Yili Co. (600887) Company dynamic comment: Market share continues to increase and platformization strategy advances steadily

Yili Co. (600887) Company dynamic comment: Market share continues to increase and platformization strategy advances steadily

Revenue grew steadily, and market share continued to increase.

The average value of 1-3Q19 liquid milk and milk powder business was double-digit growth, of which the growth rate of basic white milk was double-digit.

Yili room temperature, milk powder market share continued to increase, 1-3Q19 market share was 38.

8%, 6.

3%, an increase of 2,0.

5 points.

At present, the per capita consumption of dairy products in third- and fourth-tier cities continues to increase; the average per capita consumption of dairy products in all tier cities has significantly increased under the consumption upgrade, and the dairy industry is still in the stage of volume and price improvement.

In the future, it will sink further through the company’s channels, the product structure will continue to be upgraded, and Yili’s revenue will continue to grow steadily.

Raw milk is still in the upward cycle. Yili has laid out ahead of schedule and has sufficient upstream milk sources.

The profitability of pastures has deteriorated for 15 years since the supply of raw milk, and cows have begun to reduce production capacity due to stricter environmental protection, and it usually takes about 2 years for dairy cows to fill stalls. The demand for dairy products has maintained a steady growth trend.

Under the weak balance of supply and demand, raw milk is in the growth cycle, and the upward cycle of raw milk is expected to continue until 2021.

Since 2H18, Yili has long-term strategic cooperation with medium and large-scale ranches for many years to ensure the supply of milk sources and a large accumulation of upstream milk sources.

Raw milk has a downward pressure on the gross profit margin, and the expense ratio may decline due to scale effects.

Under the upward cost, the company can ease the cost pressure through structural upgrades and reduce promotions. It is expected that the gross profit margin will remain under pressure next year.

Expected in 2019 under the effect of scale, the expense ratio will exceed slightly.

In 2020, the company will still need to spend on brand building such as the Winter Olympics; new products such as water and light milk drinks will still need to be promoted; new markets will still need to be expanded on expenses. It is expected that the amount of expenses in 2北京桑拿洗浴保健020 will still lead to expenses.Still high.

Steady advancement of platformization strategy, new business and new markets are still in the cultivation period.

The company is still steadily advancing diversification and development strategies: (1) Diversification strategy: launch of Ikehuoquan, Wei Kezi milk tea, Yiran, etc. gradually enter the mineral water, milk tea, milk mineral light drinks industry, of which IkehuoquanhuiPiloting in the north first; Wei Kezi milk tea is operated through the Liquid Milk Division.

At present, the preliminary construction of the Kangyin Division is completed, and the new business is still in the growth period, and may have some revenue contribution in the future.

(2) Strategic strategy: Westland has a trading platform, raw milk reserves, butter and cream and other high value-added products. The acquisition of Westland can synergize with Yili’s proprietary business; the ice cream business in the Southeast Asian market currently has two Thai brands, Chomthana and JOYDAY.In the future, the ice cream factory will be put into production, and it can gradually spread from Indonesia and Thailand to other neighboring countries.

The company continues to advance its platformization strategy, and its core competitiveness can be further enhanced in the future.

Profit forecast and investment advice: EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-21.

18, 1.

28, 1.

47 yuan, an increase of 11 in ten years.

4%, 8.

7%, 15.

3%, the PE corresponding to the latest closing price is 25, 23, 20 times.

Yili integrates its brand and channel advantages, continuously improves its market share, and further consolidates its leading position.

Considering that Yili’s diversified layout can be expected to become a major platform for healthy food, it is worthy of long-term layout, and it still gives a “recommended” rating.

Risk warning: the risk of rising raw material prices, food safety incidents.

Hang Seng Electronics (600570): Financial IT King with a Clear Path

Hang Seng Electronics (600570): Financial IT King with a Clear Path

The clear-cut financial IT king Hang Seng Electronics is the only financial IT service provider in China that covers all areas and shares advantages on an average. Based on the three-level R & D structure of the “Hang Seng Research Institute-Development Center-Business Sector Platform”, it has successfully built a completeInnovative mechanism, bright star-shaped products blossom, and platform transformation under “online” strategy is where the company’s future growth lies.

Long-term and short-term resonance, industry innovation meets inflection points, frequent regulatory policies, and financial IT enters the innovation cycle. Among them, the marginal changes in policy ends such as new asset management regulations and the Shanghai-London Stock Connect, science and technology board, and other trading rules will bring nearly 3 billion in potential demand.Market growth.

In the long run, the domestic securities trading market continues to be in its growth stage. It is expected that the current average annual growth rate of about 17% will be maintained in the next five years. Securities hardware and software companies can benefit from the overall development of the industry, and the competitiveness of individual companies.Will determine the market share of each company.

The network effect created a relatively stable IT structure for high-barrier securities. Hang Seng Electronics, Gold Securities, Kingstar, front-end software and Wintime wins stood out. Hang Seng Electronics is the leader, with an overall share of 40%.

We judge that the network effect in this field will gradually increase in the future. The total number of customers, the number of customers on the right, and the integrity of the product system will greatly affect the future value of their respective companies.

Strategic layout + product capabilities achieve 南宁桑拿 unique advantages. The differences in strategic layout and the exclusivity of products determine the layout of the existing market. As a leader in this field, the company makes full use of its precise strategic layout and product capabilities to seize the market based on first-mover advantages.Under the high customer base and expected churn rate, the incremental user market will be gradually expanded and become the industry’s best beneficiary.

Investment recommendations We expect the company’s net profit to reach 9 in 2019-2021.

20, 12.

30, 15.

94 ppm, EPS is 1.



98 yuan, corresponding to 71 for PE.


5, 41.

3 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk Warning: The improvement of internal management is lower than expected; the development of innovative technologies is lower than expected; the IT expenditure of financial institutions is lower than expected.

Emotional instability before the physiological period, do some aerobic exercise appropriately

Emotional instability before the physiological period, do some aerobic exercise appropriately
Many female friends have this type of trouble: each time before or during the physiological period, there will be some physical discomforts of different degrees, such as low back pain, lower abdominal pain and fatigue, and accompanied by physical discomfort and emotional fluctuationsSuch symptoms as headache, amnesia, insomnia, irritability, emotional instability, palpitations and dizziness, etc. These symptoms disappear soon after the physiological period arrives or after the physiological period.The chief physician of Gynecology and Xiu Kui of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital pointed out that this change is medically called premenstrual syndrome.Female friends with premenstrual syndrome can pay attention to nutrition, exercise, sleep, relax, and seek professional doctor’s help if necessary to slowly get rid of this problem.He Xiukui introduced that it is currently believed that the occurrence of premenstrual syndrome may be related to the hormone changes before the onset of the physiological period. After ovulation, the progesterone hormone increases, and the levels of estrogen and progesterone decrease rapidly before the physiological period, leading toIn the early stages of the physiological period, symptoms such as insomnia, nervousness, and other vegetative neurological disorders will appear. The second is that it may be related to some neurotransmitters related to emergency response and emotional control. These neurotransmitters will fluctuate and change sexual hormones during the physiological periodIt is more sensitive, which affects the coordination of the spirit and nerves. In addition, emotional tension, stress, diet, lifestyle, or lack of certain nutrients may also be an important factor in the premenstrual syndrome.Premenstrual syndrome is not a big problem, but the recurrence of these discomforts for a long time will more or less cause various annoyances to female friends and even affect daily life, work and interpersonal relationships.With Xiu Kui’s tricks, women 南京夜网 with PMS can alleviate PMS problems by adjusting their mood, dietary intake, and appropriate exercise.Before the onset of the physiological period, you can consciously adjust your mentality, relax, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and do some things you like to divert your attention.In addition, you can tell your family about yourself and get support and comfort from your family to reduce environmental stimuli and emotional conflicts and help you through this uncomfortable phase.Eat more foods rich in vitamins and fiber, and reduce or avoid caffeine, alcohol, or other spicy foods.You can also do some aerobic exercises, such as swimming and yoga, to reduce psychological stress and relieve physical tension. It is necessary to remind that you should avoid some strenuous exercise during the physiological period.Severe symptoms can be treated under the guidance of a doctor with some drugs or psychological behaviors in cognitive behavior.(Wang Jing Correspondent and Correspondent Lin Huifang)

Wuliangye (000858): Product + channel reform promotes return of company value

Wuliangye (000858): Product + channel reform promotes return of company value

Product-side and channel-side reforms have taken a two-pronged approach to promote the company’s return to value. Since the year, the company has comprehensively upgraded its core products, including five, and eliminated the duplication of series of wine products to achieve focus.Reshape the product price system for the company, enhance the brand power of Wuliangye, and help the company return to value.

We are optimistic about the drastic reforms made by emerging companies on the product side and channel side. In the future, the company’s performance will strive to maintain rapid growth. We expect the company’s EPS to be 4 in 2019-2021.

58 yuan, 5.

84 yuan and 7.

14 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Product reform: The core products have been comprehensively upgraded, and the series of wines have achieved key points. On May 20, 2019, the seventh-generation classic Wuliangye has been offline for 16 years, and the eighth-generation classic Wuliangye has been officially put into production.

The scarcity attribute brought by the suspension of the seventh-generation and fifth-generation production, and the investment attribute helped the price of old packaging products stabilize and rebound.

The eighth-generation classic Wuliangye upgraded the quality, packaging, and anti-counterfeiting three-fold. The comprehensive upgrade of the product promoted the product power and enhanced the pricing power of the product. The terminal retail price also stood firm in the thousand-dollar price band. The “Double 11” liquor sales in 2019Wuliangye’s top spot in the category list can also reflect consumers’ welcome to new products.

In the series of wines, the company has stepped up efforts to clean up and is committed to brand slimming.

At present, the company 厦门夜网 has formed a clear product strategy of Wuliangye’s “1 + 3” brand strategy and a series of wines “4 + 4”.

  Channel reform: launch a new distribution control model, increase channel profits and increase Wuliangye’s “control distribution” marketing model in 2019, providing big data support for accurate identification of consumer groups, channel maintenance, and business decisions.—Merchant’s out-of-warehouse scanning code—Terminal in-store scanning code—Consumer purchase of scanning code inside code ”implements a layer-by-layer code scanning mechanism throughout the process, which complements the company’s shortcomings in the channel.

Grain Wuliangye’s large-scale business model has caused some distributors to have a disproportionate weight and often experience channeling. The price of Wuliangye products even occasionally appears upside down, disrupting channel pricing rules 杭州桑拿 and disrupting channel profits, thus hurting dealer confidence.

The strict pricing rules of the eighth generation of Wuliangye and the restructuring of the distribution and control of profit distribution have eliminated the problem of dealer channelling and the profitability of all aspects of the product sales channel to ensure the profitability of Wuliangye distributors.

  Optimistic about the income and profit flexibility brought by the launch of new products, maintaining the successful purchase of the eighth-generation classic Wuliangye with a “Buy” rating will help the company reshape the product price system and enhance the brand strength of Wuliangye.Fast growth.
What do we expect Wuliangye 2019?
In 2021, sales revenue will be 506.

4.9 billion, 614.

7.2 billion and 735.

810,000 yuan, an increase of 27%, 21% and 20% each year; EPS is 4 respectively.

58 yuan, 5.

84 yuan and 7.

14 yuan, an increase of 33%, 28% and 22% each year.

In 2020, the average PE of comparable companies is 30 times.
33 times PE estimates, the target price range is 175.

20 yuan?

72 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk warning: industry competition is intensifying, macroeconomic performance exceeds expectations, and food safety issues.

Qiaqia Food (002557): 3Q19 Accelerates Growth in Revenue and Profit; Performance Exceeds Expectations

Qiaqia Food (002557): 3Q19 Accelerates Growth in Revenue and Profit; Performance Exceeds Expectations

The results of the third quarter of 19 exceeded market expectations. The company announced in the third quarter of 2019 that it will achieve revenue of 32 from January to September.

200 million (+10.

6%), the net profit attributable to the mother is 40,000佛山桑拿网 yuan (+32.

3%); 19Q3 single-quarter revenue exceeded + 19%, net profit attributed to mother twice +37.

8%, the accelerating performance of the chain is in line with our judgment, but the acceleration is faster than expected, mainly due to the record high gross margin level.

Development Trends The development of core products and new channels has accelerated revenue growth in 3Q19.

The company’s 3Q19 revenue increased by 19% and 2Q19 (the same increase of 11).

8%) showed significant accelerated growth. According to the company research and grassroots research organized by our pre-holiday, we estimate that the single seasons of the core single product daily nut yellow bag, sunflower seed blue bag, and red bag sometimes achieve different levels of accelerated growth.; Group purchases in new channels and e-commerce achieved 北京夜网 higher growth respectively.

We think that the Mid-Autumn Festival will be favorable for the peak season sales performance in 3Q19. At the same time, the company will expand its brand promotion efforts, including cooperation between Blue Bag and Netease Cloud Music, launching mini shows, etc. Yellow bags will release new packaging, and will advertise on Focus Media, CCTV and other channels.

In addition, we believe that the average product price can also be partially benefited from the 3Q18 price increase and gradually improve the rise. The benefits of lower yields are also reflected in revenue growth.

We expect 4Q19 as the company’s traditional sales peak season, which will benefit from the advance of the Spring Festival next year, and the brand promotion will increase and maintain rapid growth.

In the third quarter of 19, the gross profit margin hit a record high. It is expected that the blue bag of sunflower seeds and daily nuts will make a major contribution.

The company’s gross profit margin in 3Q19 reached 35.

8% for one year.

2ppt, +2 ring.

4ppt, a new high since listing.

We believe that it mainly benefits from 1) the rapid growth of new high-margin new sunflower seed blue bags, driving the upgrade of product structure 2) the rapid growth of daily nuts to achieve scale effects and increase the gross profit level.

We believe that unless the cost growth trend of nut procurement starting next year is unclear, but we judge that the average value of scale effects brought about by future product structure upgrades and production efficiency improvements will continue, so we expect the company’s comprehensive gross profit trend to rise for a long time.

In the third quarter of 19, the sales expense ratio increased with the increase of marketing efforts, but it was still within a reasonable range.

The company’s 3Q19 sales expense ratio reached 15.

9%, ten years +1.

1ppt, +2 ring.

7ppt, we think that the main reason is that the company has increased the promotion speed of blue bags and yellow bags. The higher growth rate of e-commerce in new channels will also slightly increase the sales expense ratio, but we believe that the overall expense ratio level is still within a reasonable range, and we maintain the companyExpectation that the expense rate is within the normal fluctuation range for a long time.

Earnings forecast and forecast are mainly due to higher-than-expected gross profit margin and earnings performance in 3Q19, which raised the EPS forecast for 2019/20205 respectively.

4% / 4.

2% to 1.


26 yuan.

Given 25 times P / E in 2020, raise target price by 9% to 31.

5 yuan, corresponding to 29/25 times P / E in 2019/2020, maintaining the outperform industry rating. The current price corresponds to 27/23 times P / E in 2019/2020, with 9% growth space.

Risks Raw material costs fluctuate, category demand changes, industry competition intensifies, and food safety incidents.

Happiness in marriage is hard

Happiness in marriage is hard

Today, a distant classmate came to me to do something. I was originally an enthusiastic person. I would do my best to help as long as I could.

We haven’t seen each other for a long time, but because we are friends who have grown up together since childhood, we haven’t felt rusty for years without seeing each other, but should be regarded as friends who are open-minded.

  Things went smoothly. Friends were not in a hurry, so we chatted.

We talked about the recent situation of some familiar classmates. We talked about how quickly time passed. Later, my friends began to say that his marriage was unhappy. Although his career was successful and his fixed assets reached millions, he faced his brow.Deep lock, gloomy eyes, can polish his real unhappiness, he said that he was very tired, not only faced with the hard work of his career, but also faced the belly of his lover’s belly, although he vowed to God, he was definitely a worthy wifeA good man, but the helpless wife just doesn’t believe it, always suspicious, always making trouble, they are always angry, quarrel, sometimes really want to divorce, but think about the child and bear it again.

From his narrative, “My wife-in-law”, it can be pruned that his wife occupies a very important part in his mind, but they are hurting each other.

He said that recently, because they were having dinner with their customers, they came home late, they quarreled again, and finally they all said the words of divorce. Their ten-year-old daughter held his hand and cried and said, “Do n’t you divorce

What if I get divorced?

I have suffered so hard for you two!

He looked at his beloved daughter, tears couldn’t help but it fell, his heart hurt so much. He was a bitter child who grew up in a single parent family from a young age. He knows how important a complete family is to children.He said that he forbeared for his children.

  I persuaded him to let him calmly communicate with his wife, tell her the story of the jailer and the prisoner, tell her the truth that the jailer is more tiring than the prisoner, and let his wife trust him. He also needs to understand his wife ‘s mood and understand more.Feelings of the wife, helping the wife to cultivate some hobbies, so that the wife does not put all their thoughts on him, so that the relationship between each other will be much easier, and each other will be more harmonious.

Later, I talked like a marriage expert. I said that you should cherish the good in marriage, and be patient in bad marriage. Ask yourself what is most important in your heart and what is the life you want most, although money is important.But happiness in the family is the most important. Open the yoke of your soul, learn about life, and learn about marriage. In fact, even if you did n’t want the marriage forced by your mother, you found another person who loves you very much.Difficult to come together, but after entering the initial city of marriage, all passions will be dull, the shortcomings of the other party in the marriage will also be exposed, the water in the marriage will also be calm, and maybe the later feelings will become shallower.It will also fade.

  He said with a hand gesture, saying, “You will always be so taller than me!

“I asked him with a smile:” Where am I tall? ”

You’re a real big money now!

“In fact, I do n’t envy my friends’ wealth. I think spiritual abundance is the most important. Too much money just becomes a number. Rich people are not necessarily happy, and people who are not rich are not necessarily unhappy.So happiness has nothing to do with money, but it has to do with mentality. It is most important to maintain a normal mind. Accept what you cannot change, and change what you cannot accept.

Marriage is an inexplicable topic.

Every marriage has a story in each marriage, each story has its own fascination, and each has its own helplessness. This requires someone to care for and manage their marriage, so that their marriage boat can bypass the dangers and reefs.Make him walk more stable and smoother.

  Some people say, “Marriage is actually a war.

“I agree with this view, because too many marriages are spent in a war with only two people, arguing for a lifetime, hurting a lifetime.

Actually want to start, isn’t marriage just a couple of decades of limited partnership?

Isn’t marriage just two people going through this not too long life together?

Why bother to persecute and persecute?

  Is happiness really hard in marriage?

Keep in mind these 3 points when choosing safe cosmeceuticals

Keep in mind these 3 points when choosing safe cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals are all the rage, so if you choose the cosmeceuticals and skincare products that are safe and reliable for people, you must first understand the necessary conditions and methods of qualified medicines and cosmetics!

  3 must-have conditions for cosmeceuticals: 1. Prescription by a dermatologist: from cleaning products, auxiliary treatment products to follow products (including sunscreen, eye cream, etc.) will provide targeted skincare recommendations.

  2. The formula is completely public: all active ingredients and safety have been proved by medical literature and clinical tests in dermatology, and the recognized allergens are excluded.

  3, streamlined formula: no pigments, fragrances, preservatives and surfactants, targeted and effective.

Health black food

Health black food

Introduction: Black food has always been considered to be a very powerful kidney food, and thus has the effect of nourishing the liver.

Regular consumption of these foods can also regulate the victory function of the human body to achieve moisturizing appearance and beauty anti-aging effects.

Now, the beauty editor of Aimei.com introduces you to the best of the black foods that nourish the liver and kidney, let us know their efficacy together!

  There is a saying in Chinese: “Three points are supplemented by black.” Whether it is black glutinous rice, black beans, black sesame or black bone chicken, as long as a black word is added, the nourishing stool is much higher, because the five-colored “black” corresponds to the five internal organs.”Kidney”, Chinese medicine says “kidney is the innate foundation”, so the Chinese equated black food with a kidney tonic.

  Black food is considered to have a very powerful tonic effect, mainly entering the liver and kidney meridians; in general, people with “hypoxia” such as white complexion, dizziness, weakness in the limbs, etc., except for poor heart function, Mainly belong to poor kidney, will have tinnitus, deafness, dry mouth, backache, white hair, hair loss, edema, poor urination, infertility and other symptoms. Therefore, people with the above symptoms should eat more black in food color choicesfood.

In addition, preliminary scientific research has confirmed that there are more than twenty kinds of black foods with anti-cancer effects, such as black beans, black sesame and so on. “Black foods” also give people a simple, strong, satisfying taste, and have been proven by clinical experiments.Regular consumption of these foods can adjust the physiological function of the human body, and has the effects of nourishing skin, beauty, black hair and delaying aging.

  Black food health method Black food represents the water in the five elements and affects the health of the kidneys, bladder, ears and bones. Black food includes black beans, black sesame, shiitake mushrooms, hair vegetables, kelp, black dates, black fungus and blueberries, etc.Natural “food”!

  Black rice Black rice is a kind of medicine, food and rice, good quality, and is a treasure in insulin rice. Because it is precious, it is a tribute. It is called “tribute rice” in the ancient times. Its nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary white rice, per 100 grams.Contains protein 11.

3 grams, ordinary white rice contains only 6-8 grams, but also contains a variety of vitamins and zinc, iron, selenium and other essential trace elements; the color of black rice is mainly due to the outer skin contains anthocyanin pigments, this pigment itself has a veryStrong anti-oxidant effect; black rice can also nourish yin and kidney, nourish the stomach and warm the liver, brighten eyes and activate blood, and has significant fitness effects.

It is used in medicine to treat dizziness, anemia, gray hair, and eye diseases.

  In black sesame black food, the first thing everyone thinks about is black sesame, black sesame flavor Ganping, enter the liver and kidney two classics, can moisturize and smooth the intestines, has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, treatment of physical weakness, dizziness and other symptoms after illness,Ordinary people can supplement qi, nourish the five internal organs, contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, lecithin, folic acid, nicotinic acid, protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and so on.

Unsaturated fatty acids can lower cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, and because it contains a lot of small amounts of oil, it has the effect of moisturizing and smoothing the intestines. It has a good effect on blood deficiency and intestinal dryness and constipation.The effects of aging.

  Black beans and black beans are sweet and flat, and enter the kidney meridian. Black beans are a natural anti-aging and anti-aging food. Black beans have the functions of stagnant, bright eyes, and black hair. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records “Eating black beans, amazing skin, benefits”Color”, filling the bones, increasing strength, tonicity, energy, and longevity “, its fiber is also helpful to the intestine, can prevent the occurrence of constipation.

Black beans are rich in protein and aunt.

Because it contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid, trace elements copper, iron, cobalt, etc., it has the effect of mutating gray hair, and black beans also inhibit the human body’s absorption of animal plasma.

  Polygonum multiflorum Polygonum multiflorum tastes bitter, astringent and lukewarm.

When cooked, it tastes sweet and enters the liver and kidney meridian.

Polygonum multiflorum supplements liver and kidney, nourishes blood, intestines and laxative, and analyzes polygonum multiflorum by modern pharmacology. It contains starch, small amounts, lecithin, lecithin and other substances. In addition to strengthening nerves, it can also prevent cholesterol deposition and replace arteriesAtherosclerosis.

Some components of Polygonum multiflorum can be combined with cholesterol, reduce the absorption of at least a part of cholesterol, prevent plasma from depositing in the liver, and reduce the incidence of juvenile liver disease. Polygonum multiflorum can also increase T cells in lymphocytes and enhance immune function.

Watermelon is the fruit of defeat

Watermelon is the fruit of defeat

What is “fire”?

According to Chinese medicine, “fire” is one of the six prostitutions, and it is a cause. It is divided into heart fire, liver fire, stomach fire, lung fire, kidney fire, and so on.

  The word “fire” is ever-changing, and it is not possible to treat “hundred fires” by eating a fruit.

  Most people think that eating bananas is the best way to defeat the fire. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bananas are sweet and cold, non-toxic, and have the effects of clearing heat and quenching thirst, clearing stomach and cooling blood, moistening intestines and laxatives, reducing blood pressure and diuresis.

For thirst, constipation and other yin deficiency and intestinal dryness or blood heat and stagnation.

If the spleen and stomach are deficient, people with insufficient yang will eat bananas, which is counterproductive.

  Watermelon is a pet that loses its temper. It is known as “take two pieces of melon, and you don’t need to grab the medicine.” It has a great effect in removing annoyance and quenching thirst.The Qing people are unfit to eat.

  The nutrition provided by vegetables and fruits to the human body includes the following items: 1.

Provides Vitamin C 2.

Provide carotenoids, as far as tomatoes are concerned, mainly lycopene 3.

Provides polyphenol-based health ingredients, mainly flavonoids 4.

Provide potassium 5.

Provide supplementary fiber. Take litchi as an example. Patients with pregnancy, hemorrhage, and hot and humid patients overeat lychee, but they will have symptoms of irritability, thirst, and nausea, and severe cases will even bleed and coma.

This is always the case with apples, oranges and pears.

My hypocritical boss

My hypocritical boss

He said “maybe” means “must”, he said “may” means “certainly”, and he said “randomly” meant to implement what he meant.

You can never understand his trueness and correctness literally, otherwise you will wait to be punished with “disobedience to leadership.”

  How can we, as subordinates, cope with such superficial migration and believing bosses?

Could this be just another sad office story with tears in laughter and laughter in pain?

  First, minefield mines of false bosses1 When you are arguing fiercely over an issue, he will wave his hand impatiently, “Okay, you take care of it.

Detonator: You must not think that he has been conquered by your mouth, and willingly let go of the decision to you.

He was just annoyed that you were too slow to understand his off-string voice in time.

  His subtext: “I mean, go back and think about it, think it over and come back and talk to me.

“Can’t eat, take a walk: You really did what you want.

When you are grateful for the decentralization and trust of your superiors in your heart, your superiors have written down in your heart, “No leadership, no intention.”

“-Oh my God, you are even more resentful than Dou E.

  Mine 2 If you happen to run into the tea room, he seems to chat with you casually.

I greeted your husband first, praised your pet again, and finally downplayed the sentence mentioned above. It seems that your seat light is not too good. It is recommended that you do not prevent you from applying for a table lamp . wait until he passes byElegant perfume drifts away from you, but you can’t recall what you have said besides this good smell.

  Detonator: Your recent account is scribbled. He wants to remind you to pay more attention and use your mind to work.

  His subtext: “I don’t know if you have any trouble lately. Your account has always been wrong recently.

If there is any problem, please resolve it as soon as possible. I cannot tolerate this for a long time.

“Can’t eat, take a walk: You got such a superior relay at the end of the year:” The work is not serious, and there is still no improvement after being reminded.

-But heaven and earth conscience, you can’t remember anyway when and where he reminded you and what he said.

Looking at this tension, can you not equate him with hypocrisy and insidiousness?

  Mine 3 will you shorthand?

“”Will do.

“Will you join in the afternoon meeting?


“” Have you ever tried to use your brain while taking minutes?

“No, but I should be able to do it.

“” . At the afternoon meeting, you were concentrating on the replacement of other colleagues, and suddenly found that your boss was constantly winking at you.

You immediately wake up, he wants you to take notes.

You scrambled to start recording, but refused in your heart, “Hell, why don’t you say it earlier!

Detonator: You didn’t make a meeting record because no one asked you to do it.

Your boss will be indifferent to you within a few weeks, and guess in your heart whether you are unhappy with the company’s welfare if you are not willing to take minutes of the meeting, or you are doubting the importance of sexism, or . ca n’t eat itGo: next time he joins, he will ask other people to make a record, and soon, you will be transferred due to the overcrowding of the department.

And no one can ever tell you what it is.

  Second, hypocrisy can be dangerous in the workplace!

The methods of these bogus bosses are really “yin”, “ruthless”, and “poisonous” enough to make people shudder when they think of it.

This kind of “Banjun is like a tiger” day, does not exhale people from high blood pressure, high blood pressure must scare out a nervous breakdown, worry about the disease or something.

So there is really no way to live a subordinate.

However, from another perspective, these bogus bosses are actually not so scary.

Their seemingly unreasonable performance is actually reasonable.
It is important that you recognize their psychological needs and treat them the way they want.
China MTI’s trainers replaced these people with “low authority performance”.


What does authority show? Authority means the attitude towards authority and conflict.

Each person’s authority performance scores are different.

People with higher scores insist on themselves at work, and can quickly express their opinions, speak openly, have a sense of competition, and have strength.

The people with the lowest scores are easy-going at work, prefer to suggest, are willing to win the favor of others, and avoid open conflicts. They are usually happy and approachable, and adopt democratic leadership.

Such are the false bosses around us.


False Boss’s Leadership Style-Give orders in the recommended way.

  ―Focus on relationships and be easy-going.

  ―When agreeing with others, they are more willing to ask for their opinions.

  ―Speak more if you are convenient.

.  3.

The interpersonal relationships longed for by hypocritical bosses are misunderstood as hypocritical bosses, often sticking to the principle: “Be gentle when setting up a job, because even if you have a strict attitude, you cannot reduce the responsibility of subordinates.

In their view, it is not a good boss’ practice to imply that arrogance over the employees is superior. It is also impolite to regard subordinates as inferior, and it is not a good management method.

Therefore, they want to let the subordinates know what their problems are and what they should do with a gentle and friendly attitude.

Explicitly revealing short, rude orders would make them feel guilty-as if they had become arrogant, brutal slave owners 2000 years ago and deeply ashamed.

Therefore, they always try to make their own words gentle, and then more gentle, even to the extent that others cannot understand.


The killer against fake bosses In a relatively equal civilized society, everyone can express their views at the meeting, and the views of the boss, boss and customers will be specially recognized.

In a way, ignoring the authority of the boss is selected as the offense, which in most companies will be the reason for firing employees.

Therefore, as a subordinate, it is important that you communicate in the way they are used to.
  If he says, “Apples in the orchard are ripe.

“He means,” I hope you pick in time.

“He did not mention a series of questions such as the time of picking, the number of people, the tools, etc., does not mean that he has not yet figured out what to do.

  Actually he is waiting for you to take the initiative to confirm with him.

  ”I’m going to finish it in a few days?

“Where do I get the tools?”

“How many people can the company equip me with?

“. you have to keep making assumptions and get confirmation.

  Put forward hypotheses and get confirmation.

  What needs special attention is:-When he is listening to you and nodding frequently, it does not mean that he agrees with you, he is just saying, I am listening, I understand what you mean.

And if he agrees with you, you need to confirm with him again-he doesn’t like face-to-face conflicts, he doesn’t refute you, but it doesn’t mean he accepts your opinions-people with low authority are often very aggressive,It’s just that he behaves differently–the advice he puts forward is often what he wants you to do. Many young people in decent professional ethics think that they eat by their abilities and don’t need to cater to their superiors too much.

Sometimes, you have to deliberately act a little higher, to show that you are different, have the courage and strength to rebel.

However, as a qualified professional, it is not only a person’s responsibility to consider the feelings of others, including others, but also a manifestation of politeness and character.

Like Benjamin?
According to Franklin: “Respect for the higher is out of function; respect for the same and the same is out of politeness; showing respect to someone who transcends yourself shows your character.

“So try to understand your boss’s personality and treat him in a way he likes.

This is not just a vulgar flattery, or another noble sentiment that is truly human.
If you think of obeying your superiors for some reason, this is not sincere enough, and it will turn into flattery.

If you are out of caring and consider your boss as an ordinary person to try to understand and accept, then your cooperation is a manifestation of noble sentiment.