Women must see whitening food in different parts

Women must see whitening food in different parts

When it comes to beauty, the first thing many people think of is going to a beauty salon.

In fact, as long as you eat vegetables often, you can still make your skin radiant, and the effect is no less than going to a beauty salon!

According to nutritionists, the following foods are beauty experts!


hzh {display: none; }  面部厚黑的食疗  健康状况、饮食营养、生活方式与洗脸化妆都会影响皮肤的俊美。Often exposed to the sun, the skin will become dark, and if you don’t have a mask, the skin will thicken.

  Medical scientists believe that the darkening of the complexion is mostly caused by insufficient kidney and essence, and can be taken orally with kidney-reinforcing drugs such as Liuwei Dihuang Wan.

  The Ziheche porridge recipe in the diet has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing kidney, and nourishing essence and nourishing blood; tamarind jujube and longan porridge recipe is suitable for thickening the skin caused by insufficient heart and spleen qi and blood; ginseng yam porridge recipe is suitable for Qi failureThe complexion caused by tan is yellowish; the pollen of honey nectar can eliminate the dark spots on the face and make the appearance white; the peach blossom food is most suitable for those who have a dull and bleak face due to poor blood circulation;It can be fried, fried, fried, and has the effect of nourishing kidney and repairing subcutaneous tissue, and can remove the dark and dark brown air on the surface.

  Chinese medicine for blacks suffering from diabetes believes that: the heart is deficient in blood, previously called pale yellow and dim: liver qi stagnation, later called skin black and blue; spleen deficiency and blood stagnation can make the skin dark and thick.

Because of these skin-to-face ratios, the lack of thicker layers of pregnant women, coupled with poor blood circulation, can easily cause neck skin wrinkles to relax and produce wrinkles.

  However, with effective diet, the complications of black hair can be turned into a charming jade neck.

Nucleic acid is the preferred nutritional food.

  Japanese scientists have found that women take 800mg of nucleic acid daily, and after 1 month, the skin will become white and tender.

Foods with cutting-edge nucleic acids include fish, shrimp, yeast, liver, mushrooms, fungus, and pollen.

Rice porridge is a traditional treatment for the neck. Red dates and corn have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing and enriching the muscles, and are suitable for those caused by weak spleen and blood.

  Lumbar abdomen black diet smoking, alcoholism, fatigue and diseases, and many other reasons have led to a thick black lumbar spine in the lumbar spine.

Especially for those who are used to tightening their belts, black circles often appear on their waist skin due to long-term compression that affects blood circulation.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when the spleen is deficient in kidneys, the dysfunction of the five internal organs to transport essence and qi will reduce the flow of blood to the lumbar spine and joint discs, and a rough black skin will form in the waist and abdomen.

  Dietary measures are to insist on eating cereals, vegetables, and fruits, which contain calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and other minerals, which are the most ideal foods for skin beauty.

Vitamin c is an essential component of the skin cell material, and it is inseparable from maintaining the permeability of the blood vessels in the waist and the balance of pigment metabolism.

  The traditional Shouwuxianmi porridge recipe has the functions of nourishing qi and blood, delighting bones, and nourishing liver and kidney, and is suitable for those with weak waists and darkening fade marks.

In addition, eating insects such as silkworm moths and young cicadas is also effective, because this kind of cuisine contains more than 20 free amino acids, which is an ideal skin bodybuilding substance.

The purple-breasted chest purple-black diet is more common in sedentary workers, or in patients with liver disease, sciatic nerve disease, endocrine disease, and menstrual disorders.

It has thick black wrinkles and purple, and even has skin diseases such as croup.

  Studies have shown that skin crusts that have suffered from vitamin C deficiency in the body for long periods of time appear blood spots, spots, and local hematomas or scleroderma.

Vitamin E can promote metabolism, increase capillary resistance, maintain normal permeability of pores, improve blood circulation in the tibia, spread hard wrinkles, and delay skin aging.

  Therefore, vitamin C and E should be added.

Foods rich in vitamin E are dairy, eggs, sesame, honey, etc.

At the same time, you should eat spicy spicy foods and acidic foods, and pay attention to the alternating sitting and daily, to maintain emotional stability.

It ‘s okay to treat winter disease, summer disease, and late treatment for a few days.

It ‘s okay to treat winter disease, summer disease, and late treatment for a few days.

Winter disease, summer treatment, and late treatment may be a few days. It is a time period, not a point in time. Compared to other times of the year, the weather is the hottest, and it is the most favorable weather for patients with cold diseases.The head fell on Friday, July 18. Many people were at work and did not catch up with the first day.

Too many people feel sorry for not catching up with the winter disease and summer treatment.

In fact, people don’t need to worry, San Fu Tian is a time period, not a point in time. In San Fu Tian, compared with other times of the year, the weather is the hottest, and it is also the most favorable weather for patients with cold diseases.

At this time, the pores of the human body are open, and the blood and blood are accessible. The external moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine (acupoint application of medicines) for regulating yang is very suitable.The pores in the body; the third is to guide the situation, to supplement the yang in the hot days, and move with the same phase, often do more with less.

Therefore, patients suffering from winter disease and summer disease, who have missed their heads, do not have to worry. During the hot summer, it is not too late to replenish the yang on any day, but the effect is not as good as three volts.

If there is no time to apply on the first day of each volt, it does not matter much, you can choose another time to apply, but the time should not differ too much.

Experts remind people that winter disease and summer treatment should be maintained for more than three years, so that it will have good results.

In general, the first year of winter and summer disease changes little, and the second and third year effects will change greatly, which requires long-term adherence.

Experts suggest that it should be applied once a volt and 3-4 times a year.

The application time is generally 1-2 hours. The best effect of the application is that blisters appear at the application site, so that the drug absorption effect is the best.

Individuals with poor skin tolerance can apply the medicine for half an hour.

At the same time, it should be noted that after application, do not eat cold food, eat less meat.

In summer, the weather is hot, and the temperature of the air conditioner should not be lower than 26 ° C when sleeping at night.

The main target groups for winter disease and summer treatment are the following four categories: 1.

Long-term cough, chronic cough, asthma, chest tightness, asthma, chronic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, allergic rhinitis, physical weakness and cold, repeated respiratory infections in children and other pulmonary diseases.


Chronic abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, worsening symptoms of cold or cold food, syndrome differentiation belongs to those with spleen and stomach deficiency and spleen and kidney deficiency.


Rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain are exacerbated by rainy weather or cold.


Irregular menstruation, less menstrual flow, pale color, cold belly pain, and can not be aggravated when cold or cold.

Work hard and don’t forget to keep in good health

Work hard and don’t forget to keep in good health

“The body is the capital of the revolution.” In high-stress, fast-paced work, one cannot ignore health because of work.

More and more white-collar workers are advocating the new concept of “health in work, work in health”.

  At 10 pm last night, Zhang Xue, a staff member of the planning department of an advertising company in Hankou, turned off the computer on time to prepare for a break. Before that, he also sent a few text messages to several friends: “In order to have plenty of energy to work tomorrow, let’s take a break!

“At 6 am the next morning, Zhang Xue received a text message from a friend:” Get up and exercise!

Zhang Xue told reporters that she and several friends formed a “Supervisory Health Alliance” and reminded or supervised the implementation of the health plan every day by texting, calling, or emailing.

  Yang Qiong, marketing manager of a technology company in Wuchang, is a typical “workaholic” who always immerses himself in work just after eating.

Some friends who advocated “health” saw this situation, re-interposed between her work, got up more activities, practiced some beneficial physical exercises such as yoga.

Gradually, Yang Qiong found that exercise was great for the body and could improve work efficiency, so he insisted on this approach.

  In Wuhan, there are more and more “workplace keepers” like Zhang Xue and Yang Qiong.

Excessive health keepers often come together to exercise and exchange health experiences.

In addition to opposing blind and inefficient work methods, they also reject bad habits.

  The reporter found in the interview that many people joined the workplace health care team because they have had a painful experience and mostly women.

Too many white-collar workers believe that: an unhealthy working lifestyle will form a vicious circle; in fact, how busy is in fact, there will always be time to adjust physiology.

“Health at work, work at health” can only try to avoid premature depreciation of the body due to overdrafts.

Marriage polishing woman tenderness and self

Marriage polishing woman tenderness and self

Mr. Nao Yueyue, 32 years old, engineer, a woman sleeping in marriage, wake up and enter marriage may be the biggest dream in life for many women. Once you enter the castle of marriage, because dreams come true, it changesBurnout, because of fear of dreams will be shattered, will become suffering.

Therefore, many married women mostly use their husbands, children, and home as their center of life, but they have no one.

  Maybe before marriage, she can dress herself up with a good mood every day.

But after marriage, because of family chores, she lost her state of mind. Although she was not unkempt, she also had a little bit of shame and became a yellow-faced woman in her husband’s eyes.

I was busy at work every day. After work, I hurried home to cook, do laundry, mop the floor, and I lost the elegance and leisure of the past.

Although this is not a bad thing, women should be dominated by family after marriage.

But in my opinion, a married woman shouldn’t let herself look like a housewife. She shouldn’t just surround herself with pots and pans.

Make beauty, add a beautiful dress for yourself, and then appear in front of her husband with a new look, give him a surprise, let him beating again for the beautiful you, isn’t this life a lot of potential fun?

No man will dislike a beautiful wife.

  After marriage, a woman likes to restrain the men around her. When she feels married, it should be the life of two people, and they must have each other completely.

In fact, each person is an independent individual, he does not belong to anyone, even if they are married, it does not mean that they belong to the other party.

A man likes freedom by nature. After he gets married, he will still go out to eat, drink and play cards with his buddies. This is his life, and he also needs to use this method to relieve work pressure.

When he went out to meet friends, your phone rushed over and over again, and his heart sank again and again.

Give him some space and freedom. He will thank you and think you are a woman who understands him.

Marriage is not all about a woman. How can a woman who has lost her self make a man love?

  Ms. Wang, 36 years old, corporate management marriage is a responsibility and dedication. When you marry a man, you are married to the elegant woman in front of you. I hope she never changes, but women ca n’t stop changing. When a woman is married, she marriesIt is a fantasy white horse prince, hoping that he can change according to his own requirements, but the man will never make any changes for her.

Therefore, it is unrealistic whether a man wants a woman to be gentle and elegant before marriage, or a woman wants a man to be his exemplary model husband. It is unrealistic and he must face his true half.

  What is home? Is n’t it a place to cook for her husband and children in beautiful clothes? The home is a harbour for men, but also a harbour for women. When I return home, I want to please my husband with “pretty”. Is the woman too tired?

If every man is allowed to wear suits and shoes at home, do you ask him?

  If you can’t worry about the chai oil and salt at home, don’t worry about your children and husband, I believe that every woman likes to go shopping in bright clothes, friends, beauty, fitness, life is comfortable and romantic, but this life is too impossible.

Why not choose marriage?

What do you want your child to do?

Responsibility is equal for both husband and wife. Marriage itself is a responsibility, and “love” is only produced in a specific period.

How long can love last?

A lifetime?

I believe that everyone will not have an affirmative answer, then in the marriage life is replaced by family relationships.

In my opinion, affection is more important than love at the crucial moment. The affection between husband and wife is another kind of affection after love. Who can say that it is not good and not strong?

Men ‘s answer to “marriage and wife” is “responsibility”. Have you asked women, after they have a marriage, most women ‘s answers must also be “responsibility”, but women are more implicit and more dedication than men.

  Of course, women can’t let housework and life obliterate their hobbies. They must leave a space of their own. No one can do anything as a reason for invasion.

Only by constantly improving yourself can you maintain femininity and ladylike temperament.

  Expert opinion Intimate lovers do not lose their self-confidence Liu Jun, a famous psychiatrist, said: Marriage is not just for “dressing and eating”, these are just the accompanying products of marriage.

In the marriage life, the proper relationship between real partners is more a constructive and positive dynamic balance relationship between each other’s spiritual “attachment” and individual independence.

Marriage intervention is fundamentally a very intimate relationship between the sexes. The two together contribute to this intimate relationship, and both parties in the robe also gain spiritual and material gains from this relationship.

Our distinguished men and women merge in marriage, but we also distinguish ourselves as independent individuals.

It is generally accepted that the boundaries between each other are not desirable, and the intimacy in marriage cannot lose its own space.

  Topic Story Housework Descriptor: Female, 32 years old I ride my bike to the vegetable market to buy food almost every day after work, go home to cook, and after 20 minutes, my husband comes back. I take off the apron full of soot and washRough hands, serving dishes.

After dinner, I said to my husband, “I’m too tired today. Please help me wash the dishes!

“My husband turned on the TV and said,” Are you tired? “I’m not tired?

Finally got off work and let me do something?

It ‘s enough for your woman to do these housework!

“I get angry whenever I hear this!

I also have a job. For ten years, I rushed back to work in the underground for cooking. Whom am I for?

I can’t get this tone without making a big noise and swearing hard!

Women are not iron men, and these housework are not fun!

Seeing that my hands are rough, don’t I know that I feel bad?

Not for this home yet!

The most annoying thing is that he also thinks that it is natural for me to do housework!

There is no gratitude and understanding, and of course I’m out of balance!

2. Men’s bad hobbies Descriptor: Female, a 37-year-old man, you do n’t want to be fierce with him, you do n’t point at his nose and scold, you do n’t give him something cruel, he just does n’t know to change!

Smoking and drinking are all the same. It doesn’t change. He hurts himself. I recognize it. I persuaded him to love and toss as much as he likes.

But the hobby of gambling money is too harmful to others!

Huaxin, find a lover outside, as long as a woman can’t hold back!

But men are so unconscious.

You talk softly, he thought you didn’t think it was serious.

Have to make you scold!

  At the beginning, I talked to him well, but he just took my word for it and made myself feel depressed when I said it one time at a time, feeling like an old woman teaching her own children.

3. The lack of self-space Description: Female, 30 years old, I got up at home on the weekends and I was busy at home. My husband looked at me coldly and suddenly said: “Look at Mrs. Li, you have to climb mountains and do beauty treatments on weekends.Go to piano class.

How interesting?

Is that just a woman!

Where is it like you, no mood at all, like an aunt!

I said, “Do you think I don’t want to?

I can also go, but Mrs. Li does not have to work all day, her husband is rich, and the house has hired a maid to clean up the housework. Of course, she can go to cultivate every day!

Husband dismissed: “We can’t compare to her, but you were a cultural person before, how can you become less and better than before?

“Yes, I didn’t do that before.

I used to like reading, listening to music, drawing, and after marriage, I felt that I did n’t have enough time every day.

I feel like turning around my husband and children every day.

There are endless things to do every day!

After working in the company, busy at home, it’s time to go to bed when you can relax.

Not to mention on the weekends, it may be difficult to go to work, but a lot of things at home are waiting for you to do.

Husband doesn’t help at all, but also talks about the wind, which is too irritating!

Young people with cervical spondylosis are mostly mobile neck

Young people with cervical spondylosis are mostly “mobile neck”

Recently, there was a message on the Internet that Dr. Kenneth Hanceraj, director of the Department of Spinal Surgery, New York City’s Center for Spinal Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, investigated that regular humpbacks and lowered mobile phones could easily cause spinal injuries.
  The study found that, due to the gravity of the earth, when the neck is bent at 60 degrees, the cervical spine can bear 45 pounds of pressure.
  The effect of lowering your head on your neck is really great.
The muscles of the neck are mainly concentrated in the back. If the head is tilted forward, the tension on the muscles of the neck will increase. If this is maintained for a period of time, the muscles of the neck are easily strained, inflammation and soreness occur.
In the long run, it will also affect the growth of bones and cause the cervical spine to bend. This time is irreversible.
  Cervical spondylosis mostly occurs in middle-aged and elderly people, but in recent years, more and more young people in their 20s and 30s have suffered from cervical spondylosis.
Most patients today have one thing in common: cellphone dependence.
  On average, five or six young people who come to see the cervical spine often lower their heads to play with mobile phones.
This situation can be described vividly as the “phone neck”.
  How to treat and alleviate the “phone neck”?
  Many people choose external force devices such as cervical traction.
When you put it on at work, not only will the pain in the cervical spine be reduced, but you will also be greatly relieved psychologically.
However, some patients said that they spent hundreds of dollars and spent two or three months with no signs of improvement.
  Improving the condition of the cervical spine by a retractor does not completely cure cervical spondylosis and is not suitable for everyone.
It is understood that external items such as tractors, ointments, etc., are used to promote blood circulation and stasis, improve and relieve local muscle tension, but it does not help the cure of cervical spondylosis.
  If it does not reach the level of cervical spondylosis, it is just a general muscle strain. Blind use of the treatment device without the doctor’s advice, once the operation is improper, it is likely to aggravate the injury.
  To prevent cervical spondylosis, you should change your bad living habits and sitting posture, avoid long-term desk work and stare down at mobile phones and computer screens. Every 45 minutes to an hour, you should get up for 3 to 5 minutes.
Swimming, running, and badminton can also relieve joint wear and muscle fatigue.
  Young people, especially adolescents, should go to the hospital for treatment if they begin to experience neck soreness that does not resolve for more than two weeks.
If you wait until your bones are affected, it will be difficult to recover.

My hypocritical boss

My hypocritical boss

He said “maybe” means “must”, he said “may” means “certainly”, and he said “randomly” meant to implement what he meant.

You can never understand his trueness and correctness literally, otherwise you will wait to be punished with “disobedience to leadership.”

  How can we, as subordinates, cope with such superficial migration and believing bosses?

Could this be just another sad office story with tears in laughter and laughter in pain?

  First, minefield mines of false bosses1 When you are arguing fiercely over an issue, he will wave his hand impatiently, “Okay, you take care of it.

Detonator: You must not think that he has been conquered by your mouth, and willingly let go of the decision to you.

He was just annoyed that you were too slow to understand his off-string voice in time.

  His subtext: “I mean, go back and think about it, think it over and come back and talk to me.

“Can’t eat, take a walk: You really did what you want.

When you are grateful for the decentralization and trust of your superiors in your heart, your superiors have written down in your heart, “No leadership, no intention.”

“-Oh my God, you are even more resentful than Dou E.

  Mine 2 If you happen to run into the tea room, he seems to chat with you casually.

I greeted your husband first, praised your pet again, and finally downplayed the sentence mentioned above. It seems that your seat light is not too good. It is recommended that you do not prevent you from applying for a table lamp . wait until he passes byElegant perfume drifts away from you, but you can’t recall what you have said besides this good smell.

  Detonator: Your recent account is scribbled. He wants to remind you to pay more attention and use your mind to work.

  His subtext: “I don’t know if you have any trouble lately. Your account has always been wrong recently.

If there is any problem, please resolve it as soon as possible. I cannot tolerate this for a long time.

“Can’t eat, take a walk: You got such a superior relay at the end of the year:” The work is not serious, and there is still no improvement after being reminded.

-But heaven and earth conscience, you can’t remember anyway when and where he reminded you and what he said.

Looking at this tension, can you not equate him with hypocrisy and insidiousness?

  Mine 3 will you shorthand?

“”Will do.

“Will you join in the afternoon meeting?


“” Have you ever tried to use your brain while taking minutes?

“No, but I should be able to do it.

“” . At the afternoon meeting, you were concentrating on the replacement of other colleagues, and suddenly found that your boss was constantly winking at you.

You immediately wake up, he wants you to take notes.

You scrambled to start recording, but refused in your heart, “Hell, why don’t you say it earlier!

Detonator: You didn’t make a meeting record because no one asked you to do it.

Your boss will be indifferent to you within a few weeks, and guess in your heart whether you are unhappy with the company’s welfare if you are not willing to take minutes of the meeting, or you are doubting the importance of sexism, or . ca n’t eat itGo: next time he joins, he will ask other people to make a record, and soon, you will be transferred due to the overcrowding of the department.

And no one can ever tell you what it is.

  Second, hypocrisy can be dangerous in the workplace!

The methods of these bogus bosses are really “yin”, “ruthless”, and “poisonous” enough to make people shudder when they think of it.

This kind of “Banjun is like a tiger” day, does not exhale people from high blood pressure, high blood pressure must scare out a nervous breakdown, worry about the disease or something.

So there is really no way to live a subordinate.

However, from another perspective, these bogus bosses are actually not so scary.

Their seemingly unreasonable performance is actually reasonable.
It is important that you recognize their psychological needs and treat them the way they want.
China MTI’s trainers replaced these people with “low authority performance”.


What does authority show? Authority means the attitude towards authority and conflict.

Each person’s authority performance scores are different.

People with higher scores insist on themselves at work, and can quickly express their opinions, speak openly, have a sense of competition, and have strength.

The people with the lowest scores are easy-going at work, prefer to suggest, are willing to win the favor of others, and avoid open conflicts. They are usually happy and approachable, and adopt democratic leadership.

Such are the false bosses around us.


False Boss’s Leadership Style-Give orders in the recommended way.

  ―Focus on relationships and be easy-going.

  ―When agreeing with others, they are more willing to ask for their opinions.

  ―Speak more if you are convenient.

.  3.

The interpersonal relationships longed for by hypocritical bosses are misunderstood as hypocritical bosses, often sticking to the principle: “Be gentle when setting up a job, because even if you have a strict attitude, you cannot reduce the responsibility of subordinates.

In their view, it is not a good boss’ practice to imply that arrogance over the employees is superior. It is also impolite to regard subordinates as inferior, and it is not a good management method.

Therefore, they want to let the subordinates know what their problems are and what they should do with a gentle and friendly attitude.

Explicitly revealing short, rude orders would make them feel guilty-as if they had become arrogant, brutal slave owners 2000 years ago and deeply ashamed.

Therefore, they always try to make their own words gentle, and then more gentle, even to the extent that others cannot understand.


The killer against fake bosses In a relatively equal civilized society, everyone can express their views at the meeting, and the views of the boss, boss and customers will be specially recognized.

In a way, ignoring the authority of the boss is selected as the offense, which in most companies will be the reason for firing employees.

Therefore, as a subordinate, it is important that you communicate in the way they are used to.
  If he says, “Apples in the orchard are ripe.

“He means,” I hope you pick in time.

“He did not mention a series of questions such as the time of picking, the number of people, the tools, etc., does not mean that he has not yet figured out what to do.

  Actually he is waiting for you to take the initiative to confirm with him.

  ”I’m going to finish it in a few days?

“Where do I get the tools?”

“How many people can the company equip me with?

“. you have to keep making assumptions and get confirmation.

  Put forward hypotheses and get confirmation.

  What needs special attention is:-When he is listening to you and nodding frequently, it does not mean that he agrees with you, he is just saying, I am listening, I understand what you mean.

And if he agrees with you, you need to confirm with him again-he doesn’t like face-to-face conflicts, he doesn’t refute you, but it doesn’t mean he accepts your opinions-people with low authority are often very aggressive,It’s just that he behaves differently–the advice he puts forward is often what he wants you to do. Many young people in decent professional ethics think that they eat by their abilities and don’t need to cater to their superiors too much.

Sometimes, you have to deliberately act a little higher, to show that you are different, have the courage and strength to rebel.

However, as a qualified professional, it is not only a person’s responsibility to consider the feelings of others, including others, but also a manifestation of politeness and character.

Like Benjamin?
According to Franklin: “Respect for the higher is out of function; respect for the same and the same is out of politeness; showing respect to someone who transcends yourself shows your character.

“So try to understand your boss’s personality and treat him in a way he likes.

This is not just a vulgar flattery, or another noble sentiment that is truly human.
If you think of obeying your superiors for some reason, this is not sincere enough, and it will turn into flattery.

If you are out of caring and consider your boss as an ordinary person to try to understand and accept, then your cooperation is a manifestation of noble sentiment.

Daily necessities in Congress, don’t forget to clean

Daily necessities in Congress, don’t forget to clean

Around us, many daily necessities are not noticeable, but they are actually dirty.

Recently, the US “Reader’s Digest” has counted eight items that are often forgotten to clean.



Oil and bacteria accumulate on rags commonly used on kitchen countertops.

Experts recommend that each time you use a rag, wash thoroughly with soap and hot water, and immediately dry the rag to prevent bacteria from multiplying again.


Cosmetic brushes.

Many beautiful women rarely clean these brushes. Studies have found that cosmetic brushes are covered with Staphylococcus aureus, which can easily cause skin infections.

Dermatologists recommend that after each use of cosmetic brushes, they should be washed in warm soapy water.


steering wheel.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have sampled bacteria on the steering wheel and found that there are 109 bacteria per square centimeter on the steering wheel’s grip ring, which is almost 9 times that on the toilet.

In addition, many people like to eat snacks, drink water or apply skin care products in the car, and give various bacteria opportunities.

Therefore, it is recommended to prepare some disinfection wipes in the car, and wipe the steering wheel and various car equipment buttons at any time.


Sink of a drinking fountain.

A survey conducted by the National Health Foundation found that the sink of the water dispenser contained a large amount of yeast and mold.

To ensure the safety of drinking water, you should often empty the sink and wipe its surface with a disinfecting paper towel.


Mop and broom.

Reusable cleaning tools such as mops and brooms will not only have hundreds of millions of harmful bacteria, but also transport germs to all corners of the room during the cleaning process.

Experts from Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom recommend that you use a fine-fiber mop as much as possible and put it in a washing machine to clean it after each use.


light switch.

Researchers at the University of Houston in the United States have found that the number of bacteria on almost every light switch can be “comparable to” the toilet circle.

To ensure safety, the light switches in your home are scrubbed with a cleaning solution once a week.

In public, you can use two elbows instead of hand to open the switch.


remote control.

Researchers at the University of Arizona have found that more bacteria are hidden on the remote control than on the ward.

Even at home, scrub every button on the remote control with a disinfectant wipe at least once a week.


Toilet brush handle.

When cleaning the toilet, toilet cleaner can clean the toilet brush, but many people ignore the handle of the toilet brush.

There are as many antibiotics as there are on the toilet ring, so to really keep the bathroom clean, you need to disinfect all parts of the toilet brush or use a disposable toilet brush.

What about women’s menopause night sweats

What about women’s menopause night sweats

Menopause night sweats are one of the main symptoms of menopause in women.

Menopause night sweats are mainly caused by autonomic dysfunction and metabolic disorders caused by the decline of estrogen levels in menopausal women.

So what about women’s menopause night sweats?

How should it be treated?


Estrogen replacement therapy for menopause night sweats is the most common and serious problem of menopause in women, especially insomnia caused by night sweats at night has brought great harm to the body of menopause women.

At present, a common method to solve this problem is hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

  According to data published by the Ohio State-based “Insomnia Research Center” in the National Menopause Medical Association, women with estrogen supplementation can significantly reduce night sweats and insomnia in menopause women by as much as 40%.

Therefore, when menopausal women experience night sweats and insomnia, do not take medicine indiscriminately, you should first talk to your doctor before deciding which method to use for treatment.


Chinese medicine conditioning Chinese medicine believes that women’s menopause night sweats, because women enter menopause, will gradually deficient liver and kidney essence and blood, viscera function decline, boots appear symptoms of night sweats.

So, how does Chinese medicine use Chinese medicine to regulate menopause night sweats?

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Rehmannia glutinosa can nourish yin and replenish its essence, and rehmannia glutinosa can clear heat, nourish yin and nourish jin; Ophiopogon can nourish yin and nourish hydration, nourish lungs and clear heart; Schisandra chinensis can condense and stop sweat, nourish kidney, and nourish qi and nourish qi.

The combination of four drugs can achieve the effects of nourishing the heart and kidney, nourishing yin, clearing heat, and astringent sweat.

Drinking 20 grams of Rehmannia glutinosa, 15 grams of Raw Rehmannia glutinosa, 12 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus and 6 grams of Schisandra chinensis decoction, once a day, can effectively relieve the symptoms of menopause night sweats.

  In addition, if night sweats, insomnia is obvious, or with jujube kernels; those with soft waist and knees can be used with dogwood.

If menopausal women have bloating and diarrhea after taking the medicine, they can temporarily stop taking the medicine for a few days. The symptoms of diarrhea and bloating can be relieved by themselves.

  In general, menopause night sweats are extremely detrimental to the physical health of menopausal women, and they must be treated in a scientific and reasonable manner in a timely manner.

Menopausal women can consult a doctor to find a scientific and reasonable treatment for menopausal night sweats and choose a treatment that is more suitable for them.

Acupuncture Weight Loss Diary – Third Treatment

Acupuncture Weight Loss Diary – Third Treatment

The third course of treatment was because of the third course of treatment. I didn’t go yesterday. I said it this morning, it turned out to be 69.

9kg, finally, I am under 70kg, reached a low point of nearly 2 years, and went to the needle this afternoon.

  Thirty-first shot: Today, because there are few people, it took nearly one hour to electrify, strengthen the effect, and then tie the back. Today, the back is different from the previous one. Follow the spine all the way down to the waist, and then lean on both sides.2 needles, the bottom of the buttocks is 2 needles at the base of the thighs. The thighs are aligned with the 2 needles. The needles are pulled out for about 10 minutes. The back is used to it, but the thighs are really painful. I am also paralyzed.One leg moved, feeling that all the ribs in the leg twisted together, so uncomfortable. 69.

2kg thirty-two needles update; seems to have reached the platform period, the weight has been between 69kg–70kg, but recently did not control so much time ago, I am very strange, so control a lot, and then I really want to eatAfter eating it, I will think about losing weight, and I can control my diet again.

Yesterday I was doing acupuncture in the next door, saving a position for everyone. Anyway, I and the two of them looked at each other, huh, huh.

During this time, I don’t want to have a lot of weight and energy. I mainly keep it. It is a physiological period at the beginning of next month. Dr. Du said that the next weight loss is estimated to be after the physiological period, then I will wait!


5kg thirty-three needles: the weight is still in the sputum, recently eaten too much, it seems that do not want to control themselves, even this acupuncture log is too lazy to write.

Dr. Du is still very busy. It is still very empty at around 4:00 pm. The duck leg soup of Yonghe Soymilk is very good to drink. It can’t be fried or so juicy, and the food is delicious. Let me relax for a few days. 69.

8kg thirty-four needles: After smashing the needle, I ran to eat chickens. I haven’t been home until now. The recent no-no taboos directly lead to a rebound of more than 3 pounds. I don’t want to take care of him. After the holiday, let’s talk about it.For more than an hour (Dr. Du opened the back door) Hehe.

Recently, I have had enough to eat and pull less. I feel it when I finish the needle. This acupuncture is the laxative.

Dr. Du Yi rests, everyone can take a break.

70.4kg 5.7 thirty-five needles from the last acupuncture for a long time, May Day holiday plus a holiday, about 10 days did not go to acupuncture, the result of today’s trip is that almost every needle is very painful, let me endureIt’s so hard.

But I know that this is a good phenomenon, indicating that I am sensitive to the needle.

Just taking a vacation is a good time to lose weight, so I will go every day recently.

Today is still tied behind, pain!

  When I went to Ningbo on May 1st, everyone said that I lost a lot of weight and my heart was beautiful.

Does acupuncture’s jm have this feeling? There are not many weights, but people seem to be much thinner?

I asked Dr. Du, it is said that it is less, and the cockroach is very light, so this phenomenon.

71.2kg thirty-six needles.

Some time ago, the weight rebounded to 71kg, and this morning, weighed 70.

6kg started again, but it was a rebound. In fact, it was also the reason for eating it. I bought all the things I wanted to eat but endured in the past, and of course the weight has risen.

Now acupuncture, every time you have to tie the back, see a mm did not do a few times also asked to tie the back, Dr. Du said that the back is to go back to the consolidation period.

It seems that I am in the consolidation period.

  Introducing a shop selling Wowotou, newly opened, on the side of Taimiao, there are corn nests and buckwheat nests, which are rough to eat, but all are coarse grains, which feels very oily.

6 hair one, solid, but also full, I will get it, and it is very cool after eating, huh, huh. 70.

6kg thirty-seven needles: I went there at 2:00 pm today, it was lucky.

The first one.

It is said that today is Saturday, people will be less.

The current is bigger, the whole body’s flesh is shaking, and the movement is so powerful. After finishing it, the whole body is sour, I think it should be very effective.

Again, the back is also tied.

Today is the third day of restoring the needle, and it is not so painful to start to needle in. On that day, maybe I will not feel pain when I cut a knife in me.


3 kg 5.

12 Disaster Day, just saw QQ news, the number of victims in Sichuan has reached more than 7,000, and God bless them all safe.

Today, acupuncture, some people on the thighs have a good pain and pain. It has never been so painful. It’s really strange. This part has been smashed many times. Today is abnormal. Yesterday, there was no needle. Today it is a little painful, but because it is said to be less than the day before yesterday.1

3kg is still very happy.

I have to hold on to it. I don’t know if it will be light tomorrow morning. Today, I have eaten braised pork and marinated eggs, all of which are super high.69.6 kilograms of 39 needles, continue to constipation, so today is a laxative, found that the recent constipation of the mm special, I want to wash the intestines . 68.

9 kg forty needle update: Today, acupuncture is going to donate blood. The first time the hand is energized, the whole arm is numb, can’t go, can only go tomorrow.

Now the back of the hand is swollen with a large piece, and it is still blue, and there is no strength at all.

  Diet: Morning: 2 large cups of warm water, medium, one buckwheat nest, three bowls of pickled bamboo shoots soup, 200ml fat-reduced milk; late, 1 buckwheat nest, soup.

After eating, I couldn’t control my mouth. I ate half a pineapple, a packet of multi-flavored peanuts, a packet of 1 yuan of small melon seeds, and a half-pack of spiced tofu.

Now I am full of shopping yesterday, and I have eaten a lot of things.

So I don’t dare to weigh my weight today, but I’m a little confident that a lot of clothes can be worn, but because the legs are thin, the meat goes down when standing, and a piece of meat is bulged on the body, wearing pants.It’s ugly.
This is the sequela of weight loss, but at least it can be put on.

  Forty-one-one needle update: Recently, there have been fewer acupuncture people. Could it be that everyone is slim and satisfied?

I still have needles on both sides. In addition to the stomach, each needle is tied to the tendons. It always takes a long time, but it is very comfortable after the acid is finished.

I have to go to work tomorrow, so I won’t go to acupuncture so regularly.

  Forty-two needles: It’s terrible to go to work, and it’s the first time to go to acupuncture at 6:00 in the evening. There are so many people, Dr. Du can hardly stop, and has been pulling the needle.

Two days because I just got to work, I messed up my metabolism. I was constipated this morning, and my appetite was wide open recently. It was really hungry before I went to the back of my chest (exaggerated). I once ate 2 big ones.Do not eat vegetables in the potted rice.

Observation of Yan in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Observation of “Yan” in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Introduction: Observation and observation are usually judged by looking at someone’s language or expression.
In the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine, we will also use the “Yan” and “Color” to judge the health of the body.
A person’s face is closely related to his physical health. Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment methods such as “looking, smelling, asking, and cutting” have always been an important basis for seeing a doctor. This is due to the rise and fall of the whole body’s blood and blood, which is often shown on the face.
  A healthy person’s face is rosy, indicating fullness of blood; while a person who is unwell, has a fair complexion, indicating weakness of blood.
Generally speaking, the face of healthy people is usually yellowish, ruddy and shiny; unhealthy people often show a variety of abnormal complexions, such as pale, flushing, bruising, yellowing, black and so on.
  Pale complexion is caused by insufficient filling of the capillaries in the face. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is mostly a deficiency or chill, which is a sign of poor constitution.
In addition, such as heavy bleeding, shock caused by strong capillary contraction, hypothyroidism, chronic nephritis, lead poisoning, etc., can also cause paleness.
  There are two types of flushing face: physiological and pathological.
The former appears to be related to drinking, sun exposure, strenuous exercise or emotional activity, anger or shyness, etc .; the latter mainly occurs in high fever diseases caused by infection, such as typhoid fever, malaria, tuberculosis and pneumonia.
For example, taking drugs such as atropine to dilate blood vessels, and taking a large amount of hormones can cause temporary flushing of the face.
In addition, patients with lupus erythematosus and people with carbon monoxide poisoning may also develop flushing symptoms.