Yan Yue: The space for follow-up accuracy must be crowded

Yan Yue: The space for follow-up accuracy must be crowded
Source: Securities Daily Original title: RRR space depends on the follow-up of the squeeze: Yan Yue press conference March 10四川耍耍网 in ancient times, and gradually Governor Yi Gang said that the current overall level of reserve stocks “is actually happening withThe total reserve ratio is similar, and this ratio is much lower than the Japanese ratio. “So, how much room is there for us to downgrade?  After hitting the first-level combination reduction exercise last year and this year, the six large commercial banks (Industrial, Agricultural, Chinese, Construction, Communications, and Postal Savings) now carry out deposit and withdrawal ratios of 12% and 13%.Banks are 10%, 11% and 11.5%, 7% and 8% of county-level rural financial institutions, and 7 for policy banks.5% for finance companies, financial leasing companies and auto finance companies for 6%.The nominal average deposit reserve ratio of all financial institutions is about 11%.  The current excess reserve ratio for overall bank liquidation is only about 1%.Therefore, the current total reserve ratio of commercial banks is about 12%.According to Yi Gang’s proposal, a statutory deposit reserve ratio with a certain budget is appropriate. By reducing the reserve ratio, there is still some room in China’s current situation, but it is much smaller than in previous years.  According to Yi Gang, the statutory deposit reserve ratio in the United States plus the excess reserve ratio is at a level of 12%, in Europe it is also 12%, and the statutory deposit reserve in Japan plus the excess deposit reserve is more than 20%.  In itself, the current level of the deposit accuracy rate has become reasonable, and the space for the RRR reduction has been severely compressed. It is impossible to see a decline as large as last year.Since last year, the level has been reduced five times3.5 averages.  In addition to the adjustment of the benchmark level of the deposit reserve ratio, financial institutions have gradually implemented the inclusive finance targeted reduction policy and supplementary deposit-related local loan assessment policies.After continuous improvement in recent years, this supplementary policy is now a “conventional” policy.Specifically, the inclusive financial target reduction for large and medium-sized banks is zero.5 or 1.Of the five samples, the funds used by the county-level rural commercial banks and county-level rural financial institutions for the issuance of local debt reached a certain percentage of their supplementary deposits, and the decline in their deposit reserves was a substitute.  This will encourage policy and fiscal incentives for financial institutions to allocate more credit resources to inclusive financial areas such as small and micro enterprises and “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, and support the development of the real economy.As of January 25, 2019, the dynamic assessment and adjustment work for the 2018 Inclusive Financial Targeted Reduction has been completed.  Although it seems that there is very little room for downgrading, we are in an era of economic transformation and upgrading, which requires ample money supply.This year’s “Government Work Report” clearly stated that it is necessary to “use the deposit reserve ratio, interest rates and other quantitative and price means in a timely manner” and “intensify the targeted reduction of small and medium banks” to guide financial institutions to expand credit and reduce loansCost, accurately 深圳桑拿网and effectively support the real economy.  At present, the actual level of these banks’ deposit ratios is clear, but the real economy is still hungry for funds. Under this budget, the RRR cut is still an indispensable tool in the toolkit of monetary policy.So where does the space for accuracy come from?Only by squeezing, which is the directional reduction we tried before.  Regarding the downgrade, the author still insists on the Air Force’s view that after the downgrade in January and the implementation of such a targeted downgrade policy, there will be a period of policy silence.How long this quiet period depends on the needs of the real economy.

Softness and Toughness in Yoga Practice

“Softness” and “Toughness” in Yoga Practice

After people have practiced yoga poses, the body will naturally become soft, so as long as you can practice yoga persistently, everyone will improve the softness of the body to varying degrees. Therefore, do not start after the first yoga class.Lose confidence in yourself.
  This phenomenon occurs because people only see the “softness” of yoga and ignore the “strength” of yoga.
Yoga posture exercises have the function of strengthening the body and balancing the various systems of the body.
It mainly relies on the body to pinch, pull, twist, squeeze and other methods to effectively massage the internal organs of the body and stimulate the major glands of the body to achieve the role of a healthy body.
After people have practiced yoga poses, the body will naturally become soft, so as long as you can practice yoga persistently, everyone will improve the softness of the body to varying degrees. Therefore, do not do it after the first yoga class.Lose confidence in themselves.
At the beginning, the stiffness of each part of the body is very natural. This is just a small “warning” to you-it is necessary to thoroughly repair the body.
  In fact, yoga practice is definitely not just about the softness of the human body, it also pays great attention to “toughness”, that is, strength exercise.
With the development of yoga, modern yogis are constantly exploring ways suitable for modern people to practice. On the basis of not departing from the principles of yoga practice, Power yoga has also been loved and recognized by more and more people.Yoga pays attention to the softness of the body while adding a lot of muscle ability training.
  Among the yoga systems of many yogis I have seen, the Kryoga system (rhythmic yoga) founded by Mr. Kamal is a more perfect combination of yoga flexibility and intensity.
As a result, his system courses have been greatly welcomed in India, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the United States, Singapore and other countries and regions, and he was also received by the Prime Minister of Singapore.
In Kryoga’s courses, Mr. Kamal has set dozens of different courses including breathing, posture, meditation, therapy, etc., which makes people feel new and constantly attracted yogis and enthusiasts from all over the world. In his class,So there are a large number of male practitioners.
In the Kamal Yoga Studio in Hong Kong, there are all male coaches from India. They all have very beautiful muscle lines and amazing flexibility.
  The flexibility and intensity of yoga should be achieved in conjunction with yoga breathing, the joints of the body.
Muscles use different methods to practice flexibility and strength, so that the body can develop a very coordinated strength and flexibility. At the same time, of course, the practitioner needs to continue to practice gradually to achieve good results.
Many women have very good flexibility but lack strength; men have very strong strength but do not have good flexibility.
  From a yoga perspective, this is also a manifestation of imbalanced body function.
Therefore, do not blindly do only strength exercises or only flexible movements, this will have different degrees of adverse effects on the body, such as poor strength or poor flexibility can easily lead to body joints, muscle strains or sprains.
When practicing yoga, students and coaches should choose courses and adjust the rhythm of the classroom very well, and conduct cross-practice methods of strength and flexibility so that they have a truly healthy and perfect yoga body.

Psychological reviews are the most stressful career rankings

Psychological reviews are the most stressful career rankings

According to media reports, a certain group of studies found that beyond leadership levels, the lower the level of mental health.

  The theme group statistics found that the stress scores from high to low are: 80 points for middle management; 75 points for managerial staff; 75 points for teaching staff; 72 points for general management technicians; 68 points for medical workers; community personnel68 points for laid-off workers; 60 points for miners; 59 points for general enterprise workers.

Among them, the comprehensive score believes that the Chinese civil servant pressure index is 10, ranking first.

  1Civil servant occupational stress index: 10 2 Announcer occupational stress index: 9 3 Entertainment star occupational stress index: 8 4 Writer occupational stress index: 7 5 Athlete occupational stress index: 6 6 Farmers occupational stress index: 5 7 Migrant workers occupational stress index: 4 8 Occupational Stress Index of Small Street Vendors: 3 9 Occupational Stress Index of Laid-off Workers: 2 10 Occupational Stress Index of Miners: 1 360 Lines, Ranked No. 1 by Civil Service Stress?

For two days, the “The Most Stressed Occupation List” quickly became popular on the Internet, with civil servants ranking first in the list.

Although the ranking of this post has been widely questioned, the pressure on work and life is becoming more and more felt by everyone.

  As a city dweller, from the moment I stepped out of the campus, work, house, children, promotion . The pressure layer increased, until I became a “pressure cooker”.

Yesterday, the reporter found in the interview that many of the popular industries in the eyes of everyone are now becoming high-pressure industries-civil servants have the most pressure?

Even civil servants do n’t want to say, “We have the highest working pressure?

How can it be?

When Qi Lei heard that civil servants were ranked at the top of the “The Most Stressed Occupation List”, his tone was full of substitutions.

  Qi Lei is a graduate student of Nanjing Normal University and a Huaian citizen. He was admitted to the civil service last year.

“Every day I go to work at 8:30 in the morning and get off work at 5:30 in the afternoon. I have to work overtime when things happen. I feel that the civil servants in all places are similar.

Qi Lei said that after holding the “golden rice bowl”, he did find that civil servants were not as easy as “a newspaper and a cup of tea for a day”.

“As a newcomer, I have to be more diligent, and I do many of the chores in the department.

There are major events that are particularly busy, and overtime is indispensable. Preparing materials, writing texts, and helping with conference work are trivial and sometimes tiring.

Qi Lei said that in the eyes of outsiders, civil servants are “golden rice bowls” and high-paying industries, but this is not exactly the case.

“The benefit of the civil service industry is stability.

Qi Lei said that now his monthly income is more than 4,000 yuan, and he can only slowly build up his qualifications to process capital.

“I want to buy a house in Nanjing, but how can I afford it?

Xiao Lei, who works in Yixing Audit Office, agrees with what Qi Lei said.

Xiao Cui was admitted to the civil service in 2008.

She said that the work of the Audit Office is relatively heavy, and once there is a case, it is necessary to work overnight in the unit, and there is no rest for a month.

Even with income, Xiao Cui was not very satisfied.

“When we entered the unit, we just implemented the sunshine wage, which was far worse than the previous wage level.

In addition, the interpersonal relationship in the unit is also her trouble.

  Qi Lei said that there are also colleagues who suffer from depression because of work and life stress.

“But not all civil servants are under pressure. It depends on where the department is located.

Overall, however, the ranking of civil servants will never be the biggest.

“Are you in a” pressure cooker “?

  Like civil servants, many outsiders looked at the bright profession, sharpened their heads and squeezed in, only to find that they had originally entered a “pressure cooker”!

Some people choose to endure, and rushed forward with a whip in their hearts every day; some people couldn’t bear the stress and eventually chose to change careers.

Last year, a survey published by authoritative departments showed that teachers (76%), doctors and nurses (73%) were envied by many people.

8%), editorial reporter (70.

3%) three occupations, becoming “the three most inharmonious occupations”.

  Teacher A: From “Engineer of Human Soul” to “Service Industry” Narrator: Teacher Wang (Chinese teacher of Nanjing Yuhua Elementary School) Teacher Wang graduated from Xiaozhuang Normal University in 1995 and then became a language teacher.

Teacher Wang said that she has been a teacher for 15 years and is already familiar with the work of the school.

But when it comes to stress, it’s definitely there.  Teacher Wang said that although the teacher has winter and summer vacations, he usually works longer hours than ordinary office workers.

Arrive at school at 7:30 in the morning and leave at 5 in the afternoon. Even lunch is dealt with in the school cafeteria.

In addition, as a class teacher, I have to organize class meeting activities after 12 lessons per week, and there are still many trivial things to be dealt with in the class every day.

  ”All these are okay. I feel that the biggest pressure is actually from parents.

Teacher Wang told reporters that parents now have higher and higher expectations for their children and are very concerned about their children.

“Now the school is better after small classes. In the past, when I was teaching a large class, I went home after school every day and the parents’ phones were all the way.

The child’s performance at school during the day and any problems with the child’s homework yesterday must be answered well, not at all.

“We must pay attention to the quality of teaching and care about our children. We also have to pay attention to communicating with parents. Many young teachers have privately vomited hardships: tired and collapsed.

  Industry commentary: Drought and drought are guaranteed, and there are holidays, and the profession of teachers seems glorious.

But it is undeniable that the teacher profession known as the “engineer of the human soul” is gradually stepping down the “sacred altar.”

Today, some people even classify teachers as services.

With the general increase in legal awareness, the criticism of students has to be in place, which has increased the pressure on many teachers.

  Dr. B: I am on duty 12 hours a day, and I have no time to fall in love with each other. Dr. Li (resident doctor of a tertiary hospital in Nanjing) Dr. Li graduated from a graduate student last year and was given the opportunity to stay in hospital.

After working for more than a year, Dr. Li’s main stress is working too long.

“Generally, I arrive at the hospital at six or seven in the morning and can only leave at seven or eight in the evening, often working more than 12 hours.

“This long working time doesn’t even have time to fall in love.

  Of course, it is the pressure of doctor-patient communication. “Residents are generally younger and have less work experience, so they have insufficient experience in communicating with patients.

In particular, family members of ill-tempered patients are prone to disputes.

Financially, Dr. Li is also worried.

“The salary of our young doctor must not be listed with the old doctor. I feel that with my current salary, it is difficult to bear the corresponding family responsibilities.

Dr. Li said that although the unit stipulates that there are vacations, even if they are on vacation, if there is a clinical need for the patient, it is still work-oriented.

“Common pastime is to sleep.”

  Industry comment: The tension between doctors and patients is a common problem faced by medical staff.

In addition, the working hours of doctors are very tight, and many doctors are reading blogs while working.

If the attending physician is achieved, he or she will not only manage multiple beds, but also go to outpatient and emergency departments, and some will also be engaged in scientific research and teaching tasks; obtaining a degree and promoting a professional title are all sources of stress.

  Reporter C: The “machine” call is normal in the middle of the night. It is not strange to narrate each month. Ms. Shao (a newspaper reporter) Three years ago, Ms. Shao graduated from undergraduate school and entered a provincial media job in Nanjing.

Family members and neighbours talk about their daughters as reporters, and they feel particularly respectable.

But soon, Ms. Shao realized that the reporter’s job was too “destructive”.

  ”I heard that the news industry was ‘sleeping later than cats and waking up earlier than chickens’. At that time, it was hot and didn’t care too much.

Ms. Shao said that since she became a reporter, she has been on standby at all times, even during the busiest days, even a few months a day, interviews every day, code words, back pain, neck pain against the computer screen.

My cell phone has never been turned off, and is on standby for 24 hours. “Sometimes at 12:30 in the evening, there will be editors calling to ask questions about the manuscript.

However, at least our biological clock is normal, and those editors who are busy until 2 am are also tired.

“Industry commentary: From the” Uncrowned King “to” News Workers “, like teachers, the journalist industry peeled off the” mystery “at the same time.

Internationally, journalists have even been included in high-risk industries.

In addition, the news seeks newness and quickness, and high-intensity work tests the mental and physical strength of reporters at the same time.

Especially the ubiquitous competition makes the news practitioners tense up.

  Experts say: 25 to 40 years old is the most stressful age in the workplace during the period of stress concentration?

Wang Jun, deputy chief physician of the Department of Neurology, Nanjing First Hospital, said that people with psychological problems due to stress are most concentrated between the ages of 25 and 40, and the “high pressure points” of these groups are different at different age groups.

  Deputy Chief Physician Wang Jun said that people between the ages of 25 and 30 are new to the workplace, and at this time they feel that the pressure is more on employment and the cost of living in the city.

Buying a house when you are a little older also puts a lot of pressure on your marriage.After entering the age of 30, the work has been basically stable, but there are many, many people in the life, old and young, and the pressure of “child slaves” is not small. In addition, the interpersonal relationships between the unit leaders and colleagues also annoy many people.

After the age of 40, he gradually encountered the so-called “middle-aged crisis.”

When people reach middle age, what they are most afraid of is nothing, or the feeling of weakness after reaching the limit.

Too familiar with business but serious knowledge structure, lack of challenges, easy to lose goals, young people’s drive, but also makes him feel a threat, which is an irreconcilable mood difference.

  Coping with stress should be a little bit. The deputy chief physician of AQ Spirit Wang Jun said that different personalities have different performances in dealing with stress. Some people may not be emotional, some may drink and drink, and some may indulge in fun.

Stress needs an outlet to release. Some people may also become “double-sided people.” They are a “Mr. Good” in the work unit. When they return home, they have a bad temper and get angry whenever they are unhappy.

  How do I decompress in a “pressure cooker”?

Wang Jun, deputy chief physician, said that when the source of worry is not eliminated, the pressure will not disappear.

For example, high housing prices, children’s education problems, as long as there is no change, the pressure can not disappear.

At this point, it is best to change your mind, learn the Q spirit, put your mind at peace, don’t compare too much with others, and learn to find a positive side of self-consolation.

  Going on a trip to change the environment and taking time to sweat is also a good way to reduce stress, and it is not difficult for many urban people to spare time.

In this case, Wang Jun, the deputy chief physician, suggested that you might use half an hour or one hour every day to relax yourself, take a walk, watch a favorite novel, and enjoy a short playTalking with a conscience person the next day, you will get good results, but you must pay attention, do not let yourself be too tired for entertainment, to avoid a vicious circle.

Two coriander diets help the elderly have a good appetite in the summer

Two coriander diets help the elderly have a good appetite in the summer

Quince has a special aroma and is commonly called coriander.

It is also the best appetizer for the elderly in summer.

  In summer, people eat a lot of cold drinks and fruits, which is easy to damage the spleen and stomach.

And by strengthening the spleen and qi, it is often possible to achieve appetite and food intake, and refresh the spirit.

In summer, eating ravioli often can help to feed and refresh the spleen.

Generally, when adding vegetables, you can add ravioli, or you can cold or roll the soup: cold ravioli: take 150 grams of fresh ravioli, 15 grams of ginger, and two red peppers.

Wash the three, shred ginger, and red pepper, and then dip the coriander, ginger, and red pepper with warm boiling water. Drain the water and place in a plate, add refined salt, and mix well with sesame oil.

It has the effects of appetizing and refreshing the spleen, and neutralizing qi, and is suitable for poor appetite, loss of appetite, spleen and stomach disharmony, etc.

  Soy bean soup: Take 10 grams of soy beans and simmer 30 grams.

Soak the soybeans, wash them, cook them with water for 15 minutes, then add the ravioli and cook for 15 minutes.

This soup has the functions of warming the blood and strengthening the spleen and stomach, and can prevent and assist the treatment of colds.

Storytelling is good for children

Storytelling is good for children

We encourage children to read, and let the readers enjoy the fun of reading together.

In fact, in a modern society where both parents are busy, this short period of time before bedtime is the best time to enhance parent-child relationship. If a good book can be read together, the parent-child soul will be filled with a warm and full feeling.

  Britain promotes bedtime reading Lai Shengchuan’s communication tips with father and daughter “Bedroom Reading Week” is another innovative national reading promotion activity in the UK following the 1998 National Reading Year.Children’s writing contests, reading parties are held in libraries and bookstores across the country, and TV stations have also launched programs for celebrity talks.

Behind the scenes supporter Mai Whitt said, “While the World Book Incense Day event is helpful for selling books, we even expect parents to stay at home and read with their children.

The purpose of reading week before bed is nothing more than educational, and we hope that telling bedside stories can make the parent-child gap barrier-free!

“Lai Shengchuan, the director of the performance workshop, told her bedside stories every day when her daughter was young. Some of the stories were made up, and some were adapted from fairy tales. Like serials, the plots are different every day.They are coherent with each other. Although his daughter has grown up, he and his daughter still miss that time. Lai Shengchuan even planned to put these stories together into a script, and then asked the children’s troupe to perform it.

  The bedside story is a warm time. The child grows up happily. Recall that the child ‘s mood is most stable before going to bed. If you can read a good book at this time, the truth in the book can be easily implanted in the child ‘s heart, especially if it is a parentBeing able to read with the children, then the time spent reading before bedtime or the bedside story will become the children’s happy memory of the situation, which will help the children develop their reading habits in the future.

  Some parents may use busyness as an excuse to think that audio cassettes can replace the function of “bedside stories”. In fact, “fixed” audio cassettes can never replace their parents’ expressions, accents, and the feeling of family interaction.

Think about it, under the blue sky with stars and moon, the warm light shines out of the window, holding hands to read a story book before going to bed, and the child dreams with a smile, what a sweet experience!

It ‘s okay to treat winter disease, summer disease, and late treatment for a few days.

It ‘s okay to treat winter disease, summer disease, and late treatment for a few days.

Winter disease, summer treatment, and late treatment may be a few days. It is a time period, not a point in time. Compared to other times of the year, the weather is the hottest, and it is the most favorable weather for patients with cold diseases.The head fell on Friday, July 18. Many people were at work and did not catch up with the first day.

Too many people feel sorry for not catching up with the winter disease and summer treatment.

In fact, people don’t need to worry, San Fu Tian is a time period, not a point in time. In San Fu Tian, compared with other times of the year, the weather is the hottest, and it is also the most favorable weather for patients with cold diseases.

At this time, the pores of the human body are open, and the blood and blood are accessible. The external moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine (acupoint application of medicines) for regulating yang is very suitable.The pores in the body; the third is to guide the situation, to supplement the yang in the hot days, and move with the same phase, often do more with less.

Therefore, patients suffering from winter disease and summer disease, who have missed their heads, do not have to worry. During the hot summer, it is not too late to replenish the yang on any day, but the effect is not as good as three volts.

If there is no time to apply on the first day of each volt, it does not matter much, you can choose another time to apply, but the time should not differ too much.

Experts remind people that winter disease and summer treatment should be maintained for more than three years, so that it will have good results.

In general, the first year of winter and summer disease changes little, and the second and third year effects will change greatly, which requires long-term adherence.

Experts suggest that it should be applied once a volt and 3-4 times a year.

The application time is generally 1-2 hours. The best effect of the application is that blisters appear at the application site, so that the drug absorption effect is the best.

Individuals with poor skin tolerance can apply the medicine for half an hour.

At the same time, it should be noted that after application, do not eat cold food, eat less meat.

In summer, the weather is hot, and the temperature of the air conditioner should not be lower than 26 ° C when sleeping at night.

The main target groups for winter disease and summer treatment are the following four categories: 1.

Long-term cough, chronic cough, asthma, chest tightness, asthma, chronic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, allergic rhinitis, physical weakness and cold, repeated respiratory infections in children and other pulmonary diseases.


Chronic abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, worsening symptoms of cold or cold food, syndrome differentiation belongs to those with spleen and stomach deficiency and spleen and kidney deficiency.


Rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain are exacerbated by rainy weather or cold.


Irregular menstruation, less menstrual flow, pale color, cold belly pain, and can not be aggravated when cold or cold.