Does the food have fatal damage?

Does the food have fatal damage?

Experts from the Chinese Nutrition Society recently said that they should not believe that food will cause death, and some statements have no scientific evidence. There is no theoretical explanation and it has not been confirmed in practice.

Therefore, the reporter visited the Beijing Friendship Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University and interviewed the chief physician of the Nutrition Department, Hong Zhongxin.

  Director Hong said that people often have dietary taboos on some foods in their daily lives. The so-called “phase grams of food” can never be eaten together, but in fact, the relationship between foods is not as terrible as people think.Factors such as the order of the diet, the method of cooking, and individual differences can lead to some adverse reactions after eating. It is unscientific to define one or two foods as “phase grams of food” one-sidedly.

  “Food is not said to exist” There is no nutrition society expert said that through the study of the so-called “Dike Food”, which is widely spread among the people, it is found that tofu and spinach, crab and persimmon, mung bean and dog meat, squid and licorice, pork and lily, chicken andSesame, beef and potatoes, potatoes and tomatoes, leeks and spinach, and so-called “phase grams of food” are not related to each other.

In addition, pork liver fried green pepper, kohlrabi fried tomatoes, cucumber mixed with tomatoes, kelp stewed tofu, beef stewed pumpkin, kelp squid, spinach mixed with soy beans, pork stewed soy beans, mutton stewed potatoes, sea mixed fruit, tea boiled eggs, etc. through the experimenterTry and record the relevant reactions, and think that these foods do not constitute a phase.

  According to Director Hong, the so-called “food phase” must be replaced by evidence-based medicine.

The saying that food produces grams and even death in life is likely to be accidental coincidence that causes rumors, food poisoning, or some people’s special physique to produce food allergies, rather than foods that are naturally “compatible.”

  Many factors have caused the “phase” illusion. Director Hong said that the order of people eating, individual differences, cooking methods, etc. may cause the illusion of “two grams of food”.

For example, eating persimmons on an empty stomach in winter, eating crabs and crabs after eating, plus vinegar, if it is a person with stomach problems, it will have a bad influence on the body after eating.

Once this happens, people will mistakenly think that crabs and persimmons are in common. In fact, eating persimmons or cold foods on an empty stomach can cause discomfort.

  In addition, any kind of food contains thousands of nutrients, and the interaction of nutrients between foods exists objectively. This effect can be replaced by balanced metabolism, but it cannot be simply classified as “phase grams”.

For example, it is generally believed that spinach and tofu cannot be eaten together, because the oxalic acid contained in the spinach combines with the calcium contained in the tofu to produce calcium oxalate, which can be replaced by the human body.

In fact, the coexistence of these two foods only affects the absorption of calcium, but not the two foods.

It is also very simple to solve this problem, because the oxalic acid contained in the spinach decomposes water, as long as the spinach is simmered in excess water and then stewed with tofu, there is no problem.

  If you are sick, you may want to try “food therapy.” According to Director Hong, many people are used to taking medicine once they get sick. In fact, many infectious diseases can be effectively treated through diet adjustment, and even the best anti-inflammatory drugs can be backed up without proper diet.Not very good.

There are also some chronic non-communicable diseases that are also effectively prevented and treated through a comprehensive diet regimen.

  As people’s quality of life continues to improve, lifestyle changes, nutrition issues can be found in nutrition experts to provide scientific and reasonable alternatives and nutritional supplement programs, Friendship Hospital nutrition clinic will be open every Friday afternoon.

In patients with diabetes mellitus, obesity, gout, and kidney disease, more than 90% of gestational diabetes patients can be cured.

Hyperlipidemia, hypertensive patients usually have a three-month dietary intervention in the early stages of the disease, which can significantly improve the symptoms.

If the dietary treatment is ineffective, then consider taking medication to avoid the substitution of medication.