Yonghui Supermarket (601933): The revenue is accelerating month-on-month, and the profit of Yunchao ‘s main business is growing steadily, and the performance is in line with expectations

Yonghui Supermarket (601933): The revenue is accelerating month-on-month, and the profit of Yunchao ‘s main business is growing steadily, and the performance is in line with expectations

Event: On October 29, the company released the third quarter report of 2019, announcing that it achieved operating income of 635 in Q1-Q3 2019.

43 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.

59%, net profit attributable to mother 15.

38 ppm, an increase of 51 in ten years.

14%, net profit deducted from non-mother 12 was achieved.

69 ppm, an increase of 45 in ten years.


In the third quarter alone, the company achieved operating income of 182 in Q3 2019.

95 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

3%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 1.

69 ppm, an increase of 100 in ten years.

3%, realizing net profit deduction for non-attribution1.

5.9 billion, an increase of 140 in ten years.

0%, performance is in line with expectations.

Stores initially accelerated, the same store was stable, and revenue maintained rapid growth.

In 2019, the company’s long-term exhibition target is 150 (excluding the top 100 consolidated tables), and the previous year’s exhibition target has increased. In total, there were 34 stores in Q3 2019, and 80 stores in Q1-Q3 in 2019.There are 38 bravo stores, and the exhibition plan is planned to advance twice as scheduled in the report.

In terms of mini stores, there were 112 stores in 2019Q3, with an average area of 440 square meters. In addition, in 2019H1, there were 510 mini stores in the first three quarters.

The same store is still healthy. According to the company announcement, about 3% of the same store in the third quarter.

On the whole, the company’s 2019Q1-Q3 achieved operating income of 635.

430,000 yuan, 182 revenue in 2019Q3.

95 ppm; according to last year’s statement, the revenue growth of the 2019 Q1-Q3 cloud ultra segment (including mini and cloud business) increased by about 23.

9%, the revenue of Yunchao segment in Q3 2019 will increase by about 25 per year.

7%, maintaining a sequential increase in revenue growth.

In the third and third quarters, the gross profit margin increased, and the expense ratio improved due to the impact of Parkin ‘s. The mini-store incubation period had a slight breakthrough, and the main business profit was stable. In addition, the equity incentive fee continued to decline, and the apparent profit increased.

At the gross profit margin, the company’s gross profit growth in the first three quarters increased by zero.

1pct to 21.

9%. In terms of regions, except for the 7th and 10th districts, the gross profit margin of the main business in the remaining regions has declined, or it is related to the company’s initiative to adjust prices and product structure adjustments. From the perspective of the third quarter, the gross profit margin has decreased.Raise 0.

2pct to 22.


On the expense side, the company’s first three quarters of sales, management, and financial costs have been reduced by 0 every year.

2pct, decrease by 1.

4pct, boosted by 0.

3 points to 15.

7%, 2.

9%, 0.

4%, related to the same period last year, cloud creation, cloud business and other innovative businesses are still on the table; in the third quarter alone, the company’s sales, management, and financial expenses were increased to zero.

6pct, decrease by 1.

3pct, boosted by 0.3 points to 16.

7%, 3.

3%, 0.

4%, higher sales expense ratio in the third and third quarters, related to Guangzhou Baijia integration.

On the whole, the company’s main business profit is stable, and the growth rate of large stores is expected to be 15-20%. There is a slight replacement during the incubation period of the mini store.
Investment suggestion: The company starts with a differentiated positioning of fresh produce. The supply chain of more than 20 years of intensive cultivation has become the fourth leader in supermarkets.

At present, the company is seizing the advantages of dual-line integration in the industry, accelerating the advantages of concentration, and promoting the speed of Yunchao’s exhibition shops. It also follows the trend, promotes the integration of the same industry, and advances towards platformization.

In 18 years, affected by various factors such as the distribution of incentive fees, innovative business, and consumer 天津夜网 pressure in the second half of the year, the company ‘s expense ratio was at an all-time high. At the end of 18 and early 19 years, fresh food and Yunchuang successively promoted the advancement of light equipment.One or two mergers, the manager’s division of labor is clear or the cloud super efficiency is improved; focus on the development of small stores, if its replicability is verified, it may enrich the home business, promote a significant increase in the single district market share, key recommendations.

It is expected that the growth rate of cloud supercomplex in 2019-2021 will be 20-25%, and the EPS in 19-20 is expected to be 0.

23 yuan / share, 0.

29 yuan / share, corresponding to 30 times PE, 6-month target price of 10.

5 yuan, maintain “Buy-A rating”.

Risk reminders: 1) intensified regional competition; 都市夜网 2) new business development in lower-tier cities exceeds expectations; 3) small store business development is lower than expected; 7) CPI continued downside risks.

Shanxi Fen Liquor (600809): Take the reform as a fulcrum and go further

Shanxi Fen Liquor (600809): Take the reform as a fulcrum and go further

By reforming to promote the upgrading of energy, we can go a step further.

Fenjiu has become a brand of great revival, product quality and public foundation. After replacing the leading position in the liquor industry for six consecutive years 都市夜网 from 1988 to 1993, due to strategic choice and external environment, it has undergone high-end reform in 2002/2008 marketing system remodelingReforms: In 2017, there were three reforms in the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises, which realized the upgrading of kinetic energy under historical conditions.

After the completion of the state-owned enterprise mixed reform in 2019, the company dated China Resources’ war investment and implemented distribution incentives, trying to take the reform as a fulcrum, continue to go further, and achieve the great goal of the rejuvenation of Fenjiu.

  After the product strategy “grasping the middle of the two heads” to drive growth, the future will focus on blue and white to improve the quality of growth.

At present, the liquor industry is experiencing squeezed growth characteristics, product 北京夜生活 structure is upgraded, high-end and sub-high-end demand are rapidly growing, the mid-range wine market is stable, and the low-grade wine bottle wine has maintained a rapid growth rate.

  In response to the current situation, the company has gradually promoted the strategy of “grasping the middle of the two belts” since 2017. Blue and white and Bfen have achieved rapid growth in recent years.

Standing on the basis of 10 billion, the company will focus on blue and white in the future to improve growth quality and brand height, and maintain the overall size of Bfen stable.

With the upward optimization of the product structure, the company’s profitability will continue to increase.

  The market layout has deepened nationalization, and the market south of the Yangtze River has rebuilt growth poles.

In 2016, the province’s market achieved comprehensive coverage of more than 1,100 townships and towns, laying a solid foundation.

The market around Shanxi has grown rapidly in recent years, and regions such as Luyu have entered the stage of refined operation, but the overall scale is still small, and there is still room for transformation and development.

In the strategic market, the company clearly put forward the East China strategy of “crossing the Yangtze River, breaking East China, and occupying Shanghai”. The three small sections create key urban agglomerations. The market south of the Yangtze River strives to achieve an average annual growth rate of 50% in the next three years, creating another growth pole.
  The reform of the marketing system and mechanism has promoted the steady improvement of marketing capabilities.

In terms of marketing capacity building, the company established a market-oriented assessment mechanism, continuously promoted the mixed reform of marketing companies, actively innovated marketing models, attached importance to brand marketing collaboration, refined cost control, and steadily improved marketing capabilities.

  Profit forecast and investment suggestions: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019/2020/2021 will be 20 respectively.

65 billion / 28.

2.8 billion / 34.

070000 yuan, corresponding to the current PE of 39X / 28X / 23X, maintaining the “buy” level.

  Risk warning: food safety issues; increased competition in the industry.

Longjing Environmental (600388) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Non-electricity Business Supports Steady Growth in Performance

Longjing Environmental (600388) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Non-electricity Business Supports Steady Growth in Performance
Event: Longjing Environmental (600388) released its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 94.2 billion, an annual increase of 15.90%; net profit attributable to mother 8.01 billion, an annual increase of 10.62%; net profit after deduction 73.0 billion, an annual increase of 6.83%; 1 share is proposed for 10 shares.7 yuan. Opinion: Steady growth in performance and improved cash flow.The company’s main products are dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification, electrical control devices, and material transportation. It provides industrial gas multi-metering solutions, replacing power, 杭州夜生活网 building materials, metallurgy, chemical and light industry industries.Achieved a steady growth in revenue in 2018 with a gross profit margin of 24.08%, a decrease of 0 per year.61 averages.Sales expenses, management expenses (including research and development expenses), and financial expenses increased by 23, respectively.91%, 7.35%, 161.43%, loans increased significantly in 2018, short-term loans and long-term loans increased by 1.5 billion and 6 respectively.5 billion.The increase in bad debts and inventories caused a significant increase in asset impairment losses by 156%.Net operating cash flow was 4.1.4 billion, an increase of 21 every year.05%, mainly due to an increase in advance receipts and an increase in repayments. Demand in the non-electricity market has continued to unleash, with over 60% of single units in the new decade.The traditional coal power market has shrunk sharply, and the focus of the flue gas management market continues to shift to non-electricity.In 2018, the company won more than a dozen steel sintering ultra-low emission contracts, and independently developed dry desulfurization steel ultra-low emission technologies to achieve large-scale commissioning.The high-temperature ultra-clean electric bag has made breakthroughs in non-electric markets such as alumina and metallurgical smelting, and has obtained large-scale engineering applications. It is expected to become another important technology and product for non-electric flue gas treatment.West Mine Environmental Protection has taken the lead in obtaining cement SCR denitration demonstration projects and operating results in China, and has successively obtained large-scale incremental contracts such as cement desulfurization, SCR denitration of sintered flue gas, and converter dry process.The metallurgical business unit’s new contract reached a record high. Initial orders added were $ 13 billion, growing by 38 per year.3%, of which 47 million were factory orders and 8.3 billion non-electric orders; 9.7 billion factory orders and 7.5 billion non-electric orders were in hand at the end of the year. The non-gas business has gradually started, and it intends to issue convertible bonds to raise funds of 1.8 billion US dollars.Breakthroughs were made in new businesses such as industrial wastewater treatment, VOCs treatment, and fume removal, and construction of pipe belt production lines began.Newly signed VOCs contracts in 20181.37 billion, 0 soil remediation contracts.17 billion, pipe belt transport contract3.0.4 billion, industrial wastewater treatment contract 1.81 billion.The company plans to issue convertible debt to raise 1.8 billion US dollars. It will invest in environmental protection transportation equipment and intelligent manufacturing projects, high-efficiency composite environmental absorbent projects, wastewater treatment product production and R & D base construction projects, VOCs adsorption concentration devices and oxidation incineration device production line construction projects., The construction project of production line for flue gas whitening products, the project of data center for the application of coal-fired flue gas smart environmental protection island, etc. Investment advice: Maintain a cautious recommendation level.It is expected that the EPS for 2019-2020 will be 0.84 yuan, 0.96 yuan, corresponding to PE is 16 times, 14 times, maintaining a cautious recommendation level. risk warning.Expansion of business is expected, market competition has intensified and gross profit margin has declined.

Shanxi Coking (600740) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Acquisitions Improve Better Performance Future Changes Also Look at Coking

Shanxi Coking (600740) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Acquisitions Improve Better Performance Future Changes Also Look at Coking

The company’s traditional main business is coke and related chemical by-products, and its profitability is weak. The net profit in the past 10 years has been below 100 million yuan.

However, in 2018, it acquired a 49% stake in China Coal Huajin, and its performance increased significantly.

The increase in performance of the acquisition is expected to improve in the first quarter of 2019, but with the high and stable price of coking coal, changes in subsequent company performance will replace the traditional coking sector.

Acquisitions increase investment income, and net profit increased by 15 in 2018.


The company’s operating income / net profit in 2018 were 72.

2.9 billion / 15.

33 ppm (+20 each year.

58% / + 15.

67x), basically consistent with the level of performance forecast, EPS is about 1.

21 yuan.

The increase in performance was mainly due to the acquisition of a 49% stake increase in China Coal Huajin11.

150,000 yuan investment income.

Net profit after deduction 12.

94 ppm, non-recurring income is mainly generated by the discount of the acquired equity, which is about 1 in terms of the company’s stock business performance.

800 million.

The company’s profit distribution plan is 2 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares, and the dividend rate is about 20%.

Coke sales rose by nearly 6%, and factors such as environmental extreme production led to a decline in coal chemical sales.

In 2018, the company produced coke 300.

66 announced (100% of annual plan completed), sales of 299.

68 initially (at least +5.


Coke formaldehyde / cost is 1777.


88 yuan / ton, previously +17.

71% / + 17.

26%, gross margin increased by 0 in the short term.


The company produces anhydrous tar 25.

83 for the first time, at least -14.

33%; production of carbon black 5.

57 earliest, at least -15.

48%, coal chemical production has not completed the production plan indicators, mainly 都市夜网 due to environmental protection and production restrictions need to adjust the coking time leading to equipment shutdown and maintenance.

In 2019, the company plans to produce 285 inserts of coke, 31 inserts of processed tar, 11 joints of crude benzene, 20 pins of methanol, and 7 of carbon black.

2 nominal.

China Coal Huajin is still expected to contribute to this year’s performance increase.

China Coal Huajin’s 2018 net profit was 29.
64 ppm, the net profit per ton of coal is expected to reach about 340 yuan, because the corresponding equity net profit is only included in the investment income after the completion of the acquisition in March 2018, so assuming that Huajin Company’s 2019 profit is stable, the investment income in the first quarter can still increase by about 3Billion or so.
Risk factors: The company’s coking business profits have increased sharply; coal prices have fallen sharply; and the macro economy has exceeded expectations.

Investment suggestion: Considering the latest coal, coke price expectations (the price of coking coal is unchanged, and the price of coke is down by 3%) and all additional equity issues, we lower the company’s 2019/2020 EPS forecast to 0.


04 yuan (previous forecast was 1.


23 yuan), plus EPS forecast 1 for 2021.

12 yuan.

The current price is 10.

52 yuan, corresponding to 2019?
2021 P / E11 / 10 / 10x.

Give the company a target price of 14 yuan, corresponding to 2019 P / E15x, and maintain a “Buy” rating.

China Unicom (600050) quarterly report review 2019: rapid profit growth officially entered the 5G era

China Unicom (600050) quarterly report review 2019: rapid profit growth officially entered the 5G era

I. Overview of the event The company released the first quarter report of 2019: the company achieved revenue of 731 in 2018.

4.7 billion, a decline of 2 every year.

39%; net profit attributable to mother 16.

25 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.


Second, the performance of analysis and judgment has grown rapidly, and the gross profit margin has improved significantly in the first quarter of 2019. The company continued to deepen the implementation of the centralized innovation and cooperation strategy, actively promoted Internet-based operations, and comprehensively deepened the reform of mixed ownership.

Affected by the speed-up and fee reduction and the intensified market competition, the company’s overall revenue declined slightly, but its main business continued to grow.

The company’s gross profit margin in the first quarter was 28.

65%, an increase of 2 a year.

2%, the cost control effect is remarkable, and the net profit is growing rapidly.

Industrial Internet revenue has grown rapidly, and innovative businesses have achieved results. In the first quarter of 2019, the number of mobile 南京夜网 billing users increased by 8.1 million, reaching 3.

2.3 billion households; of which 4G users had a net increase of 10.52 million households to 2.

3 billion households.

The mobile payment user ARPU is RMB 41.

2 yuan, a decrease from the same period last year.

Revenue from mobile main business decreased by 5 compared with the same period last year.

2% to RMB 393.

7.3 billion.

There was a net increase of 1.51 million fixed-line broadband subscribers to 82.39 million, and fixed-line broadband reception revenue was RMB103.

3.2 billion.

Thanks to the rapid growth of innovative business, fixed-line main business income reached RMB269.

19 ppm, an increase of 9 over the same period last year.


In the first quarter of 2019, revenue from the main business of Industrial Internet was RMB 86.

61 ppm, an increase of 47 over the same period last year.

4%, continued to maintain rapid growth.

Capital expenditure increased, officially entering the 5G era. The company’s capital expenditure in 2019 has increased from last year. It is estimated that the expenditure will be 58 billion US dollars, an increase of 30%, of which 5G investment will be 6-8 billion US dollars.

In the first quarter, the company tendered more than 400,000 stations for 4G base stations to increase the coverage area and prepare for 5G construction.

In addition, the company’s Global Industry Chain Partner Conference today announced that it will open 5G trial networks in 40 cities and officially release the 5G brand “5G?

“It marks a formal entry into the 5G era.

Third, the profit forecast and investment recommendations are currently strengthened, and the company is expected to continue to strengthen its licensing expectations. It is optimistic about the company’s deepening reforms, continuous innovation in strategic development directions, and cloud computing and the increase in business value added by the Internet of Things.

It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

19, 0.

26 and 0.

33 yuan, the corresponding PE is 37 times, 27 times and 21 times.

The company’s lowest PE in the past three years is 26 times.

Maintain the “Recommended” level.

4. Risk warning: New business development is below expectations; mixed reforms are below expectations.

Haige Communications (002465): Subsidiary Chida Aircraft’s Powerful Strength Prompts Poor Expectation

Haige Communications (002465): Subsidiary Chida Aircraft’s Powerful Strength Prompts Poor Expectation

Recent situation of the company Haige Communications has four business segments, of which the value of the aerospace segment has not been fully recognized.

We believe that the controlling subsidiary, Chida Aircraft, has strong competitive strength and good development prospects; suggesting that the forward expectations are 南京夜网 bad, and re-recommending Haige Communications.

Comments Chida Aircraft is one of the major private suppliers of large military / civilian aircraft components, with rapid growth in the past 5 years.

In 2018, Haige Telecom’s aerospace segment’s revenue / gross profit accounted for 4% / 6% respectively, of which Chida Aircraft (65.

34% equity ratio) revenue / gross profit accounted for 73% / 73% of the sector.

Chida aircraft mainly provides CNC machining of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy parts, forming and processing of carbon fiber composite material parts, and parts assembly services. Specific products include chassis, wing, tail, aircraft simulator parts, etc.

The company’s business mainly comes from aircraft manufacturing plants across the country. In 2018, the number of customers increased to 60, which basically covered customers in the aviation industry, and expanded to the aerospace and other military products.

At present, the company has transitioned from the original processing to the integrated business model of design, procurement, processing and assembly.

In 2015, the company’s military revenue accounted for 70% +. Due to the growth of ARJ21, C919 supporting and international subcontracting business, the proportion of military and civilian products was more balanced.

The company achieved revenue in 20181.

2.4 billion, + 15% year-on-year, with a net profit of 0.

4.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of + 30%; 2014-18 revenue CAGR 29%, net 佛山桑拿网 profit CAGR 41%, of which CNC machining business revenue CAGR 49%.

The overall financial status of Chida Aircraft may be comparable to the company Elerta.

Since 2016, the ROE of Chida aircraft has been consistently higher than that of Elodea; in 2018, the increase of ROE was 16 respectively.

7%, 9.


1) Revenue and net profit: Chida’s aircraft business scale is still not as large as Elorda’s, but due to the recovery of Chida’s aircraft growth rate (2016-18 Chida’s aircraft revenue / net profit CAGR is 15% / 27%,Leda is 4% / 0%), Chida aircraft is catching up.

2) Profit margin: Chida aircraft is lower than Elerta, but due to the merits of each other, differences are narrowing.

3) Asset turnover: Chida aircraft continued to be higher than Elerta, which were 0 in 2018.

35, 0.

4) Asset-liability ratio: Chida aircraft is higher than Elerta, but the gap has been greatly reduced.

Benefiting from the upgrade of military aviation equipment and the development of large civil aircraft, the prospects of Chida aircraft are good.

In the military field, Xifei 20, Shaanxi Feiyun 8/9, and Chengfei fighters continued to expand their production and delivery volume. The expansion ratio of OEM parts and components supporting business continued to increase. We expect Chida aircraft orders to continue to grow faster than OEMs.

In the civilian sector, ARJ21 is in the ramp-up phase of production capacity, and C919 is scheduled to be delivered in 2021, which will benefit Chida aircraft in the medium and long term.

It is recommended to keep the profit forecast unchanged, which can currently correspond to 37.

3x / 26.

7x 19 / 20e P / E.

Maintain target price of 12 yuan, corresponding to 35x 20e P / E, 29% potential growth space, re-recommend.

Risks The delivery of military products orders is less than expected.

11 bad health habits

11 bad health habits

Everything has two sides, and even some of the accepted bad habits in the continuum are good for your health.

On September 1, the British “Daily Mail” doubled 11 such “bad habits” for everyone.


Reasonable anger is good for blood pressure.

  That’s right, angry people can raise blood pressure.

However, a study by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States found that in the case of depression, responding properly with anger, not only will blood pressure maintain normal levels, but also the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that creates stress, will decrease accordingly.

  Psychological research shows that angry people have a more positive attitude and sense of control; when they do n’t, they are afraid to hold back, and they try to restrain their inner emotions. Instead, stress hormones will rise sharply.

Over time, blood pressure will “follow you.”


Video games help you exercise.

  Who says that playing video games makes you fat?

Scientists at the University of Miami in the United States have found that when people play video games, their heart rate increases, they breathe faster, and the body consumes more energy.


Dr. Perry believes that if you can’t participate in real physical exercise, playing games can also help you lose weight, at least better than sitting on the sofa silly and eating fries while watching TV, but you can only play for too long.


Speak swear words to ease the pain.

  Swearing is a bad habit of being shameless, so it has the benefit of relieving pain.

Psychologist Richard.

Dr. Stephen believes that swearing is related to the adrenaline regulating effect, which aggravates people’s tendency to aggression.

  Research shows that the more a person wants to invade others, the less sensitive he is to pain.

When our ancestors underwent surgery without anesthesia, they would bite a wooden board in their mouths. In fact, they could yell and relieve pain.


Steal a little lazy to help you live longer.

  Public health expert Pete.

Yakost said that every morning, busy people may “drill into the grave” prematurely.

Stealing a little laziness from time to time can not only reduce work stress, but also the key to longevity.

Studies have shown that taking a break at noon is more prolonged than playing tennis.

The elderly always run and consume energy that would otherwise be used to regenerate cells or fight disease.

Psychologists say that even if you are daydreaming at home, your brain is processing important information, and your thinking is more active.


Short-term stress enhances memory.

  Long-term life pressures, such as divorce, can damage a person’s immune system and are prone to infection.

But research from the University of Buffalo found that short-term urgency events can improve the brain’s learning ability and memory.

  This is because stress hormones affect parts of the brain that are responsible for emotional and learning abilities.

The material that is increasing the pressure to gradually transmit information, glutamate, spreads faster, thereby improving memory.


Avoiding housework is hypoallergenic.

  Studies have suggested that the outbreaks of allergic and autoimmune diseases are because modern society is too clean.
But the culprit is absolutely dusty.
A survey by the University of Bristol and Brunel showed that women during pregnancy or after childbirth often use cleaning equipment, and children are 41% more likely to develop hypertension before age 7.

Because chemicals released by some indoor cleaners can severely damage children’s respiratory tract.


Loud music stimulates brainpower.

  At a rock party, turning up the volume of music can help stimulate the vitality of the brain.

A study by the University of Manchester in the UK found that the balloon in the human ear is only sensitive to sound levels exceeding 90 decibels.

The balloon is connected to the brain’s processing, happiness and neonatal areas.

If these desires are fulfilled through the stimulation of high-decibel music, our hearts will be very calm and happy.

When you are unhappy, you can use high-decibel music to stimulate your “happy hormone”.


Carbonated drinks prevent dementia.

  Despite the threat of corroded teeth and the threat of obesity, neuroscientists at the University of Glasgow’s Scottish University have found that drinking 2 cans of carbonated beverages a day can improve people’s memory by 20% and effectively prevent dementia.

Because the hippocampus area in the brain becomes very active under the stimulation of rising blood sugar, the hippocampus area of patients with Alzheimer’s disease declines, and the hippocampus shrinks.


Beating the table, trembling all over Whether you hit the table, trembling or stretching your legs, yawning, such people consume an extra 350 calories a day and lose 9-27 pounds a year.

So fat people don’t always regret that they can’t find a suitable way to lose weight.


Quilts do not overlap to kill dust mites.

  People with asthma are advised not to fold quilts.

The dust mites in the room are difficult to survive in the dry and exposed environment.

The folded quilt easily retains the temperature and sweat of the human body, creating living conditions for the dust mites.

Researcher Stephen.

“Put the quilt on the bed, the overlapping gas inside will quickly dry, and the external moisture will not be able to enter, and all kinds of insecticides will dehydrate and die,” said Dr. Preitloff.


Weekday bets drive away depression.

  A study by Yale University in the United States found that gamblers are healthier than ordinary people.

Researchers have found that people over 65 years of age participate in moderate competition games and sometimes go to the racetrack once a week, their brains will be more active and good at communicating with people.

People who are older can play online poker games or electronic gambling games, which can effectively relieve depression and prevent premature brain failure.

What can I not eat after kidney gas surgery?

Dietary points of kidney gas patients

What can I not eat after kidney gas surgery?

Dietary points of kidney gas patients

What can you not eat after kidney surgery?

After four hours of kidney gas surgery, if the gastrointestinal motility is normal, you can drink boiled water first. If there is no vomiting or other discomfort, you can eat.

In addition to eating some soft and digestible foods, there are many dietary points after kidney gas surgery. Let’s take a look at the dietary points of patients with kidney gas.

What can I not eat after kidney gas surgery?

1, fermented bean curd, onion, pepper and leeks.

These foods are not conducive to the healing of the wound, but may also cause inflammation of the wound.

2, spicy food, spicy food is not conducive to the healing of the wound, and may also make the wound infected.

3, carbonated drinks.

Don’t eat cold foods and drink carbonated drinks.

Since the change of intra-abdominal pressure is one of the factors that induce kidney gas, it is necessary to pay attention not to drink carbonated beverages, because carbonated beverages may cause swelling gas and other conditions to aggravate intestinal hernia.

4, easy to cause constipation and food in the abdomen expansion gas.

It is not advisable to eat mung beans, cabbage, white radish, green radish, and yellow bean sprouts.

Eat less food that is easy to cause constipation and inflated gas in the abdomen. Greasy fried fried things such as potato chips, shrimp strips, chocolate, etc. should not be eaten.

There is also the avoidance of tobacco and alcohol.

Dietary points after surgery in patients with renal qi1, zinc deficiency and zinc microfibrosis function decreased.

Zinc is mainly found in foods such as fungus, kelp, pigskin, and pig’s trotters.

姨: Lack of lipids can lead to wound healing defects.

Fish oil is rich in fatty acids, has anti-inflammatory effects, and has certain disease on wound healing.

2, glucose sugar is the main energy supplier of the human body, the supply of excess energy is incurable for wound healing.

In the wound healing period, you can eat more sugar-rich fruits, which can increase the sugar and absorb enough vitamins.

3, protein and vitamin A kidney gas failure what to eat?

Adding protein to the diet can promote wound healing and reduce the chance of infection.

Protein-rich foods include a variety of lean meats, milk, and eggs.

Vitamin A can promote wound healing.

It is mainly found in fish oil, carrots, tomatoes and other foods.

4, vitamin C can prevent wound healing.

Exist in a variety of vegetables, fruits, jujube, pepper is a treasure trove of vitamin C.

Normally, one week after the kidney gas surgery, the patient’s normal activities and work are no problem.

If the patient wants to fully recover, it is usually about half a year.

Of course, during this period, the patient’s post-operative care work and dietary attention are in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.

Three Acne Tips for Women to Get Rid of Long Tease

Three Acne Tips for Women to Get Rid of Long Tease

Guide: Do you also want to have smooth and delicate skin?
But the damnable acne has not disappeared, what should I do?
Xiaobian will introduce you acne tips to help you solve your problems.
For acne, just internal conditioning is not enough. You can do more in external face.
Here, according to the advice of a professional beautician, I have summarized the two-step acne removal tips. The above section is the most basic acne treatment, and one step is indispensable.
  Cleanliness is the most important for any skin, especially the oily acne skin.
The following recommended acne tips must be in one step.
  Deep Cleansing: To cleanse the face, acne princesses should choose a deep cleansing cleanser.
Today’s recommended acne tips, this step is very simple, but it is also very important, pay attention to choose less irritating products.
If you can, you can also use a cleansing tool such as a pore cleaner to deeply clean the pores and expel toxins.
You can’t wash your face many times, but if you have just come back from a dirty place, it is still necessary to clean your little face.
  After deep repairing, after washing the face, you should use professional mask or Fashen cream for deep repair.
At present, there are many acne masks on the market, which are easy to use, can repair damaged skin and narrow pores.
When choosing, you must choose products from regular manufacturers, and don’t listen to those small advertisements.
In addition, repair products can be selected with aloe, tea tree oil and other ingredients.
These things can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, and cancer is caused to a large extent because the barrier function of the skin is impaired, which in turn causes infection.
Consistent use of such skin care products has a good effect on preventing the occurrence of acne.
>> Acne removal method for different parts: take care of the skin Here, I also especially recommend a DIY Acne Water—Loofah Water.
Don’t underestimate this loofah water, this is the recipe from the Compendium of Materia Medica.
Pick a thick loofah vine, cut off the top part with a knife, and place it in a sterilized vial.
After a period of time, the luffa vine incision will secrete a thick liquid. Applying this water to acne will have a good acne effect.
If you can’t find a loofah vine, you can also use fresh loofah.
Use a spatula to scrape off the surface of the fresh loofah. The loofah will secrete a lot of liquid, like small drops of water.
These small drops of water can also be used to remove acne.
It can also be used with vitamin C and honey for better results.
Message from the editor: Acne is really annoying, long face with acne are embarrassed to go out, but it doesn’t matter now, after reading the above acne method, I believe you are confident!

Sexual fantasies are not unruly

Sexual fantasies are not unruly

Sexual fantasy refers to consciously imagining “sexual activity” scenes, which are often participatory and have the characteristics of “self-writing and acting” by fantasy people.

    In fact, people will have sexual fantasies from childhood, and this kind of sexual fantasies will last a lifetime, only through the increase of age and rich life experience, the content is different and changes.

  Generally speaking, adolescence is an active period of sexual fantasies.

During this period, the boys and girls had their first love, and they had a strong love scene and longing for the opposite sex, but had no courage (and no conditions) to show their affection to the objects in their hearts.The re-combined scenes of the sexes are recombined, using their own imagination to compose the process of sexual activities involving themselves, and thus their sexual desire.

At this time, the contradiction is both the director and the main character in the content.

He can think of what is wrong, and edit and perform as he pleases. If he is not satisfied with the compilation, he can re-program. If he does not perform well, he can re-perform.

This fantasy is full of fictional characteristics, and is not limited by time and space. It can both talk to Yang Guifei of the Tang Dynasty and love to Alandron of France.

  The youth period is a time of dreams in one’s life, full of daydreams about the future.

Therefore, the content of fantasy in this period is mostly a great achievement in career.

And in this process, there is always an opposite sex that I admire in my heart.

In the fantasy content, I have experienced some setbacks, and through the success of my career, I will eventually become a dependent with the “lover”.

  Sexual fantasies are often accompanied by corresponding emotional activities.

Especially when the emotions are very tense, this is the so-called “entering the character”, and you can either be proud of it or secretly cry.

Sometimes this fantasy can lead to sexual excitement and congestion of the sexual organs. Men can have penile erections and ejaculation, or masturbate during sexual fantasy.

 Sexual fantasies occur in bedtime before falling asleep and after waking up, and in leisure, such as on the go.

    Some people have surveyed that 26% of married men and 19% of married women believe that their sexual fantasies disrupted the work at that time, and if there is a regular sex life, sexual fantasies may decrease.

However, it does not disappear completely.

As you get older, sexual fantasies decrease accordingly, but even older people will have lust fantasies.

  Masturbation accompanied by fantasy is also very common. It can be said that after puberty, few people just masturbate, and do not have erotic fantasy in their brains.

Sexual intercourse is often accompanied by sexual fantasies.

At this time, the object of fantasy is often not a partner in mating, but a loved one who is admired in real life, or a fictional “prince of white horse” in his heart.

   Sexual fantasies have various contents, such as three or four, or have sexual relations with many people, and you can also imagine the violence against each other.

In women, it is possible to imagine being raped.

Some people believe that this fantasy of rape reflects that women’s sexual activities are more threatened by society. This fantasy has been generated subconsciously, hoping to have an externally imposed condition to meet their sexual needs.

    How should sexual fantasy be viewed?

  In the past, people have presupposed sexual fantasy as a manifestation of unhealthy moral qualities.

In fact, this is just a sexual psychological activity of human beings.

This psychological phenomenon is by no means just a biological instinct, but is closely related to human cognitive, emotional and other psychological activities.

At the same time, it was undermined by the social and cultural background, moral concepts and regulations.

    Almost all people, whether men or women, have varying degrees of sexual fantasy.

Obese people in these people can grow normally, live normally, and can interact with people normally, including with the opposite sex.

Only very few people are on the road to sexual crimes under various conditions.

Therefore, most scholars believe that sexual fantasy is a process caused by human sexual psychological development.

The first person may use it as a form of sexual masturbation to compensate for the shortcomings in sex life.

This is not the same as the perverted sexual fantasies of sexual psychopaths.

Most people just think about it and don’t put it into practice, so there is no need to make a fuss, and there is no need to carry mental burdens and guilt.

  In addition, sexual fantasies do not hinder mental development.

However, everything should have a degree. If a person is indulged in sexual fantasies all day and hinders learning, work, family life and interpersonal communication, it can produce alternative effects.For young people, they should be good at directing their interests to their studies and careers.

  Some people like to have all kinds of sexual fantasies during sexual intercourse, which can increase the pleasure of sexual life, compensate for the deficiencies in real life, and meet the inner needs to a certain extent.

However, these ultimately potential alternatives, over time, continue to affect the harmonious response of both parties.

Therefore, the problems existing in the emotional and sexual life of both parties should be fundamentally resolved.