Xugong Machinery (000425): Xugong Information Increasing and Expansion Shares Focus on Xugong Group Mixed Improvement Exhibition

Xugong Machinery (000425): Xugong Information Increasing and Expansion Shares Focus on Xugong Group Mixed Improvement Exhibition

The event company announced on December 13 that the capital increase transaction of its subsidiary XCMG Information has been completed.

New investors subscribed for 10.66 million shares, with a total capital contribution of RMB 30,000, and Gao Capital Capital led the investment1.

6 million, the company’s shareholding in XCMG Information changed from 60% to 45%.

The funds raised this time are intended to be used for the research and development of XCMG’s internet technology, the construction of industrial internet infrastructure and the marketing system.

Comment on XCMG’s capital increase of 300 million, led by Gao Capital, XCMG’s equity holdings increased by 45 times in 5 years. XCMG’s main business is industrial Internet, Internet of Things intelligent devices and equipment networking.

According to a third-party assessment, on December 31, 2018, 四川耍耍网 XCMG Information was valued at 8.

800 million, currently estimated 1.2 billion after the investment.

When XCMG was registered in 2014, the cost of equity held by XCMG was 12 million. The current valuation of this part of the equity5.

40,000 yuan, 45-year increase in value over 45 years.

Among the 3 trillion in the capital increase, Gaofeng Capital, Nanjing Saifuheng Quasi Venture Capital Fund and China Electronics Technology (Nanjing) Industrial Investment Fund ranked the first three, respectively.



300 million.

After the capital increase and share expansion, the top three shareholders of XCMG Information are XCMG, Xuzhou Qunzhi Information and Gaojing Capital, with a shareholding ratio of 45% and 23.

7% and 13.


XCMG Machinery’s shares were converted from 60% to 45%, keeping the actual controller of XCMG Information unchanged, and still merging the company’s consolidated statement scope.

The value-added capital accelerates the development of XCMG’s new products, develops new technologies, lays out new markets, seizes the industry’s development potential, enhances the competitiveness of enterprises, and quickly grows bigger and stronger.

The value-added is proposed to introduce well-known domestic investors with Internet genes and emerging technology backgrounds to achieve complementary advantages and resource synergy, and accelerate the pace of the company’s informatization construction.

The growth rate of truck crane sales rebounded in the fourth quarter, and the sales of excavators exceeded expectations.

The sales growth rate of the automobile crane industry rebounded, and the industry sales growth rate was 9 in September.

2% reverses the gradual trend, increasing by 19.10 months ago

5% continued to pick up. In November, the company’s sales volume increased by 30-40%, the growth rate exceeded that of the industry, and its market share gradually increased from the third quarter.

In November, the industry-wide sales of excavators exceeded expectations by 22%, and XCMG’s growth rate exceeded 50%.

Benefiting from the equipment update cycle to supplement infrastructure investment growth, strict environmental protection policies, manual substitution, and overseas export growth, multiple factors have affected the concentration of leading companies.

The company’s controlling shareholder mixed reform is being implemented as planned.

In the future, the company is expected to lay the foundation for subsequent equity incentives, employee shareholding platforms and other measures in XCMG’s annual strategic investors, which will stimulate development momentum and the company’s governance will reach a new level.

The parent company’s excavators and other high-quality assets do not rule out injections in the future, and the company expects to benefit in many ways.

Earnings forecast and investment recommendations Net profit is expected to be 39/48/54 million in 2019-2021, an increase of 90% / 25% / 12%, and a compound growth rate of 38%.

EPS is 0.



69 yuan; PE is 10.



3 times.

To 10 times the PE in 2020, the target price from June to December is 6.
2 yuan.
Maintain “Buy” rating.

If the excavator is injected, it is expected that the excavator business of XCMG is reasonably estimated to exceed 20 billion yuan.

Risk warnings: Infrastructure real estate investment is less than expected; sales risk of some product industries; exchange rate risk.

Wanrun shares (002643): Performance in line with expectations Product profit continues to increase

Wanrun shares (002643): Performance in line with expectations Product profit continues to increase

Event: The company released its 2019 Interim Report, reporting a series of realized operating income21.

93 ppm, an increase of 1 per year.

18%, achieving net profit attributable to the parent company2.

310,000 yuan, discounted to EPS 0.

25 yuan, an increase of 19 per year.


Opinion: The company achieved revenue in Q2 in a single quarter 6.

3.1 billion, an annual increase of 1.

78%, a decrease of 4 from the previous month.

58%, net profit attributable to mother in a single quarter1.

2.杭州夜网论坛 9 billion, an increase of 0 every year.

47%, an increase of 27 from the previous month.


The growth of the company’s net profit is definitely a change in product structure to increase the company’s product gross profit margin.

2019H1 company’s gross profit margin of functional materials 41.

85%, an increase of 5 per year.

72 units; gross profit margin of large health sector 46.

30%, an annual increase of 4.

25 units.

In addition, the additional reduction in research and development expenses and exchange losses must increase the company’s net profit.

  The convertible bond project ceased, and the launch of new production capacity of built-in materials to ensure the growth of the company’s performance. After the comprehensive promotion of National VI, domestic demand for polymer molecular sieve materials is expected to exceed expectations.

The company has 3350 tons of new intermediate materials, which is in full production and sales, and has a capacity of 2500 tons under construction. It is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2019.

In addition, the company stopped issuing convertible bonds and instead invested in self-funded construction of new polymer environmentally friendly materials with an annual output of 7,000 tons.

The company’s existing monetary funds7.

At RMB 0.8 billion, there is little pressure on project construction funds and it will not dilute shareholders’ equity.

We believe that relying on the increasingly strict global automotive exhaust emission standards, the environmental protection materials business will become the company’s stable source of future performance growth.

  The growth of OLED materials can be expected. The companies each have March Optoelectronics and Jiumu Chemical Doping Subsidiaries.

Jiumu Chemical successfully dated three strategic investors, Yantai Kunyi, Luxiao Group and Gaohui Technology, and tried to continue to improve the production technology level of OLED intermediates and pre-sublimation materials and consolidate its market share with the cooperation of the battle investment; MarchThe verification of OLED finished materials produced by optoelectronics has progressed smoothly in downstream manufacturers, and has entered the volume verification stage.

In the future, with the expansion of the application scale of OLED materials in the small-sized display field, the company’s OLED material business growth can be expected.

  Estimates and Ratings We maintain our profit forecast for the company. It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers in 19-21 will be 5 respectively.

22, 6.

10 and 6.

930,000 yuan, maintain “Buy” 合肥夜网rating.

Risk reminder: New projects fail to meet expected risks; OLED promotion falls short of expected risks; appreciation of renminbi reduces company’s revenue risks; National Six promotion falls short of expected risks

Cobos (603486) 2019 Interim Report Review-ODM business contraction affects current profit of private label market share increase

Cobos (603486) 2019 Interim Report Review-ODM business contraction affects current profit of private label market share increase
In 19H1, the company realized revenue of 24.300 million (-3.8%), realizing net profit attributable to mother 1.300 million (-36.6%), realizing net profit deduction for non-attribution1.200 million (-39.8%), the performance was lower than market expectations.Against the background of the overall decline in the domestic consumer market and the Sino-US trade friction, the growth rate of the sweeping robot business has been affected.In addition, the company’s strategic contraction of ODM business and increase of the market share of the Timco brand also significantly affected the profit in the first half.However, in the face of adversity, the company maintained its leading position in the industry, and the domestic city share increased to 48% (+ 8pcts).We are still optimistic about the company’s future development prospects. In the second half of the year, we may see new breakthroughs in new product development, brand building, and overseas channels, and maintain a “buy” rating. Performance overview: (1) Revenue: 19H1, service robot / clean small home appliance business realized revenue16.8 billion / 7.0 million yuan, at least -2.6 %% / -6.0%.In the service robot business, private label / ODM realized revenue16.400 million / 0.39 trillion, ten years +11.2% /-84.5%.According to this calculation, in 19Q2, the revenue of self-owned brand sweeping robots was basically the same as last year, while ODM sweeping robots were about 80%.(2) Cost: 19H1, gross 杭州夜网论坛 profit margin is 37.3% (+0.7pct).Selling expense ratio 18.1% (+1.9pcts), overseas business expansion and Timco brand are still in the promotion period.R & D expense ratio 5.2% (+1.6pcts), the company continues to expand investment in new technologies for cleaning robots.Management / financial expense ratio 6.3% / 0.3%, little change in one year. The company ‘s gross profit margin remained stable as the industry’s prosperity declined, but expenses on the expense side became stronger. Especially in emerging industries, the company still needed to increase its investment in sales and R & D in order to establish an industry-leading advantage. New product development: Layout of a new generation of sensor modules.In the semi-annual report, the company mentioned that “a new generation of sensor modules based on machine vision, SLAM algorithms and artificial intelligence applications will replace the existing 2D service robot positioning and navigation technology based on LD and VSLAM in the near future”, new technologyThe product is worth looking forward to. Overseas channels: Cooperation with Amazon.The US market is the focus of the company’s overseas expansion strategy.Beginning in 18Q4, the company entered offline US channels such as Bestbuy, Target, Home Depot, and Costco.At present, the company has entered about 5,000 mainstream offline retail stores in the United States.Starting from 19Q2, the company cooperated with Amazon, which is expected to further promote the company’s development in overseas markets. Equity incentive: bind key personnel.The company launched a stock and stock incentive plan, which is calculated based on the evaluation criteria, which is equivalent to the requirement that the compounded growth rate of private brand home robot revenues is not less than 20% in 2019-2022, and the company’s overall net profit is not less than 2020-202215%.Incentives include nearly 300 employees including core management personnel. Risk factors: the acceleration of domestic and overseas market growth; increased competition; the product conversion rate is lower than expected. Investment suggestion: As the industry’s growth rate decreases, and the company strategically shrinks its ODM business and increases the market share of the Timco brand, we lower our 2019/20/21 net profit forecast to 3.900 million / 5.500 million / 7.200 million (previous forecast was 6.5 billion / 8.900 million / 11.700 million).However, we have seen that during adversity, the company has maintained its leading position in the industry, and the domestic city share has increased to 48% (+ 8pcts).In the second half of the year, new breakthroughs in new product development, brand building, and overseas channels are likely to be achieved, maintaining a “buy” rating.

Estun (002747): Cooperate with major shareholders to build acquisition platforms to accelerate development

Estun (002747): Cooperate with major shareholders to build acquisition platforms to accelerate development

Estun issued an announcement that in order to accelerate the implementation of the outreach development strategy and build a platform company for acquisition, Estun intends to cooperate with controlling shareholder Perest (holding Estun).

5% equity) In the next year, gradually increase investment in Dingpai Mechanical and Electrical Co.1 in cash.

4.9 billion.

After the completion of this transaction, Dingpai’s registered capital will reach 1.

49 trillion, of which Estun Automation subscribed for a capital contribution of 59.6 million yuan, holding a 40% stake in Dingpai Mechanical and Electrical; Prest subscribes for a contribution of 89.4 million yuan, holding a 60% equity in Dingpai Mechanical and Electrical.

Through Dingpai, the two parties will seek out outstanding companies with synergistic effects on the two core businesses of Estun Automation, international advanced technology, and performance support for acquisitions and mergers, and support Estun’s long-term development.

Release clear acquisition signals and expectations.

The company pointed out in the announcement that the forthcoming major shareholder to establish an acquisition platform is mainly aimed at finding companies that have synergistic effects on the two core businesses of Estun Industrial Robots and core components, and are also internationally advanced technologies with performance support.

We believe that the construction of the platform has clearly released the company’s next outsourcing acquisition signal.

Increasing gross profit margin during adversity and highlighting the company’s competitiveness.

Benefiting from the continuous expansion of the scale, the company’s comprehensive gross margin reached 36% in 2018, compared with 33 in the previous year.

4% increase to increase 2.

6pct, in the first quarter of 2019, the company’s gross profit margin continued to remain high, despite the industry’s continued downturn.

We expect that the company ‘s gross profit margin will continue to increase in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 18 years. The gross profit margin has been continuously improved during the adversity of the industry, which highlights the company’s product competitiveness and brand.

All funds issued by exchangeable bonds of major shareholders support the development of listed companies.

In April 19, the 杭州桑拿网 company announced that the major shareholder Perest intends to issue 6 trillion exchangeable bonds. The purpose of the funds is to support the development of listed companies.

We expect this move will help the company to further expand its business segment and enrich its product line through outbound M & A and endogenous development.

The announcement shows that Estun’s controlling shareholder, Prest, holds 60% of the shares in the acquisition platform, which will help listed companies effectively incubate early-stage projects and resolve investment risks. At the same time, the controlling shareholder will provide $ 600 million in listed companies instead.The proceeds, that is, 6 billion yuan of debts can be used for the development of listed companies.

Estonia will continue to expand its strengths in 19 years, and its 深圳桑拿网 profit elasticity will gradually be released.

Although it remains to be seen whether the industry inflection point will occur in the second half of the year, Estun will continue to vigorously develop in the areas of lithium batteries, photovoltaics, electronics, metal processing and other advantages to increase market share. At present, the company has or intends to cooperate with multiple downstream industries.Leading company Millennium Cooperation Agreement.

  Performance forecast and investment advice.

We predict that Eston will earn 16 years in 19 years.

200 million, net profit 1.

31 trillion, corresponding to 52 times the current PE.

Although the estimate is high, Estun is a domestic robot leader. It will have the greatest flexibility in the upward cycle of the possible industry boom, and outbound mergers and acquisitions will help thicken the company’s performance and digest PE valuations.

Over the past 4 years since its listing, Estun’s R & D, brand, scale, and customer strength have improved significantly, and it has hit a new low of 3 years for a long time.

Although there have been many recent downturns in the industry, the megatrend of automation is unstoppable and the robot industry will eventually pick up. We believe that at the current point in time, Estonia’s epitaxial development and endogenous growth will have breakthrough breakthroughs in the next two years.Great long-term investment opportunities, highly recommended!

  Risk reminder: The demand of the robot automation industry is constantly expanding, R & D management costs continue to increase, and outsourcing mergers and acquisitions are less than expected.

Dong’e Ejiao (000423): China Resources Regains Confidence in Reinventing the Year

Dong’e Ejiao (000423): China Resources Regains Confidence in “Reinventing the Year”

Brief evaluation of performance The company announced its 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income of 73.

3.8 billion, net profit attributable to mother 20.

8.5 billion, net of non-attributed net profit 19.

15 ppm, with a ten-year increase of -0.

46%, 1.

98%, -2.


In the fourth quarter, the single quarter realized revenue of 29.

5.4 billion, net profit attributable to mother 8.

60 ppm, net of non-attributed net profit8.

23 ppm, a ten-year increase2.

17%, 7.

78%, 4.


Operational analysis 2018 is the “year of remodeling”, and marketing, channels and other adjustments: 2018 is the year of remodeling of Dong’e Ejiao.”” Turn to promote heavy volume and carry out marketing. Channel reform is divided into different products: the parent company is mainly engaged in Ejiao blocks and Ejiao pulp, and the gross profit margin in the first three quarters of 2018 decreased and increased2.

34pct to 76.

88%, income growth rate in ten years -1.


Ejiao block price increased by 6% in December 2018, and overall sales were stable in 2018; Ejiao pulp was affected by channel adjustments and medical insurance, and overall sales declined. The company launched 24 packages to promote sales on the basis of the original 48;”Zhenyan” and “Taohuaji” are in the fast-moving consumer market, and overall sales are stable.

Continue R & D funding and expand “Ejiao +”: The 南京桑拿论坛 company’s R & D expenses in 2018 increased and increased6.

78%, focusing on the main business of Ejiao, expanding the Ejiao category, expanding “Ejiao +”, and developing new products such as Ejiao Instant Block; at the same time integrating multiple clinical studies to provide scientific research data support for academic marketing.

China Resources continued to increase its shareholding, demonstrating shareholder confidence: In 2018, China Resources Pharmaceuticals invested in the company several times, increasing its total holdings to 9,601,872 shares.

As of the end of 2018, China Resources Pharmaceuticals directly and indirectly holds companies.

With 22% of the shares, China Resources Pharmaceuticals owns concerted action. China Resources Dong-E-Jiao holds a total of 31 shares in Dong-E-Jiao.


Profit adjustment 杭州桑拿 According to the company’s operating conditions, we adjust the profit forecast. The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 3.



53 yuan, corresponding to the current total PE is 14.



5 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risks indicate that sales expenses are higher than expected; channel integration is expected to exceed expectations; R & D expenditures exceed expectations and exceed expectations; product development of “Ejiao +” exceeds expectations; sales integration exceeds expectations.

Black man quickly removes facial edema massage_1

Massage method to quickly eliminate facial edema at the tip

A reasonable massage method is far more useful than some exaggerated skin care products. Learn to edit and teach you eight stroke massage methods to give your skin a qualitative leap!

  First, after the BB cream is applied, the massage method is more suitable for the BB cream. After that, the two hands cling to the cheeks and push up firmly. Repeat until the BB cream spreads evenly and fits the face better.

This massage also has the effect of making your cheeks look thinner!

In addition, your forehead and T area also need to be massaged accordingly. You also need to do this lifting action. The direction can not be aligned upward, as long as it can be aligned with the fit effect.

  Second, the massage method when washing your face When you clean your face, you need to do a massage to soothe the skin, and at the same time give you more strength to clean the skin.

The specific method is to gently circle the face with the index finger or middle fingertips, either clockwise or counterclockwise.

It takes about 30 seconds to meet the above requirements. Of course, this is the most basic and necessary step for washing your face.

  Third, the massage method of shrinking the pores on the tip of the nose first relaxes the face, and then puts a towel with heat on the back of the neck to let the lymph flow unobstructed.

Use two small spoons to gently scrape on the side of the nose and on the tip of the nose, be sure to go back and forth several times, not only to clean the pores, but also to lift the nearby skin.

  Fourth, massage method to alleviate eye wrinkles Our eyes are the most prone to wrinkles, even if wrinkles do not grow, fine lines are easy to appear.

During the massage, place the ring finger under the two eyebrows, fix it, and then use the middle and index fingers to gently block from one end of the eye socket to the other, and continue for five times.

  Fifth, the massage method to eliminate facial edema first put the middle fingers on the sides of the nose, change the route of the bridge of the nose, and push it up again and again, you can easily eliminate the edema of facial edema.

In addition, you can also place your palms on both sides of your cheeks and gently lift up. You also need to do this many times, which can also eliminate the edema effect.

  6. When using eye cream, apply a small amount of eye cream to the ring finger, and gently touch it around the eye, and then perform a circular massage along the corners of your inner eye, upper eyelid, tail, and lower eyelid.The skin slowly absorbs the eye cream you apply.

Repeat several times until the eye cream is completely absorbed.

This method can also reduce the occurrence of eye wrinkles, which is beneficial to maintaining the youthful state of the face!

  Seven, soothing face massage method Place your ten fingers one by one in the center of the face to the front of the ear, change the route of the hair for massage, the fingers should be strong during the massage, slowly and deeply, the direction is roughlyFace toward the ear, and do it repeatedly until you feel the relaxation effect.

  Eight, massage cream massage method using both hands with the index finger and middle finger abdomen.

Spiral massage is performed in the order of the chin to the ear, the nose to the end of the eye, and the forehead to the end of the eye, in about 2-3 minutes.

The face can absorb the massage cream well, and it can lift the skin and tighten the facial beauty effect.

Winter sports preferred heat yoga to lose weight

Winter sports preferred heat yoga to lose weight

“Winter is a season of gaining weight. Lack of exercise and a big appetite make most people gain about 10 pounds after a winter.

“Yoga teacher Zhou Caizhu said.

So many women begin to “cramp” as soon as spring, which is actually not good for the human body.

Therefore, in order to keep people in good shape and at the same time in order to better detox, heat class came into being.

  Zhou Caizhu said that the heat class is mainly set up in winter to allow people to exercise in a good environment. Generally, the yoga room is mainly indoor, while the heat class is to adjust the internal temperature to about 30 ° C, and the temperature is similarIn summer temperatures.

People can sweat even if wearing only a vest inside. This can effectively eliminate toxins in the winter. At this temperature, human muscles and ligaments are more flexible than in winter, and people are less likely to be injured during exercise.

  ”At this time, many people will misunderstand whether hot yoga is hot yoga?

In fact, there are preset differences between the two.

Zhou Caizhu said.

At present, the most common one is hot yoga. This hot yoga is also mainly introduced in winter.

First of all, high-temperature yoga is generally practiced at a temperature of 38 ° C to 40 ° C, and hot yoga is to adjust the temperature to about 30 ° C that people can accept in summer, so many people who cannot afford high-temperature yoga can also enjoy in winterTemperature yoga.

On average, people with high blood pressure generally can’t perform high-temperature yoga exercise, but can perform hot yoga.

  But Zhou Caizhu reminded that too much hot yoga to lose weight in the winter will cause too much water loss in the body and easily cause physical decline.

She suggested that hot yoga should not be used more than three times a week. Do not lose weight too much. Maintaining a proper body fat ratio can help protect against cold and prevent sudden illness.

  In winter, the cold weather causes the human body to become stiff. At this time, many people feel that their body movement cannot be pulled. If they are eager to achieve success and cause excessive movement, they will easily get injured.

  ”Practising yoga is not a competition. It feels comfortable.

Zhou Caizhu said.
She told reporters that many people often “strive hard” when practicing yoga, thinking that others can do it themselves, and try to pull the body apart, which often leads to muscle and ligament strain.

In the winter, strains are more likely to occur. The reason is that before starting yoga, insufficient warm-up or slow warm-up often causes some muscle ligaments not to open, which is prone to sprains and strains.

It is recommended to use 5 times of non-stop sun worship to warm up, to achieve a slight fever and sweat, and then perform other exercises.

  Many people now enjoy outdoor yoga. In winter, outdoor yoga should be avoided.

First, because of the cold weather, people are stiff in the air and easily injured. Second, yoga is about an atmosphere, and the pressure to end work is heavy, and many white-collar workers are aggravated. In a good environment, yoga can effectively relieve tensionTherefore, if the place is not selected outdoors, the atmosphere will be difficult to achieve, and the yoga effect will not reach the best effect.

The third is that people are susceptible to cold when they are cold.

Large temperature difference, easy cough, orange stewed eggs, nourishing and warming the stomach

Large temperature difference, easy cough, orange stewed eggs, nourishing and warming the stomach

In December, the temperature became like a roller coaster.

The sun is bright during the day, and the wind is cold at night. How can such a large temperature difference be held down?

In this cold and windy season, the hot stewed eggs are really the first choice for warming the stomach.

The stewed egg has always been known for its tenderness and smoothness. The stewed egg with orange juice and milk has the effects of moisturizing, moisturizing and cough.

Hurry up and see how to cook.

Orange egg stew eggs: 1 orange, 1 egg, 1 milk, 50ml white sugar, 20g. Method: 1 cut the orange from the top 1/3, squeeze the orange juice for backup, and remove the fascia inside the orange.

2 Add white sugar to the orange juice and stir until it melts. Filter out the fruit residue with a small tea sieve, and take out the juice for use.

3 Beat the eggs, add about 30 grams (about two tablespoons) of orange juice and stir well, add an equal amount of milk and stir well, and then use a small tea sieve to filter out impurities.

4 Put the empty oranges in a small bowl and fix them, then pour the milk orange egg liquid until it is full, and cover the surface with plastic wrap.

After the steamer is boiling, add the oranges and steam over medium heat for about ten minutes.

Chinese medicine believes that orange is slightly cool, sweet and sour.

It has the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, appetizing and invigorating the qi, attending to loss of appetite, fullness and pain in the chest and abdomen, thunder in the abdomen, and loose stools or diarrhea.

Oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C and carotene, which can inhibit the formation of carcinogens, can also soften and protect blood vessels, promote blood circulation, reduce plasma and blood lipids; can reduce skin melanin deposition, thereby reducing dark spots and freckles, and whitening the skin.

Eating more vitamin C fruits and vegetables can help restore skin elasticity and prevent allergic reactions.

How to pick oranges?

Basically, high-quality oranges have a relatively long pore size in the epidermis, which will feel rough when you try to feel it, while inferior orange dermal holes will be relatively smooth to the touch.

If you use high-quality oranges to wipe with white paper, the color of the paper will not change, but if it is a dyed orange, you must pay attention to it, as soon as you wipe it, it will fade.

General fresh oranges, if you try to touch them, you will feel that the epidermis is relatively elastic, and stale orange peels will be soft and feel easy to break.

What should we do when we are new to the workplace?

What should we do when we are new to the workplace?

Case 1 Hard work Gao Yun went to an internship in a well-known newspaper in Beijing when he graduated from his senior year.

Because this unit is very good in terms of staffing and future prospects, she hopes to sign in to this newspaper after graduation.

  ● Work on time and work as a journalist. The occupational time of this reporter is not fixed. Many people interview and write articles outside. There is no strict definition of working hours.

And because Gao Yun is an intern, the requirements of her unit are not strict. If she is willing to come, no one will say anything.

But Gao Yun has to go to work in her unit almost every day. After she handles her studies well, she will immediately go to the unit, or take the initiative to actively go out to run news with reporters; or communicate with colleagues to analyze what other people ‘s newspapers have done for topicsWell, the topic of your newspaper needs to be strengthened there.

Moreover, she would go outside and look around even when she was fine, to find out if there was a good topic to choose from.

  Sometimes, some official reporters are unwilling to write manuscripts, or manuscripts that are particularly difficult to pick up, will let Gao Yun go.

It may have been a long time since you changed people, but Gao Yun will always be happy to follow up on the task, and then work hard to interview and dig.

Although encountering a lot of difficulties during the interview, Gao Yun never complained, always down-to-earth to write each manuscript, and never delayed when staying up late to work overtime.

At one point, Gao Yun’s manuscript had also appeared on the front page of the newspaper.

  ● Loyalty does not accumulate performance. However, sometimes Gao Yun feels uncomfortable.

Because the media is a special unit, the interns do not have a basic salary, they basically live on paper fees, and the job pressure of journalists is very high. Therefore, Gao Yun had to bear economic pressure during the internship and had a great spirit.pressure.

  Also, due to the rapid development of the journalism industry, new newspapers are constantly emerging.

Usually when there is such an opportunity, some colleagues who have not signed the contract have found another way out during the same period, and some have even advised her to leave early.

But she never moved, and insisted on doing things in the original unit.

  Gao Yun believes that although the unit did not sign her contract, the department leaders and colleagues treated her as a collective member.

The activities organized by the newspaper will call her, and even some important meetings about the future development planning of the unit, invite her to participate.

Gao Yun feels that it is very difficult to find a job that he likes now. He himself has loved the journalist industry very much. His childhood dream was to be an excellent journalist.

Moreover, there is nothing to do with your own home to go through the back door. Whether you can get the approval of the unit leader to get this good job can only depend on your usual hard work and seriousness.

Therefore, whenever she encounters something unsatisfactory, she always advises herself to be patient and work harder, there will always be a time for recognition.

  In this way, after more than one year of internship in this unit, Gao Yun’s proficiency in his own strength finally obtained a formal contract signed by the newspaper.

  ● Don’t bring emotions to work Gao Yun gave some opinions and suggestions to those who want to develop in the media.

  First, interpersonal relationships are very important at work.

The intern reporter who just arrived must communicate more with the people in his department, let them know your thoughts, and show everyone the best.

  Secondly, it is necessary to become a friend with the interviewee. When you are unfamiliar with the work at first, the editor or senior reporter will help you contact the interviewee, but after the interview, you should keep in touch with the interviewee.The way will be gone in the future.

  Third, contact more with colleagues, especially with an open mind to ask interview skills and coping methods, so that you will definitely learn a lot of things you can’t learn from books.

  Another point, and the most important point, is to have good self-regulation ability.

Journalists are a very stressful job. They often need to stay up late and sometimes suffer a lot of grievances. Some come from leaders and some from interviewees.

In this case, we must learn to relax ourselves and learn to regulate.

Maybe going out with former classmates, chatting with close friends, and singing out are all good ways.

Gao Yun repeatedly said that when an intern is working in the unit, he must not bring his emotions into the work.

  Case 2 is in the right position. Miss Zhu is now a full-time employee of Ocean Shipping.

When she was graduating from her senior year, she came to this foreign company for an internship through a friend’s introduction.

The boss also likes new people introduced by acquaintances, and feels that this has certain credibility and protection.

Although introduced by a friend to work in the company, the boss still objectively inspected Miss Zhu’s work ability and performance. After a three-month internship period, she finally decided to hire her as a regular employee of the company.

  ● Take advantage of the advantages. At the beginning, because she was unfamiliar with the company’s business, the boss used her foreign language expertise to allow her to translate materials.

In this way, Miss Zhu can be familiar with the company’s business as soon as possible, or she can make her learning skills and make full use of the good advantages of foreign languages.

In fact, for a small foreign company like Ocean Shipping, it is also an effective allocation of resources.   Miss Zhu said that the workload was heavy at the time.

Due to the small size of the company, there are more than a dozen employees in the entire company, each of whom has its own position, one for each management, and a clear division of tasks.

Ms. Zhu initially translated documents, learning while translating, and being practical, so as to be able to grasp the company’s workflow as soon as possible.

After more than half a month, she started to independently draft the company’s report.

  ● Positioning her position Ms. Zhu said that internships are very training.

Interns should not be arrogant and think that they have just walked out of school and are young and inexperienced. They must affirm their abilities.

The important thing is to be able to produce results at work, use your internship status, learn more and see more. If you have difficulties, you must learn to ask for advice.

But don’t show yourself everywhere, don’t show too much. This will have a bad impact and make people feel unreliable.

  Interns who have just entered the company must not rush into work, feel that they can do everything, take a big deal, and then really do it with fear.

Because companies now perform their own roles, you don’t have to know about a particular job, so sometimes it’s more effective.

Another point is that the intern should never belittle the work level of others. Even if you are a very capable person, you must know how to respect others.

And, after all, other people work in the company longer than you, and you know the company better than you.

  ● Confidently speak with grades. Through her internship experience and experience, Ms. Zhu tells the intern who is now in the internship stage: Be sure to work hard, learn more, look at it low-key, and don’t go public.

At the same time, you must be confident, work hard to complete your work, and show your results to your boss and colleagues.

Of course, we should also consult more, lead more, and learn from seniors.

  Interns also need to deal with interpersonal relationships in the company, talk less, do more work, do not engage in small groupism, let alone discuss the company’s people and affairs with others.

When you meet others, you talk about yourself and talk about yourself behind the scenes. You do n’t need to pay attention to it and you do n’t hear it.

If things get to a serious point, you can argue based on reason and clarify the facts, but it is better to be united and kind.

  Case Three Open-minded Ms. Li went to a Beijing Beer Co., Ltd. for an internship last year. She decided to stay in this company and she decided to stay. Now she has become the manager assistant of this company.

  ● Good impression of early arrival Miss Li believes that the intern must first ensure full attendance, and it is best to arrive at the company every day in advance.

Some Miss Li was afraid to take a taxi to work because she was late, because she felt that being late would give people a sense of lack of discipline and made other employees in the company think that the intern was lazy.

During the internship, Miss Li tried to arrive at the company as early as possible.

Sometimes she sorted out her personal information, and sometimes she made plans and preparations for the day, all of which made a good impression.

  ● Thinking back and reporting more Ms. Li is particularly outstanding. The intern must make more requests and more reports. If you are unsure about the situation, explain to the client that you need to consider it again.

Moreover, the intern has just been out of the campus, it is inevitable that there is some childishness, so you should think twice before talking.

Try to think in terms of the company.

Miss Li once went to the restaurant to talk about business. The person in charge of the restaurant saw that she was young and had no experience, so she asked them to give away several freezer while selling beer.

In fact, the beer company’s gift to the freezer must be based on the hotel’s geographical environment and many other factors. Miss Li and the company knew the situation in time to avoid the company’s loss.

  ● Open-minded to do the truth Ms. Li said that the intern’s benefits are not as good as those of regular employees, and psychological imbalance is normal.

Interns should think long-term, don’t worry about small things, accumulate experience, and improve their ability is the most important.

Now the society is more complicated and competition is fierce.

Some people try to gain a place in the company by flattering their bosses and pulling relationships.

In fact, it is meaningless to flatter too much during the internship period, and just saying that no practice will eventually be eliminated.

  ● People talk about art when she first went to the company, someone gave her a “pin”, and her boss said that her work efficiency was not high.

She was also very angry at the time, but she did not inquire who gave her a needle, and accepted the polite criticism of her boss.

In her later work, she worked harder and paid great attention to the details of her work, trying to be as perfect as possible.

Miss Li said that although everyone cannot do their best, interns are the “focus” of the company and will attract a lot of discussions, so they need to work hard in the best direction.

Daily necessities in Congress, don’t forget to clean

Daily necessities in Congress, don’t forget to clean

Around us, many daily necessities are not noticeable, but they are actually dirty.

Recently, the US “Reader’s Digest” has counted eight items that are often forgotten to clean.



Oil and bacteria accumulate on rags commonly used on kitchen countertops.

Experts recommend that each time you use a rag, wash thoroughly with soap and hot water, and immediately dry the rag to prevent bacteria from multiplying again.


Cosmetic brushes.

Many beautiful women rarely clean these brushes. Studies have found that cosmetic brushes are covered with Staphylococcus aureus, which can easily cause skin infections.

Dermatologists recommend that after each use of cosmetic brushes, they should be washed in warm soapy water.


steering wheel.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have sampled bacteria on the steering wheel and found that there are 109 bacteria per square centimeter on the steering wheel’s grip ring, which is almost 9 times that on the toilet.

In addition, many people like to eat snacks, drink water or apply skin care products in the car, and give various bacteria opportunities.

Therefore, it is recommended to prepare some disinfection wipes in the car, and wipe the steering wheel and various car equipment buttons at any time.


Sink of a drinking fountain.

A survey conducted by the National Health Foundation found that the sink of the water dispenser contained a large amount of yeast and mold.

To ensure the safety of drinking water, you should often empty the sink and wipe its surface with a disinfecting paper towel.


Mop and broom.

Reusable cleaning tools such as mops and brooms will not only have hundreds of millions of harmful bacteria, but also transport germs to all corners of the room during the cleaning process.

Experts from Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom recommend that you use a fine-fiber mop as much as possible and put it in a washing machine to clean it after each use.


light switch.

Researchers at the University of Houston in the United States have found that the number of bacteria on almost every light switch can be “comparable to” the toilet circle.

To ensure safety, the light switches in your home are scrubbed with a cleaning solution once a week.

In public, you can use two elbows instead of hand to open the switch.


remote control.

Researchers at the University of Arizona have found that more bacteria are hidden on the remote control than on the ward.

Even at home, scrub every button on the remote control with a disinfectant wipe at least once a week.


Toilet brush handle.

When cleaning the toilet, toilet cleaner can clean the toilet brush, but many people ignore the handle of the toilet brush.

There are as many antibiotics as there are on the toilet ring, so to really keep the bathroom clean, you need to disinfect all parts of the toilet brush or use a disposable toilet brush.