.


Don’t miss every word.

The Chinese language is too powerful. Even if you are one foot tall, you must be careful that someone will say that.

Determine the time limit for membership.
When setting the course time limit, the club will give you a few suggestions, such as one year, one quarter, or one month. If your own character is not strong enough, it is best not to choose too long to join the club.



Didn’t mention in the agreement that the club will provide personal accident insurance. If you unfortunately hurt a lot or touched your leg, the role of insurance cannot be ignored.

Generally, if most clubs do not provide insurance, they will also provide customers with certain benefits in the agreement for accidental injuries in the club.


Beware of invalid promises.

If the club promises that you can reach a certain level in the shortening, and lose a few kilograms of weight, it must be illegal, don’t believe it.


Exit halfway.

No matter if you ca n’t keep up, or you are no longer satisfied with this club, in short, when you decide to quit halfway, whether you can get the remaining costs and how much you can get are all up to you.Must be clear in advance.



Is there a breakdown of the fees (training, bathing, etc.) that the health club receives from you?


Damaged instrument.

As a customer, are you responsible for possible damage to the device?

  Start small and do the final inspection1.

Medical assistance.

The club should have at least a small medicine box with simple but necessary trauma medication.


Fitness files.

If this is a first-class fitness club, it will provide you with a fitness file of your own, including all aspects of your body when you join the club, and pass tracking tests to supplement new information at any time.


Fitness coach.

Fitness coaches are the most direct guarantee of your fitness goals. Their professional quality and teaching level are the focus of your attention.

Have they participated in some of the more authoritative competitions and achieved a certain ranking; have they received professional training (have a degree recognized by the state) and so on.


The necessary phone number.

If the club you choose is far enough away, emergency calls will be placed in obvious places.


Including: emergency telephones commonly used by police, fire, medical, etc.


complaint rate.

When time permits, you do n’t want to stop calling and ask about consumer associations. Their information is the most authentic and reliable.

  Special recommendations for professional athletes: * Fitness is a lifetime issue, and weight loss cannot be achieved overnight. Only when you can easily and happily complete the exercises prescribed by your coach can you consider increasing the weight of exercise equipment.

Otherwise, it may cause sports injuries.

  * Muscle pain cannot be eliminated by exercise.

The tearing of small fibers is a bad result caused by high-intensity muscle training. You may wish to give yourself 3 days to recover.
  * For everyone with patience, if you have a fitness group and at least some of them are always involved, then it will be easier for you to continue to exercise.